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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Drug Lordz in HD (Ex-Con FULL MOVIE)

Difficulty: 0

(dramatic music)

- No!


(dramatic music)

- Take the gun.

- What?

- Take the gun or I'll shoot you myself.

(dramatic music)

We're going to play a little game.

But I can't guarantee you're going to live.

This is the only chance you've got.

Put the gun to your head.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, Sal, I know I fucked up.

But why are you doing this to me?

You already beat the fuck out of me.

- [Sal] You did this to yourself.

You tried to kill me and you screwed it up.

But you can't screw this game up.

Because all you've got to do is put that gun to your head.

- Man I didn't do it, dude.

It was Blackjack, he put me up to it.

He's the one that deserves to do, not me.

- You know what?

Don't you worry about Blackjack,

because he's going to get his.

Right now you messed up, you messed up!

Put the gun to your head.

(dramatic music)

You've got one shot.

If that goes off, then you die.

But if it doesn't, you walk out of here alive.

Bloody but alive.

- Hey, Sal, man, let's just forget about this.

I'll leave town, never see me again, I swear to God.

- You want me to forget about this?

You want me to forget that you tried killing me

five minutes ago?

- Swear to God you'll never see me again.

- Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.

- No.

- What do you got to lose?

- My life.

- You're going to lose your life anyways

if you don't pull the trigger.

This is the only chance you've got.

I'm going to tell you one more time, pull the trigger!


(upbeat music)

It all started out

When I still was slinging weed

I found out the money was

In methamphetamines

I changed my whole scene

Two ounce and teens

Fat rock, 8 balls

40 spins in the red zone

Lost cruising New Mexico

Five pounds jacked from the po-po

Don't look suspicious

So they ain't knowing shit

Tweekers loving it

Saying its own hit

I bring it back to Kelly

Open shop in someone's house

Give me my money

Here it is, now get the fuck out

Transactions being made

In the parking lot

I've got to do it quick

Before the ball gets hot

Big balling

Moving box of meth

Coming with this real

In the valley of death

Tweekers blow me off around the clock

In case they want to talk

I've got the Glock ready to pop

What you know

Bomb with amphetamine string

What you know

Got your little gang thing

What you know

Bomb with amphetamine string

What you know

Got your little gang thing

What you know

Bomb methamphetamine string

What you know

Got your little gang thing

What you know

Bomb methamphetamine string

What you know

Got your little gang thing

Northern Cali on the freeway

Got eight pounds out of my buffer

Record slips one time

You got no where it's going matters

Straight to pin, violation of probation

I just can't stand sitting in a police station

But I pay the bills

So I break it up quiet

Before I find myself

Riding in a prison riot

I'll meet you vacos on 11th and East

Closer to the pigs, where suspicion is the least

Day I leave, take this pound to the paint

Break it down to 16 and make everybody pay

The drug game is deeper than you'll ever know

Traffic into Arizona, then into New Mexico

Colorado fool we got fans, yo

Try to make a move and we'll kill you

♫ (Singing in Spanish)

Never stand in my way

♫ (Singing in Spanish)

What do you know

Bomb methamphetamine string

What you know

Got your little gang thing

- [Richard] Been dying for one of these, huh?

- No, man, I quit drinking two years ago.

- [Nick] That's cool, more for me.

- Seriously.

Only habit I got now is anger.

Every single day I was in there,

all I could think about was how that fool set me up.

- Man I still don't know why you didn't let

one of us take care of him.

I mean me and Nick, one of the other boys

would have gladly taken care of that fool.

- No way, man.

Jack's going to get it.

But I'm the one that's going to pull the trigger.


- He's got balls, huh?

Just got out, already wants to kill someone.

(dramatic music)

- So is it going to be hard to find this guy or not?

- You ain't got to worry about that shit, man.

Blackjack's an idiot.

He's staying with some bitch up in Frisco.

I mean everybody knew you were getting out.

You know how these streets talk.

Word is that that fool just wants to put

his past behind him now.

- He just wants to pretend that shit never happened.

- Pretend it never happened, is that right?

That bastard almost had me killed.

I lost two years of my life because of him.

I almost lost my business, if it wasn't for both of you.

That's something I will never forget.

- I can't stand that fake ass white boy, man.

Thinks he's black just because his partner's black.

Because he fucks around with some black hood rat bitch.

I even heard his main supplier is some black

motherfucker from Frisco.

- He's always been like that.

He's just a punk wanna be.

He got his name from high school.

He used to act black and claim he was from Oakland.

Nobody in the town knew him.

That fag even had corn rows, man.


Can you believe that?

- What the fuck?

- Blonde corn rows.

- They used to make fun of that fool, man.

- Yeah, he was a joke then, he's a joke now.

- Always will be a fucking joke.

- Yeah that fool thinks he's mean old brown

because he's serving the dope in the city.

- Well mean old brown has Dave's number.

I'm going to take that mark for everything he's got.

We run these streets, man, not some white boy.

- Come on, man, you just got back, man.

You should worry about making some money

and fucking some hoes.

I mean the dope is selling real good.

Business couldn't be better.

Now I think we should just relax for a minute.

- Look I am worried about making money.

That's why I want to take this fool out.

I want his business.

- Man we don't need his business.

That's just going to cause problems for us

with whoever he's working for in Frisco.

It's a small-time dealer.

Let's just stick to our side of the bay.

Come on, man, you just got out for blasting someone.

- I didn't blast fool, man, I didn't get pinned for it.

All they got me for was a beat down.

That fool committed suicide.

- Yeah but didn't you point a .12 at him

and make him shoot himself?

- Yeah.

It's called assisted suicide.

- [Richard] Here's something else I thought of,

something that might cause a problem.

That fool Joey you killed had a family.

- So what, man?

Their brother tried to kill me, so I took Joe out.

Blackjack is next on my list.

- Look, Sal, if you want do to this, bro, I'm down.

But remember, you got a lot of business to run.

- Look I know, I've been looking forward

to getting back to business.

I've just got to take this fool out, man.

After that, 100 percent back to hustling.

- Well fuck it, when do you want to do it?

- I've been waiting two years for this, man.

The sooner the better.

I want to do it tonight.

(dramatic music)

- What's up, Scott?

- What's up, bro?

- What's going on?

- [Patrick] Not much, what you doing?

- Watching TV.

Believe there's 100 fucking channels on this bitch

and ain't shit to watch?

- That's how it is, man.

You want to watch something good, you've got to go rent it.

- That's right.

So what did you find out?

- Well it's true, that fucking Mexican is out.

- Oh is that right?

- I was talking to Micky from down at the liquor store.

He says Salvador's brother and some other Mexican

came in to buy beer to celebrate this cat's release.

You can finally get this motherfucker back

for killing Joey now.

- I knew it, that's why he's at that bitch's house.

- Yep, and if we play our cards right,

we can take care of Sal and lay the blame

on that fucking wigger.

It's his fucking fault our brother's dead, man.

- We need a plan, man.

We've been trying to get this asshole for two years.

- Well and I cannot wait one more fucking night.

But we've got to have this planned perfectly.

We've got to kill two birds with one stone

and none of us can go down for it.

- That's right.

- It's going to be real simple, man,

I don't care how we do it.

I just want you to make sure that Blackjack is there.

- Man you ain't got to worry about that shit.

I told you I've been keeping tabs on this fool.

He won't even leave to go to the store.

Been living off pizzas for the past week.

(upbeat music)

- Hey it's Carlos and Ray.

- It's about time, man.

What's up, Carlos; what's up, Ray?

- What's up, Sal?

It's been a long time.

- [Ray] What's up, Sal?

Good to see you, man, real good.

- You guys got something for me?

- Here you go, man.

Nobody's, no numbers.

They're clean.

- For now.

- You sure you don't need our help tonight?

- No, I got Richard and Nick backing me up, man.

What I need you guys to do is get rid of that pound

they gave you yesterday.

- [Ray] Oh shit, don't even stress about that, man.

We already got rid of half of that.

- Look at this fool, just got out this morning

and you're already back to business.

- That's how it is, man, I've got to stay on my toes.

- All right then, Sal.

We'll swing through tomorrow night.

We should have it sold by then.

These fiends can't get enough of that.

- [Ray] All right, Sal, it was nice seeing you.

You guys take it easy, man.

- Stay up.

Those young fine hynas

With some fat ass lips

Hit them from the back

Gently rotating their hips

Nine-Shade pussy when I'm going down

Tomorrow I will be the talk

Of every home girl in town

Like it when they moan also

It sounds so sweet

(knocks at door)

- [Blackjack] Who is it?

- It's Dick from Mr. Pizza.

- [Blackjack] Ain't nobody order any pizza, man.

- I believe you did, sir.

Isn't this 1424 Adam Line Street?

- [Blackjack] Right address, dawg,

but I didn't order shit, man.

- We have you on caller I.D.

Open the door and pay for what you ordered.

- [Blackjack] What the fuck are you talking about?

I didn't order shit, man.

Hey quit blocking the peep hole.


(dramatic music)

- Dude would you shut the fuck up?

- What the fuck are you talking about, man?

- You eat cereal like you're slurping dick or something.

Eat with your fucking mouth shut.

- Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch,

that's all the fuck you do.



What the fuck, man?

Fucking spitting all over me and shit.

- Somebody took care of Blackjack last night.

Looks like them Castros are quicker than we thought.

- I knew they wanted to get Blackjack.

I figured they would wait at least a week or so.

- No that motherfucker is smart.

He took care of that dude the day he got out.

No way the pigs are going to think he's involved

just getting out of prison.

What kind of a con is going to commit a murder

hours after his release?

It makes perfect sense, I just didn't see it coming.

- Even if the pigs do suspect something,

he's still got the perfect alibi.

Man what the fuck are we going to do?

- We've waited two years to get this fool.

We've got to be smarter than him.

- Well what's plan B?

- I don't fucking know, I can't think of everything.

- Shut the fuck up, Patrick.

Anything you think of is bullshit any way.

- Yeah well what the fuck is your plan, genius?

You want to go over there and shoot that motherfucker

and end up in San Quintin ourselves?

- Look, man, the attitude has got to stop.

I'm your brother, we're after the same motherfucker and

arguing about this shit is not going to get the job done.

- I'm just all out of ideas, Scott.

I'm fucking frustrated this shit ain't working out

like I wanted it to.

- Well look on the bright side, we don't have to

worry about Blackjack no more.

Let's just focus on getting Sal Castro.

- All right.

Obviously he thinks like we do.

We know he wanted to get Jack but not as quick as he did.

So what we've got to do is think ahead of this asshole.

We've got to be two steps ahead of him.

- How the hell are we going to do that?

- Like you said, focus on Sal.

- Yeah, I see what you're saying.

- Well let's not focus on Sal.

Let's focus on Jack.

- What the fuck are you talking about, man?

- Think about it, man.

Jack was a small time piece of shit.

But he did work for somebody.

- So?

- So maybe that somebody is a little pissed off

that he lost one of his drug dealers.

- [Scott] Okay, I see what you're getting at.

You want to find out who Blackjack was working for.

Then let that somebody know it was Sal and his crew.

- No, we don't need to do that.

We're going to pretend to be them.

We're going to take out that asshole's crew

one by one until we finally get him.

They won't be looking for us,

they'll be looking towards Blackjack's connection.

- Isn't it some black fool from San Francisco?

- Who gives a shit.

Maybe Sal retaliates and kills a couple of niggers.


Or maybe we get lucky and they all kill each other.

- Yeah.

- Either way we've got to knock over the first domino,

you know what I'm saying?

- Hell yeah.

That sounds like a tight fucking plan.

So where do we start?

- Let's start with one of Sal's dealers.

They'll instantly think it's Blackjack's connection.

You know, an eye for an eye.

- Sounds like it could work.

- It will work, bro.

Don't you worry about that.


- Look Salvador Castro gets out after serving two years.

A few hours later Jack Bryant, the guy who sets him up

in the first place gets killed.

It makes perfect sense.

I don't see why we don't just go down there

right now and bring him in.

- Because I just don't buy it.

I don't think he's that stupid.

I mean he just got out.

Why would he risk going back to prison,

possibly for life, just to kill some small time drug dealer?

We don't have anything on him, we have nothing.

What the hell makes you so sure that this

Jack Bryant guy set him up?

- An informant.

Informants, actually.

- You trust the word of snitches?

- Yes.

Do you know how many cases I've solved

in the past five years because of those "snitches?"

Hell yes I trust the word of my informants.

They know the word on the street a hell

of a lot better than we do.

- I just think it's a drug deal gone bad.

Probably some piece of shit he sold dope to

didn't like what he was selling him.

So he came back and let him have it.

It sure as fuck wasn't the pizza man, like the girl said.

It's probably somebody that knew they ordered

a lot of pizza.

You saw the pizza boxes piled up.

It was probably one of the regulars who buys

some crank and has a slice on his way out.

It couldn't have been Castro.

I mean he's been locked up for two years.

How the hell would he know what they eat?

- Maybe Sal had his brother Richard stalking him,

watching him.

- That skinny little bastard?

Come on, honey.

Criminals don't do stakeouts, we do.

- The name's detective Bruin, dick.

- The name's Peter, sweetie.

(upbeat music)

- Darryl.


I'm talking to you, nigger.

- What the fuck did I tell you, Chris?

Don't interrupt me when I'm reading my newspaper.

- Yo someone took out your boy Blackjack.

- How?

- He got blasted on last night, his girl said

it was the pizza man, at least that's what

she's told the pigs.

- So what?

I'm out a dealer, I'll get another one.

- So you don't give a shit, man?

- You think I give a shit about some white boy, man?

I only gave that fool the job to serve my suburban

customers, I'll get another one.

- Yeah but you don't want to find out who did this shit?

What if somebody's trying to start a war?

- Already know who did it.

It was some Mexican dude named Castro, man.

He served two years because of that white boy Jack, man.

Already saw it coming.

It was only a matter of time.

- So that's why Jack's been hiding out at his girl's crib.


Punk ass motherfucker told me things were hot

and he couldn't grind for us for about a week or so.

- [Darryl] Yeah, man, that was their business.

But as long as that Castro dude don't fuck with mine,

then it's all good.

- Fuck it, man, that's hell a white boy trying

to get into the dope game.

We'll just find us another cracker.

- For sure.

(upbeat music)

- What's up, player?

- What's up, boy?

- Could I get a balloon?

- Can't get a balloon, you could buy a balloon.

- What you asking for it?

- Depends how much you want.

You better not say some sick shit about sucking

my dick or I'll cap your punk ass right now, meth head.

- Fuck you talking about, man?

I got twomp.

- Let me see that shit.

I see the line, it's all good.

- Yeah.

- Can't be too careful these days.

- For shizzle.

- It's for sheezie, dumbass.

(engine starts)

(upbeat music)

- Have fun, G.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- Hey, man, you got some snow?

- [Ray] Fuck did you just say?

- Some snow, man, you know, some blow.

- Someone's talking like it's 1980.

I ain't got no motherfucking blow.

- Motherfucker talking shit, man.

- Yeah well what the fuck do you got, man?

- Man I ain't got shit for your punk ass.

Why don't you get out of here, fucking white boy?

- This motherfucker talking shit.

- I wish you wouldn't talk like that, man.

I'm going to come out there and fuck you up.

- Oh yeah, brother?

Why don't you get out here and try, motherfucker?

- You know what?

- Fuck this motherfucker up, you know what I'm saying,


- [Patrick] What the fuck, dude?


(dramatic music)

Fuck that punk.

Get his shit, man.

- Fuck, bro.

Man can't believe you just killed this motherfucker.

That's bullshit.

Oh this, this motherfucker got some dope.

- Let's go, man, hurry up.

- [Scott] Hold up, man, hold up.

(dramatic music)

Fucking money.

Holy shit.

- [Patrick] Hurry up, let's go, cops are going

to be here any minute.

- [Scott] I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Man the pigs are going to be here soon, let's go.

(engine starts)

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- Two years of weighing this shit,

still can't get used to that smell.

- No shit, man.

Shit's nasty.

- That's how you can tell it's good crank.

- I would sell dog shit if I knew I could make

money off of it.

- By the way, I've been wanting to ask.

What are we moving a week?


- I would say what about 10 pounds a week?

- Sounds about right.

- I thought it was a little bit more than that.

- Well I did the best I could, Sal.

I'm not you, bro.

- I was moving 10 pounds in a weekend.


- What are you complaining about?

Man we're making $10,000 a week.

I mean by cutting them into QP's,

we're making a grand a pound.

Isn't that good business?

- That's good, man, we've just got to hit

the grind harder.

I was moving 20 pounds a week before I went in the pen.

- Yeah well after you went to prison,

we didn't trust anybody.

I mean besides us right here, we have Carlos

and Ray serving the streets and that's it.

- It was too risky to keep working with the same people

you were working with, man.

Besides business is doing good.

I mean half a mil a year is good business.

- Yeah I can agree.

It's pretty good.

(knocking at door)

Get the door, man.

- [Richard] Shit, shit.

(dramatic music)

- It's Carlos, man.

What's up, man?

- Hurry up come in, lock the door.

What is it?

- I went to go meet Ray about a half hour ago

so I could see how much he had left, right?

I get to the spot and there's fucking pigs everywhere.

It was a fucking crime scene.

The whole block was sealed off in yellow tape.

Someone took Ray out, man.

(dramatic music)

- Who the hell?

What are you talking about?

- I don't know, man.

Someone took Ray out.

- I can't believe this, man.

(dramatic music)

Can't fucking believe this shit.

How much did he have on him?

- He had a quarter pound, just like me.

- Fuck.

- Did they find anything on him?

- No, man, he got cleaned out.

No dope, no money, nothing.

Tell you what though, them pigs probably think

this is some gang shit.

- What the fuck do you think?

You think someone wants to war with us?

Blackjack's people maybe.

- No, man, Blackjack's a dumb white boy, man.

Nobody cares about him.

- The blacks give a fuck about him or they

would have been hiding him, not his fucking girl.

- No, no, I'm telling you that white boy

worked for some old school motherfucker from the city.

I know for a fact he made that fool a lot of money.

Think about it, Sal.

We just took out one of his main sources of income

and now he wants some payback.

He probably thinks we want a piece of his business.

- That makes sense.

It wouldn't hurt to find out.

- What more do you know about this guy, man,

besides the fact that he's black?

- I just know what I hear from the streets.

He moves a lot of weight.

He's got connections from Bay View,

Hunter's Point, Fillmore.

- Why would a black guy rolling that deep

in the game work with this white boy for, man?

Think about it, a stupid white boy in those hoods.

- He don't just have brothers working for him.

He's got white boys serving the burbs.

I mean not all of Frisco is a ghetto.

I mean he's hooking up people from

fucking Embarcadero, the fags on Castro and Poke.

In the Mission district, he's got his Mexicans.

- [Richard] Sounds like an equal opportunity employer.

- This ain't time for jokes, man.

This is serious, all right?

He's dead.

- Okay, no more joking, man.

No more fucking joke.

- Carlos why don't you find out what you can

from your regulars?

See if they seen anything, a car, whatever.

Whatever information you can get for us.

I'm not going to start a turf war without facts.

As far as we know it's a simple robbery.

- Yeah I can do that but it's going to take some time.

It's not like these fools come around every day, you know?

- Go ahead.

Take your time.

Get the right info, please, man, all right?

Get the right info.

- Yeah I'll do that.

I'll hit you guys up in a couple days.

Maybe tomorrow.

- [Richard] Take care, man.

- Real sorry about your friend, man.

But you still got that QP.

Just took a loss on one.

You got to get moving quick, all right?

- [Carlos] All right I'll do my best, Sal.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

You know, it's the 1st of the month.

(dramatic music)

- Do you feel guilty?

- Hell no.

That piece of shit was a drug dealer.

Actually I feel pretty good.

Why you feel guilty?

- No.

Not guilty.

I thought I would feel different.

I thought I would feel better about losing Joe.

But I feel the same.

- Yeah?

Don't trip, man.

You'll feel better after Castro is dead.

(dramatic music)

- So you think this is going to work out?

- Yeah, man, I'm pretty sure it's going to work out.

I'm sure the Mexicans are starting to think

it's just the blacks getting back at them now.

- So what are we going to do about this shit?

- [Patrick] We'll worry about this shit later.

Let's concentrate right now on starting a war

between the blacks and the Castros.

- I thought you said it was all good.

I thought you were saying they're blaming

the blacks already.

- Yeah but we need to make sure they think it's the blacks.

Maybe it's time we need to take out another

one of Castro's boys.

- Ah shit, Patrick.

I don't think I could handle that shit again.

- Look at this pussy.

They killed our brother, you son of a bitch,

and you're worried about some fucking Mexican?

- Fuck you.

I don't give a fuck about them.

I don't feel guilty at all.

I just don't know if I could handle a situation

like that so quickly again.

- Look just calm down, all right?

I'll kill the son of a bitch.

You ain't got to worry about that.

I just need you there to back me up.

Besides I'm not going to kill him right away.

We need to get some information from him.

We need to know what Sal knows,

and more importantly, we need to know

who he thinks did the hit.

- How are you going to make it look like some blacks did it?

- Like I said earlier, we need to think ahead

of this asshole.

If he's too stupid to connect the first killing

with the blacks, we need to make this one blatantly obvious.

- Like what?

Seriously what the fuck can we do?

We just went out and killed a guy,

and you want to go kill another?

- Look if he's got dope, we take it,

it makes sense that a drug dealer

would take another guy's dope, right?

That's number one.

Number two: maybe it's time we need to kill ourselves

a negro as well.

- [Scott] What the fuck?

You want to kill a black dude too?

Man you're fucking crazy.

What if we get caught?

- Man we're not going to get caught.

They're going to think it's each other,

the cops are going to fucking think

it's some gang banger turf shit.

Now stop fucking worrying, man.

You're going to start fucking worrying me

and I don't like to fucking worry.

(dramatic music)

- [Sal] This isn't good, man.

It's bad for business, you know?

Ray did good for us, man.

I've known him since he was a kid.

- I know, man.

That's why I trusted him to work with us.

Him and Ray were the only ones who me and Nick trusted.

- It just doesn't make any sense, man.

Look I don't think these people in Frisco

want to start a drug war over some white kid, man,

that had it coming.

Who knows, man?

Anything is possible, you know?

Either way, it's all bad.

I can feel the heat coming, man.

Cops are probably going to start focusing on us.

Now we need to watch what we're doing.

- So what are you saying?

You want to slow down?

You want to shut down?

I mean we got enough to put away for us to last us a while.

- No, man, I don't want to stop.

If we do, somebody will just jump in and take over.

It will be drought season out there.

There's a lot of fools out there willing to fill that void.

I can't let that happen.

This is our business.

I'll be damned if I'm going to let somebody take that over.

- What do you want to do?

- [Sal] I don't know.

There's Nick and Carlos right there.

(dramatic music)

So what's the word?

- I couldn't find out shit.

Nick talked to his people, I talked to my people.

Nobody knows anything.

- This is starting to sound strange.

- What do you mean by strange?

- [Sal] It's too clean, it's too perfect.

If it would have been a dope fiend,

we would have heard something by now.

Somebody would have said something.

Has anybody you talked to acted weird or nervous?

- No, nobody acted nervous.

Nobody liked him because he was a dick to most of them

but they didn't hate him enough to kill him.

- You can never tell with these fucking tweekers.

But I don't think it was one of his customers either.

- Well maybe it's the fucking blacks.

- I don't know.

We need to fix this before it escalates.

- So what do we do?

- Sell dope.

You need to get rid of that QP you got.

- Yeah I got it, I'm on it.

I'm on it.

- Come on, Nick, let's ride.

- [Sal] Hey call me tonight when you get rid of that,

all right?

I need you to pick up another pound tomorrow.

We need to make up for the loss of Ray.

We've got to work a little harder.

I'm going to go meet with you know who right now,

get some more pounds.

- All right.

I'll have that shit sold for sure by tonight.

(engines start)

- What's up, Carlos?

You got anything for me?

(upbeat music)

No I need two zips, I'm having a party tonight.

(upbeat music)

Oh come on, bro, do two for seven.

(upbeat music)

All right, same place?


Be there in about a half, player.

(upbeat music)

- Holy fucking shit.

Come on over here, you son of a bitch.

It's been a long time.

- [Sal] Two years.

How are you doing, Raul?

- Can't complain.

What's up, Richard?


- What's up?

- Look a little bow-legged there.

- Not me, man, big baller like me.

I was treated like a king in there.

Really appreciate the money you put on my books though.

I was eating real good in there.

- Ah fuck it, don't even mention it.

It's good to see you're back in business again.

It was nice doing business with Richard,

but it's even better having you back.

Hopefully the two of us can make a little more money.

- I want to double everything we're doing.

- [Raul] Sure you can handle that?

- That's what I was doing before I went in.

- That was a different time.

Things change.

- The game never changes.

The players do.

- [Raul] Come on, let's hurry up.

Let's do this before the police come,

we've got to shove these chunks up our ass.


I'm blazing zips

You can find me on perp

Getting stoned, never home

(knocks at window)

- What's up?

- [Carlos] Man what the fuck took you so long?

I thought you said a half an hour, asshole.

It's been 45 minutes.

- Hit traffic, man, what the fuck can I say?

- Whatever.

I got this shit so let's do this.

- $650, right?

- I said $700, fucker.

- All right, there you go.

It's all there, right?

- Yeah it's all here.

- You know I appreciate you coming through

for me like this at the last second.

- It's all good, as long as you got the money

I got the shit.

Say you hear anything about Ray since I last talked to you?

Maybe your home boys might have heard something.

- Haven't really heard shit.

- All right, this is for you.

Keep your ears open.


- Danke hoozy.

- [Carlos] It's Heezie, fuck face.

Let's get high

(upbeat music)

- You weren't kidding when you said you wanted

to hit the grind harder.

Haven't chopped up and weighed this much

fucking crank in a week before.

- Hell no I wasn't kidding.

Can't afford to slow down right now.

We've got to keep flipping this money over and over.

Ain't no time to relax.

- Well so what's up?

You guys want to find a replacement for Ray or what?

- After what happened?

I ain't trusting anybody right now.

Especially we don't even know who did him in.

There's too much dope to gamble with, too much money.


- This is a lot of fucking dope.

We're going to have a hard time getting rid of this shit.

Maybe you can call some of your old connections.

Can try and move some of this shit towards the valley.

- That's a good idea but I don't know who I can trust

from my past.

(phone ringing)

I'll think about it.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Yeah, what's up?

Yeah we're getting that ready right now.


To who?

Oh that fucking dope fiend.

No, no, it figures he didn't know shit.


All right.

Yeah, I'll leave in 15 minutes.

I'll call you after I get off the freeway.

All right?

Yeah, all right then.


That was Carlos.

He said he just got done talking to one of his customers

and he still hasn't heard shit.

But things are looking better, he got rid of what he had so

that other pound, he'll take that now instead of tomorrow.

So I'm going to go meet him at the spot.

- We already broke this all up.

Well just grab four of those QP's.

Take them now, that will make his pound.

(upbeat music)

- [Carlos] What the fuck?

Who the fuck are you?

- Shut your mouth, asshole.

I ask the fucking questions around here.

- That's right.

- Now you're going to tell us what we want to know

or I'm going to fucking kill you.

- Man what the fuck do you want?

- I want to know who Sal thinks is behind

your buddy's murder.

- [Carlos] Why the fuck do you care?

- Shut the fuck up, dick head, and answer the question.

- Man I don't fucking know.

Nobody knows who did it.

- Does he thinks it's some brothers that did it?

- What makes you ask that?

- Some he does think some black fools did it.

- Maybe.

- That's all I need to know.


- [Patrick] Hey, Scott, you got that spray paint?

- [Scott] Yeah.

(dramatic music)

- [Patrick] Write something pretty, man.

(dramatic music)

No doubt.

- Let's go, let's go.

(upbeat music)

- Hey, it's me.

I'm running late, I had to stop and get gas.

Better be where you said you were going to be at, all right?

I'm 10 minutes away, later.

Going to be mine

Blood, tears, and a homicide

187 school the 187

Stop my paper chasing

I'll send your ass straight to heaven

Thug living, not forgiving

Niggers die 24/7

Some go to hell

And the rest they go to heaven

- Fuck!

So much dope to sell

Sending some of y'all to heaven

(phone ringing)

- Yeah.



I fucking knew it.

I fucking knew it.

I fucking knew it!

Get your ass over here right now!

Right now!

All right.

What the fuck?

Give me that greedy vagina

White bitches and hynas

And black hoes too

I'm so horny I'll fuck Aunt Jemima

All I want is chow chiller

The nut killer

Run your fingers over my crotch

Do you feel a fat boner

Throbbing, filling with blood

Pull done those chonies, bitch

Give me some love

Pussy melts in my mouth

Not in my hand

Because I'm eating more cunt

Than a lesbian

Now professional hoes

- Nigger what's wrong with you?

Don't be turning off a nigger's radio, dude.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

- Yo I just heard some shit.

That little nigger Trevaine just heard somebody

hit up another Mexican.

- So what's that got to do with me?

- Yo those motherfuckers are going to think

we had something to do with it.

- Why the fuck would them S.A.'s

think some bullshit like that?

- They probably think it's retaliation

for that faggot ass white boy Jack.

- Tell me them motherfucking S.A.'s

don't want to fuck with us.

- I'm just letting you know, this could turn

into a real problem, for us.

- Did you give Trevaine them boulders?

- Yeah.

- Good because I'm tired of fronting that little

motherfucker, you tell that dude to have my money

by next week?

- Yeah I told his ass.

He said the way these crackheads keep

coming at him, he'll have your scratch

in a couple of days.

- All right.

Now why do you keep wasting my time

with all this Mexican shit?

I told you that ain't none of my problem.

Stop wasting my fucking time.

(engine starts)

- I know there have been three murders,

three drug dealers dead, one more baffling than the next.

Now I wonder how they're all connected.

- Well you know what I think of Jack Bryant's murder.

The Castros did that one.

But besides simple rumors, we have no evidence against them.

Those other two, we know Castro didn't do those

because those were his boys.

- The only motive I can think of is for the retaliation

of the Jack Bryant kid.

Now we need to find out who his connections were.

It wasn't family.

He was an only child.

His parents died when he was 12.

- From what I hear, he didn't have many friends either.

So that leaves his woman.

But that poor girl was so shook up,

I don't see her shooting two of Castro's boys.

Besides she still probably thinks it was the pizza guy.


- So any word from the S.F.P.D.?

- They said they would get back to us tomorrow.

We're going to try and find out, excuse me,

they're going to try and find out anything

new about Jack Bryant that the file didn't have.

- Well ain't that a bitch?

A man calls and they get the run around.

A woman calls and they get the royal treatment.

- Well it's all in the way you talk to them, Kelly.

I mean keep in mind that the murders happened

in Oakland and not in San Francisco.

- Yeah.

Well we can either wait for another criminal

to get killed or we can go talk to the informant.

- Sounds like a great idea but can we finish lunch first?

- [Kelly] Yeah.

I'll snap a neck to grip that currency

I'm mean for the green

On the ground for eternity

I'm going to pimp that shit

Like a trick ass bitch

Call me the motherfucking C note advocate

I'll blast for it, the root of all evil

It's like a junkie to a heroin needle

Make the world go around

From them big head presidents

You're making dollars or you don't make sense

That's how it goes, right

Fuck stressing everyday

You get the money and make the pain go away

I need cold hard cash to keep mentality

Being broke ain't allowed

Into my fucking reality

Try jacking me fools, you done lost your mind

You need it too, that's why you work a 9 to 5

Keep it real on the deal, there ain't no caps

I'm about to stack a fat batch

I'll bleed for the scrap

You don't hustle everyday

You're nothing but a scratch

We're going to ride or die for the scratch

We will straight pimp your bitch for the scratch

Scrap and demand your cash for the scratch

Tattoo your ass for the scratch

I'll kick your wife in the bubble bath

For the scratch


- It said "Sucka free"

S.F., San Francisco, everybody knows that.

I'm telling you it was those Frisco motherfuckers

Blackjack worked for, they want revenge.

- I can't believe this shit.

We lost two of our best salesmen.

We got double the fucking dope

and now these blacks want to start fucking war?

- They want a war, then we'll take them the war.

I'll shoot every one of those damn mayates myself.

But I'm not going to pull the trigger until I know

it's them for sure.

- What more do you need, Sal?

How much more do you fucking need?

You want one of us to die next?

Is that what's going to prove it to you?

- Look, man, I've been in this game for a long time.

Long enough to know that something ain't right.

It's too obvious that it was the blacks.

They're not stupid.

- It ain't about being stupid.

Maybe they just don't give a fuck.

Maybe we pissed them off by killing the pussy ass

white boy.

- We're not in this business to kill people.

We're in this business to sell dope.

Us and the blacks.

Starting a war would just mess both of us up.

Think about it.

We're find the East Bay, they're from Frisco.

Two whole sides that have nothing to do with each other.

It doesn't make any sense.

- I say we just give Raul a call.

He's deeper in the game than we are.

I mean we're only one crew that he sells to.

He must know some people.

If anybody would know anything, it would be him.

- Yeah.

- That's a good idea.

That's about the only opinion I could trust.

(upbeat music)

(knocks at door)

(upbeat music)

(knocks at door)

(upbeat music)

- What the fuck you want, Bruin?

- Got some questions to ask you, junkie.

- Shut the fuck up, I don't want my neighbors

to hear that shit.

- Then let us in, you asshole.

(upbeat music)

- What the fuck do you want, Bruin?

I didn't do anything.

- Yeah right, looks like you've been doing a lot of meth.

That's a violation of your probation.

- Let's bust his ass and take him in right now.

- This is pancake mix, all right?

- [Bruin] Yeah right, I'll believe you, as long as you help

us out and answer some questions for us.

- I don't know nothing about nothing.

- You don't know nothing about nothing?

Who the fuck decorated this house?

- I did.

- While you were high, obviously.

- Look I'm a busy fucking person.

What do you guys want?

- Busy person?

You don't have a fucking job.

- Yeah I do, I'm a promoter.

I promote parties.

I got a big one coming up this weekend.

- Yeah right, look, we know you're a user

and we know you sell lines at your little parties.

We know who you buy from, we suspiciously enough

those are the people that have been killed

the past few days.

- Whoa, what?

I ain't got nothing to do with that shit, all right?

I've been here all week.

I've been planning a big rave for this weekend.

I didn't kill anybody, all right?

- We know you didn't kill anybody, you're a pussy.

But we know that you know who might be responsible.

- Well?

- I don't know exactly who did it.

- Yeah, spit it out.

- All right, I heard from people, I can't name

any names, I heard it was some brothers from Frisco.

- Some brothers, huh?

- Yeah, from the hood.

- From which hood?

- I don't know about that shit, all right?

- Bullshit.

- Look I'm not going to make up something that I don't know.

- Let's take this piece of shit in right now.

- No, no, wait.

I'll try to find out, all right?

- No you're going to find out.

- That's what I meant.

- Here, give me a call the minute you find anything out.

Where they're from, their names, anything at all.

- You got my word, officers.

- That's detectives, scumbag.

Try not to be so messy when you cook next time.

- Sure, all right.

(upbeat music)

Fucking dicks.

(upbeat music)

(knocks at door)

(door opens)

- Oh fuck.

Glad you could make it.

- Don't worry about it.

- [Nick] Have a seat.

- Make yourself at home.

- Want anything to drink?

- That's okay.

- [Richard] Are you sure?

- It's okay.

What can I do for you guys?

How can I help you?

- Well I didn't want to say nothing

over the phone but two of our guys

got taken out in the past couple days.

They were both done by the same people.

- What the fuck, who?

- Well first it was Ray, then it was Carlos.

We have no idea who did it.

We're starting to think maybe one of us might be next.

- You have no idea who it could be?

- Well everything points to these blacks from the city.

But Sal thinks that we should wait until we're 100

percent sure before there's any action involved.

I mean I'm sure but he just wants to--

- Wait a second.

This is why we called you, Raul.

You've got connections that we don't.

I'm sure you could make a phone call, pull some strings.

Find out some information that we can't get.

- Sure.

I'll do the best I can.

I've got partners in Frisco.

What makes you guys think it's people from San Francisco?

- Well first thing, we took out one of the guys

that worked with them, Blackjack.

The same piece of shit that tried to have my brother

killed here two years ago.

I mean maybe they want to do some payback

for taking out one of their dealers.

Second of all, Nick here saw a spray painted

message next to where they found Carlos' body.

It said "Sucka free."

- What the hell is that?

- "Sucka free", it means San Francisco.

See the blacks there, they use the initials S.F.

as a slang word, you know, "Sucka free."

- That's interesting, I didn't know that.

- I could see how it could look like

these black guys are doing it.

But I can also see how it could be a setup.

It's so damn obvious.

I'm not going to make a move until I'm 100 percent sure.

If there's one thing I learned in the pen

is to have patience.

- That's good.

Don't make a move until you're sure.

Let me see what I can do.

The last thing we want to do is start a fucking drug war.

It's bad for business.

It's bad for me, it's bad for you, it's bad for all of us.

We'll lose money and I don't like to lose money.

You understand me?

(dramatic music)

- Look I appreciate you coming over.

We called you, you came over, appreciate it.

You took the time, I didn't want to bother you.

I didn't have no other choice.

- Don't worry, don't fucking worry.

I'm glad you called me before it got out of hand.

Give me until tomorrow afternoon to see what I can do.

When I know, you'll know.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Patrick] What's up, druggie?

It's Patrick.

- Hey, what's up?

- [Patrick] What the fuck are you doing asleep at this hour?

- I had to pop a Valium.

Two pigs came over and asked me all sorts of questions.

- [Patrick] What kind of questions?

- Shit, you know, shit about the murders.

- [Patrick] And what the fuck did you tell them?

- I just played as stupid as I could.

- [Patrick] I bet that was hard for you.

- Look are you going to keep talking shit

or do you want me to tell you what happened?

- [Patrick] Well what the fuck did you tell them?

- I didn't tell them any names, I told them

it was some brothers from San Francisco.

- [Patrick] Did they buy it?

- Hell yeah they bought it.

Bitch even gave me her card and told me

to give her a call if I found out anything else.

I didn't want to tell them anything else

until I talked to you first.

- [Patrick] That's good.

Well speaking of these blacks,

I want you to set up a buy for us

with one of their dealers.

It's got to be a black dude though.

- I don't know if I can do that.

- [Patrick] Don't bullshit me.

I know you get your E for your little parties

from one of them.

- That's not the point.

Point is I don't know if he would do business

with someone he doesn't know.

- [Patrick] Well you ain't got to worry about that

shit, motherfucker, you just better make it happen.

Shit you could tell them that you're going to be there

that way if anything happens, it will be on your head.

Tell them we're some rich pussy white guys

from the suburbs that just want to get some E

for their little get together.

- Wait, wait, wait, I don't want to be in that situation.

I thought we agreed that I didn't have to do that.

All you said that I had to do was set up the buy

and that's it.

- [Patrick] I don't give a fuck what I told you,

things are different, all right?

You're going to do what I tell you to do

and you're going to like it.

You get all this shit and you can keep

whatever the nigger has too.

Quit being a pussy, all right?

Me and Scott are going to take care of that motherfucker.

- Fuck, when do you want to do this?

- [Patrick] Set it up for tomorrow,

you dumb raver faggot pussy.

- What's up?

Who is this?

- What's up, Trevaine?

It's me.

- Oh what's up, dawg?

So what's the word?

- Just checking in.

Wondered if you got any more of them vitamins

you hooked me up with a couple weeks ago?

- Hell yeah.

Why you out already?

- Yeah, they only last me a week.

- Well what took you so long to get back to me?

- Well I got some partners waiting.

Some rich boys from Blackhawk.

They're dying to get the hook up, if you know what I mean.

- Oh, man, come on now I told you I don't like

dealing with people I don't even know.

- I know what you said but how are you going

to get any new customers?

These dudes want to buy 1,000 of them playboys.

- Shit they're willing to take 1,000?

Did you give them a price?

- I told them eight.

- Oh that's cool.

I'll let you keep two bones a pop for hooking that deal up.

You're going to be there, right?

- Yeah I'm going to be there.

- Because I trust you, but I don't trust them other

motherfuckers, especially them pecker woods from the burbs.

- Can we do this tomorrow?

- Yeah that's cool.

What time are you talking about?

- Shit I don't know, 10:00?

Is that too early for you?

- No, that's cool.

As a matter of fact I'm going to be at the studio.

- Oh you're still recording that album?

- Hell yeah, I'm about halfway done.

- That's cool, what are you calling it?

- The Trials And Tribulations Of A Motherfucking Hustler.

- Shit that sounds pretty fucking tight.

So 10:00 tomorrow morning then?

What studio?

- B.P. Studios.

- Is that the spot where the dude yelled at me

for smoking weed up in there?

- Yeah that's the one and don't be coming up

in here smoking and shit.

All the niggers still be mad about that.

- It's all good then, I'll see you at 10:00.

- All right, call my cell when you get there

and I'm going to meet you outside.

- All right, later.

- I don't give a shit what anyone says,

these are worth the hour wait.

- There's about 5,000 calories in one of those.

- You chicks and your fucking diets.

Just eat and be happy, dammit.

- You're going to keep ranting about those damn doughnuts

or can we get back to the case?

- What else is there to talk about?

We keep repeating the same things over and over again.

We've gone over the files forwards and backwards.

We're still waiting for the S.F.P.D. to call us back today.

Hopefully they'll find out something new about Jack Bryant.

Your tipster is supposed to call us with some more info

as well.

Other than that, all we've got to do is sit

on our ass and wait, and eat doughnuts.

- I just thought of something we haven't done yet,

why don't we pay the Castros a visit?

Shake them up a little bit.

Show them that we're watching them.

We could ask them ourselves how they feel about

their boys being killed.

- Can I finish my doughnut first?

- [Announcer] The A's beat the Giants once again 7-3.

- Fuck.

Last year we choked in the World Series

and now the A's are the best team in baseball again.

- Didn't I tell you not to interrupt me

when I'm watching Sports Center?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

- Nigger please, you better go somewhere else

with that bullshit, you bitter motherfucker.

That's why I'm the only homebody you've got.

- Let me ask you a question, Chris.

You like making G's, fucking fine ass bitches,

eating fucking lobster and having things?

Do you?

- For sure, why?

- Because if you don't like the way I talk to you,

then shut the fuck up, nigger, and kick rocks.

Get the fuck up out of my operation.

- See, that's what the fuck I'm talking about

with your mean old bitter ass.

(phone ringing)

- Make yourself useful and answer the fucking phone.

- Lazy ass nigger.


- [Isaac] This is Isaac.

- Oh what's up, Isaac?

- [Isaac] Put Darryl on the phone.

- Oh that nigger's in the bathroom taking a shit.

- [Isaac] Put him on the phone now, it's important.

- Hold on a second.

Hey he said it's important.

Better take this call.

- Damn.

What up, man?

- [Isaac] I need to ask you something.

- Holler at me.

- [Isaac] What do you know about some Mexicans

getting killed in Oakland?

- Just what I see on the news.

- [Isaac] Are you sure you're telling me the truth?

- Yeah, man, I don't fuck with them cats from the 510.

I only deal with cats from this side of the bay, you feel?

What you hear?

- [Isaac] They think your boys did the killing

and now they want to go to war.

- Yeah?

Well let them motherfuckers bring a war.

This is Frisco and I ain't bowing down to nobody.

On the reals, I ain't got nothing to do with this shit.

I just got my mind on hustling, dawg.

I ain't even got no reason to set some shit off like this.

- [Isaac] What about Blackjack?

Is that reason enough?

- Fuck that little white boy.

I heard he set that fool Castro up.

That white boy had what he had coming to him.

He got what he deserved.

But on the real, I got a little white kid

working for me already.

- [Isaac] That's what I needed to hear.

I'll see you soon.

- All right, dawg.

- [Isaac] All right.

- Thanks for the call.

(dramatic music)

- What's up?

It's me, I just pulled up.

(dramatic music)

All right.

He will be right out.

- Hey this son of a bitch have a gun?

- Did you ever meet a drug dealer that doesn't?

- Keep being a smart ass, motherfucker,

I'll dump your body right next to the nigger's.


- Here he comes.

(dramatic music)

- What's up, T?

- What's up, bud?

- These are the racist white boys I told you about.

- Racist?

I thought you said they was pussy.

- You called us pussies, you fucking dope fiend?


- What's up, bud?

I'm Trevaine.

- [Patrick] Patrick, this is Scott.

- What's up, dawg?

Y'all ready to do this?

- [Patrick] Yeah but we ain't going to do

this shit out in the open, are we?

- Hell no we ain't.

- [Patrick] Want us to come up for a minute or what?

- No that's my recording studio.

I only do my rap shit up in here.

But we can smash around the corner real quick

and handle this but hold on, first of all,

I don't even know y'all motherfuckers.

Y'all lift up your shirts for me real quick?

- Lift up our shirts?

- Man no offense, I don't even know y'all.

I'm just trying to make sure y'all ain't 5-0.

- All right, all right.

- Okay, okay.

You too, nigger.

- What?

Hold long have we been doing business for?

What's wrong with you?

- I don't trust nobody but my mama, lift your shit up.

Okay cool.

(dramatic music)

- I spoke with my connection in San Francisco.

He assures me that these guys have nothing

to do with it and this just isn't an assumption.

He actually spoke with them, this man is very

well respected in their eyes.

- Yeah but how well do you know this guy?

- Oh shit, man, Isaac, we go way back.

We spent time at Quintin together.

He was my crime partner.

If he said it ain't so, it ain't so.

It looks like somebody is trying to set them up

and then set you guys up too.

That's why we have to get to the bottom of this.

- Raul.

We've gone over this over and over again.

Everything points to these Frisco guys.

I mean we don't even know who else it could be.

Blackjack didn't even have a family.

- Hold up, hold up, hold up, I just thought

of somebody who might be able to answer some shit for us.

- Who's that?

- That dope fiend that Carlos sold his last batch to.

Right before I was going to meet him,

when he called me to bring him the other pound

he said he just got rid of his last two ounces to him.

- You know this guy?

- Yeah.

I say we pay his ass a visit.

(knocks at door)

- Hey can you get that?

(dramatic music)

- Hey so can we see the X before we buy it or what?

- For sure, these are butterflies right here.

(dramatic music)

That's better than the shit you got last time.

- Hey, man, check this shit, see if it's good.

I trust your judgement, you fucking dope fiend.


- [Man] That shit's on hit, man.

- I told you, nigger, I got the best shit in the bay area.

Can't nobody fuck with my shit.

- Said there's 1,000 there?

- Man ain't that what the fuck you told me to bring?

- Are you sure?

- Are y'all done playing with my merchandise or what?

Y'all ready to pay?

- Yeah we'll take these.

- Where is the money at?

- Scott hand him the money, it's in the glove box.

(dramatic music)

Here you go.


Get this motherfucker out of here.

Get his drugs and shit.

I'll be crashing through the window

With a .30 carbine

Hunt around cliffs with an M-16

I'm hearing screams

From them hollow-point tips

Ripping out the bang, bang

Both of your ribs

I'm fucking pissed

Cannot stop this rage

You released the heat

From out the dark room cage

Now get slain

Better grab your .9

I'm quick to lock you in the trunk

And burn you alive with no remorse

Shut your bitch ass up

Crime to a killer, praying for luck

You're fucked, I've been labeled savage

Smoke until the clip's gone

And you're done with a hatchet

- Do you even have a warrant?

- We don't need a warrant, he's on parole.

Besides, he let us in.

- It's okay, you don't have to say nothing to them.

- It's all right.

I got nothing to hide.

- So what's he, your fucking lawyer?

- That's just my uncle.

He just hates pigs.

- Do you want to do this here or do you want

to do this downtown?

- If they're not under arrest,

then there's no reason to go downtown.

You're just harassing people.

- It's all right.

What do both of you want?

- We just want to know how you feel

about your boy's murders.

- That's a stupid question.

How the hell do you think I feel?

I feel like crap about it, we all do.

- You're not getting ready to retaliate, are you?

- Yeah retaliate how?

We don't even know who did it.

Even if I did, that would be the police's job to do that.

I've been clean for two years now.

Especially this last week.

Here you are harassing me in my own home.

- Don't bullshit me.

Maybe you don't know anything about Jack Bryant's murder.

I don't think you would be stupid enough to do

something so close after getting out of jail.

I think you know something about your friend's killings.

- We just want to make sure you keep your nose clean,

I'm sure you would hate to go back to San Quintin so soon.

Why don't you tell us something you've heard?

Something that just might make our job easier?

- Didn't I just say that I don't know anything?

I'm just as baffled as you.

Nobody seems to know anything.

That's all I know.

- You're really laying it on thick

with the innocent act, aren't you?

We know everybody in here is a drug dealer except

us two and your uncle, and even he looks like one.

- I really don't give a damn what you think.

- Just wore out your welcome, pigs.

Get the fuck out of here.

- Don't bother yourself.

Thanks for your hospitality, Sal.

- Just make sure you continue being a model citizen.

(door slams)

I'm master 6 9 cool

Old school head turner

I ain't fucking with no Pokemon rice burner

Doing side shows

You bang po-po's with no delay

Smoking the folks just chilling on the freeway

Smiling through the bay area out of control

Always hustling, never fucking with

- What's up?

- What's up, China man?

- [Chino] What's up, brothers?

- Get rid of that shit?

- [Chino] Yeah I got rid of that shit all last night.

Been trying to reach you all morning.

- Yeah I turned my phone off, dawg.

Too many damn tweekers calling me.


- [Chino] You know what happened to Trevaine?

- No.

- What the fuck are you talking about?

- [Chino] He got blasted.

- Nigger what?

- Yeah somebody blasted him, cleaned him out,

and left him for dead, and took all of his shit.

- Damn.

- What the fuck?

- What do you think, those motherfucking Mexicans?

- Who else?

- Damn.

- You know what?

I'm really feeling to hurt somebody.

I'm feeling to go get my .9's and I'm going to

hurt somebody.

I'm going to call up Isaac.

I'm going to holler at you, China man.

All right, Chino.

- All right.

- All right.

(engine starts)

With these rhymes

Every dark room dope pays me

Smashing on the freeway

Fake a race sideways

Psycho side show

- What the fuck do you mean you changed your mind?

- Dude I mean I changed my mind.

I'm tired of dicking around with all this bullshit.

I want to be the one to kill that motherfucker myself.

It's the only thing that's going to satisfy me right now.

- Hello where's my fucking X?

- What, you made us kill those two Mexicans

and that black guy when we could have just

killed Sal in the first place?

- Dude is it my fault the Mexicans are too stupid

to realize it was the blacks that were doing it?

- Dude can I get my fucking X?

- Well, dude, just wait.

Give him a fucking minute.

We just killed that black guy.

I'm pretty sure they'll retaliate and kill Sal any way.

- Where's my fucking pills, all right?

- Dude would you shut the fuck up?

Nobody is listening to you.

Can you not see that I'm arguing here with my brother?

- Just give me my shit and I'll leave you alone, all right?

- Dude I'll give you your shit when we're done.

I can't have you out there rolling on E

when we still have stuff to do.

- What the fuck do you mean?

I did my part, where's my shit?

- Look I need you to do one more thing for me

and then I'll give you your shit.

Everything we find on that Mexican,

I'll give you all the shit.

I don't care if it's 10 pounds, 20 pounds,

30 pounds of dope, I don't give a shit,

you can have all of it.

- All of it?

- Yes, dude, all of it, I don't care.

- Wait a second, I don't know about this.

- What is there to know about?

Is this not what we've been waiting for,

for the last two years?

For that motherfucker to pay for what he did with his life.

- Well what's your plan?

You've got to have a plan.


- You find out where Castro's going to be tonight

or find out where he's going to be tomorrow.

You can buy some dope from him.

He's bought dope from him before.

You can set up some sort of a large buy

then that will be it, it will be all over after that.

- I can do that.

- Then what, how are we going to get away with it?

- That will be easy.

After it's all over, the pigs and the Castros

are going to think it's the blacks.

Retaliation for killing that gangster rapper

dope dealing motherfucker.

- How do we know if we can trust this asshole?

- What?

- He's come through for us so far.

If not, we'll just kill him.

- I can do it, I can do it, all right?

- You should have kicked them out

as soon as they started talking some bullshit.

- Why?

We've got nothing to hide.

We really don't know nothing.

- Don't worry, you didn't say anything incriminating.

I got the best fucking lawyers.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to give them a call.

- I really appreciate the offer.

But if we need them, I'd be very grateful

but for now we're okay.

- Now those fucking cops are going to be all over us,

watching our every move, and we still don't know

who the fuck killed Ray and Carlos.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Isaac] This is Isaac.

- [Raul] Oh what's up?

What's going on?

- [Isaac] I got my boys blowing up my phone over here

yelling about Castro killing one of their partners.

- Is that right?

When did this happen?

- [Isaac] Earlier this morning.

- Check this out, Isaac.

- [Isaac] I'm all ears.

- I've been with them all morning and we haven't

even left Oakland.

- [Isaac] Is that your word?

- You know me, I give you my word.

Just like your word was good enough for me,

my word should be good enough for you.

- [Isaac] It is, so what can we do about the situation?

- Look that right there shows me that this thing

is bigger than we both thought.

Looks like someone has it out for all of us.

We need to have a face-to-face.

- [Isaac] I agree, you want to meet there?

- No, things are a little hot for us right now.

Let's meet at a mutual location.

- [Isaac] All right.

- Do you know the Marina very well?

- [Isaac] Yeah.

- Let's meet at the lot next to El Torito's.

- [Isaac] All right.

- Is that okay?

- [Isaac] Yeah.

- Do you know where that's at?

- [Isaac] Yeah I know where it's at.

- Is an hour all right?

- [Isaac] Yeah, I believe I can arrange that.

- All right we'll see you in an hour.

Well it looks like those Frisco boys just had

their first victim.

- What?

- Someone took out one of their crew.

- And they think it's us, right?

Just like we thought it was them.

- So they want us to meet them in an hour?

- Unless you object to that.

- [Bruin] Around what time did they place it?

Okay would you do me a favor and fax that info over to me?

Well then you for keeping us posted.

I'll update you as soon as I find anything out.

Okay, you too.

That was Frisco P.D.

They just had a murder that could be connected to our case.

A Trevaine Williams was found shot to death

in the Fillmore district in an apparent drug

related robbery.

- How is he connected to our case?

- Apparently Mr. Williams was a known associate

of our Jack Bryant.

- They were partners?

- According to their robbery and homicide division.

- So it was the Castros.

- Impossible.

Forensics places the murder at the same time

we were at the Castro's.

- Are you telling me that the "reformed criminal"

was actually telling the truth?

- Sure looks that way.

(upbeat music)

- Where the fuck are they at?

(upbeat music)

- [Raul] Is that them?

(upbeat music)

- [Isaac] What's up?


- How have you been?

- Good, man, good.

Did you have a hard time convincing them to come?

- Yeah, they understand how it is.

They took my word for it.

- Well let's meet your boys.

- Raul this is Darryl.

This is Chris.

This is Chino.

- Isaac this is Sal.

This is Richard.

This is Nick.

Well here's the story from our side.

Y'all know Sal, he just got out of Quintin.

He took out your boy Jack, but it was well deserved.

- It was all good from our end.

I understand that.

- Yeah, and right after that, two of our boys

got gunned down.

- I guarantee you I had nothing to do with that.

Why would I do some stupid shit like that?

- [Sal] Look our first reaction was to think

you guys were involved.

But cooler heads prevailed.

We could see that it was a setup.

Why would we start a war without proof?

- No, I know what happened with y'all boys

and I understand that y'all might have thought it was us.

I instantly thought something happened with y'all

when it was one of our boys that got gunned down

this morning.

So me, my boy Chino, and Chris we did a little

poking around and we found out that these cats

was supposed to be meeting with our boy with

some dope fiend in front of his studio.

Then they find him a couple blocks down

dead with a hole in his chest.

Thus we're here now.

- You know who it was they were supposed to meet?

- [Darryl] I don't know who it was.

He was selling to me, I bought 1,000 hits of it or so.

Know anything about that?

- Sort of.

The last conversation I had with my boy Carlos,

he had just hooked up with some dope fiend

and I know who that fool is.

He's a little club supplier.

He buys a lot of C.R. and he buys a lot of X.

But not from us, we don't mess with that shit.

- Sounds like a solid link to me.

(upbeat music)

- [Nick] Hey, get up.

You know who we are?

- Yeah.

- We're going to ask you some questions.

If I even think you're lying to us,

I'm going to blow your fucking face

through the back of your head and all over that wall.

- It wasn't my fault, I swear to God.

- What the fuck?

- I was just doing what they told me.

They were going to kill me if I didn't help them.

- Who's "they?"

- They'll kill me.

- Motherfucker, we'll kill you.

- You better start talking, nigger.

- There's two white boys.

Two white guys.

Remember Joe?

Joe Conner and his brothers.

They wanted to kill Sal for payback

from him killing Joe two years ago.

They wanted to get your boys for Jack working for you.

- How do you know so much about all this?

- They like to talk, that's all they do.

They made me set you guys up.

- What?

- They made me do it.

They said they're going to kill me or turn me into

the cops, two cops came here and questioned me.

- What cops?

- Two asshole cops, Bruin and Kelly.

I thought the white boys sent them.

All they wanted was some info though.

I told them I didn't know shit.

- You're lying, what did you tell them?

- I didn't say anything.

- I'm not going to ask you again, punk.

- All right, okay.

I told them some black guys did it.

- I can't believe this shit.

You bitch ass motherfucker.

Pop a cap in his ass.

- No, wait, I can help you.

- You fucking bitch.

- You can help us?

How can you help us?

- The white boys, they wanted me to set you up.

They want to get you tonight.

- What do you mean they want to get me tonight?

- They wanted me to set up a buy with you.

They wanted me to pretend that I was going to

get some dope from you, then they were going

to kill you and whoever was with you.

- [Sal] What?

Listen to me, fag, this is what you're going to do.

You call them white boys and tell them it's all set up

for tomorrow morning.

First thing in the morning in the alley behind

the Gray Plate, tell them it will be me and Richard.

That way they think they're going to get two Castros

at the same time.

Then you're going to call the detectives

and tell them that you know who the killers are.

Tell them you want full immunity and they'll

give you whatever the hell you want.

- What do you want me to tell them?

You want me to tell them that I set up

a dope buy for the white boys to kill you?

- No, you stupid idiot.

You think I want to go back to prison for selling dope?

You're going to tell them that the white boys

wanted to kill me, and the reason that I'm meeting

with you is because you had the info on my boys'

murders, the cops will buy that in a second.

Do you understand?

- Yeah.

- Someone get this fool a phone.

- So you said behind the Gray Plate, right?

Why not just meet him at his place?

You know what?

You may have just saved your ass,

but you're going to go to hell for what you did.

We'll do our best.

Just be there in the morning, scumbag,

we'll take care of the rest.

You're not going to believe this.

I can't believe we didn't think of it ourselves.

You know Joe Conner's brothers?

- You mean the kid that Sal Castro didn't murder?

- That's the one.

Well they're the ones that have been behind

the murders to get to Castro.

Now they've set up some sort of meeting between

that junkie and Sal Castro.

But the Conners are planning on being there to kill him.

So we have to be there in the alley behind the Gray Plate

in the morning to stop them.

- Jesus that was a mouthful.

So you're going to call S.F.P.D. and fill them in?

- Hell no, this is our case.

I'll call them after we make the arrests.

Oh and I forget to mention, I had to grant

the junkie full immunity.

- So I guess the retard doesn't know you need

something like that in writing, huh?

(dramatic music)

- All right, let's go.

(dramatic music)

All right, you son of a bitch, I've been waiting

two years for this chance.

- [Bruin] Freeze!

Put the gun down!

Put it down, put it down, buddy.

Put it down.

- Come on, man, put it down.

- [Bruin] Put the gun down.

- Put it down.

- [Patrick] Fuck this.


- [Scott] No!


(dramatic music)

- Ballistics matched all the bullets

to Patrick Conner's gun.

So it looks like Sal Castro was telling the truth

the whole time.

- I never doubted him.

- You're so full of shit.

- I can't believe you kept your promise to that

little dope fiend and gave him immunity.

- What was I supposed to do?

Little bastard taped our conversation

and the D.A. okayed it.

- So was S.F.P.D. pissed that you didn't let them

in on the bust?

- They were a little pissed, but what were they going to do?

It was our jurisdiction.

- You shouldn't have burned bridges like that.

We might need them some time later.

- We'll worry about that bridge when we cross it.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- Did you think we were just going to let you walk away

after what you did?


The Description of Drug Lordz in HD (Ex-Con FULL MOVIE)