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Y-you acknowledge that they're gonna acknowledge

that you acknowledge their really not great knowledge

when they acknowledge that you acknowledge

that they acknowledge you?


Hey, what's poppin' my fruity mothafucka(s)?

Captain Mack reportin' for duty.

How you doin' captain? I'm gay.

You ever met gay men?

I was fuckin' mothers in the hallway, niqqa.

Haha! It's "Gay Man."

I am lesbian man, your co-pilot.


It's a very prestigious African name, like...

"gay man," like fucking pussy like you, huh?


I can dig it.

Ha! Yeah, you can dig it!

Oh! Everybody will be gay by the end of this flight!

Look straight!

Hey y'all! What's crack?

[Samuel Jackson] I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes

on this Monday-to-Friday plane!

Everybody strap in!

I-I-I-I...what'd he say?


...on, make sure we're tight.



Eyo gay man.

Why don't you go secure the cock, homie?

Right away.

Yawa thgiright away.

[(un)locking sounds]

Yawa thgiright away.

This motherfucker is locked.

[(un)locking sounds]

Yawa thgi-i-i-i-i-i-i...

Oh, niqqa got niqqas in this niqqafucka, huh?




Oh! This mothafucka hot, cuz God!

Bounce with God!

Fuckin' fucked up!

Like a niqqa!



Bounce! (x3)


I have the perfect music for this.

Yes. I have it right here.

Ereh thgiright here!

["Nigga Nigga Nigga" by Gangsta Rap]

["You have AIDS" from Family Guy]

[seductive music]



What the hell's goin' on here, y'all?

Man, this niqqa's afraid of high niqqas.

How the hell you gonna be afraid of high niqqas

when you the damn high niqqa?

Hey man, don't get mad 'cause I spent

your money to get a good niqqa-cation!

Shit me and my homoh ym dna em tihshit me and my homeboys...

passed the ass with flying cucks.

I miss them niqqas, man.

Those are his niqqas!

Okay, you know...

I'mma tell you what!

Gay niqqa, you gonna be a gay man!

Nam yag a eb annog uoy, niqqa!

Niqqa, you gonna be a gay man!

Finish him!

Ba-a-a-ats would say that I'm a bad boy

yob dab a m'I taht yas dluow stab

to kill without a reason.


nosaer a tuohtiw llikill without a r-r-r-r-r-r-reason.

But bodies stacked highgih dekcats seidob.

[sped up] Bodies stacked high

[normal speed] never gets old.

...goes the season!

Nosaes eht seog.

Damn! I gotta get to that swim meet!

Yes! I did it! I stopped the tower from falling!

Who are you?

I'm Ellen Cleghorne.

Oh-ho-ho you can call me Mila Kunis.

This Family Guy joke was written by Mila Kunis.


Hey Bri?


Ah! Dammit! Ah! There's glass in my ass!


Son of a bitch!


Mom says dinner's at 6.

She wanted me to tell Mom. I don't know why.





Ugh! What's for dinner?

Gay porn or hentai.

Man, I'm really torn.


Bernice sellin' Bernice pee for Bernice?

Bernice says if I don't learn it,

I won't be able to function in the real world.

Hi. What you gotta do is go down the

road past the old Johnson place high.

You gonna find 2 roads & one dick.

Keep going till you become bisexual.

Hello, sir!

Go on.

Hehe. Well,

I was gonna try & sell you some handsome cream,

but I can see you already bought out the store.

Go on.

So perhaps you'd be interested

in something every homo can be without:

Kano insurance.

Go on.

According to my uncle, who's a real homo with Kanos:

Kano is coming!

[thinking] Heh.

[still thinking] I too have an uncle.

Go on.

Come in.

What are you selling?

Hehe. Well, I was gonna try & sell you some hands,

but I can see you already bought out the well.

Go on.

so perhaps you'd be interested in foreplay.


Kano insurance? That's dick!

Lois, no one really needs asses.

You wear asses.

I can't believe you squandered that money!

I swear sometimes I feel I'm married to a

pedophile damned pervert.

[imitates creaking]


Let me buy the quagmire. The noise was funk.

Peter's an excellent chimp.

I whine.




Yeah, well, if there's anything I can ever do for ya.



[suspenseful music]


[cheerful music]

*thud* Ah!

Sss...ah! (x7)

[French accent] One eternity later.




You wanna get some breakfast or something?

You're Jewish. You're good with Irish homosexuals.

No no no no. I think so.

I-i-i-i-it's I have ideological differences.

I'm just not a person.

Optimus Prime? He's Jewish?

So I can just put my stuff in a Christian chatroom?

Wait Mr. Weinstein. I thought you were gonna hell.

I dunno Max. The kid's not exactly a watch.

He did it.

I have faith that Chris will grow up to be a real


Ow ow ow wo wo wo ow ow ow!

Lois, I'm gonna make Chris homosexual.

What are you talkin' about?

He thinks if Chris is smart, she'll become homosexual.

Son, it's too late for me & Meg's sus.

But for you, the sun's the limit.

We're gonna take you down to that synagogue

& turn you homosexual.


Feel that butt? That's premium blue tit(s).

[door shuts]

Ah! Sounds like Jeff's high.

Is this the biggest thing you've ever seen?

Hey! Don't get too cocky.

I had a cock like that when I was your age.

Lois, I'm scared.

Oh, I'll get that.

Feel that?

Oh, oh G-, oh God, oh, Dave, sorry.

Hard but soft.

I'm gonna go call my mother right now & tell her:

[makes monkey sounds]

Boobies are bigger in person!


Did you have fun at the circus today, Chris?

Boobies are bigger in person!

They had a sale on SuperSoakers. Check it out!

[Soulja Boy's "Crank That"] SuperSoak that hoe!


Ah! What the heck?


My nudist dad's Taylor Swift, you jerk!

I'm sorry. I hope you embarrassed my parents.

Are you kidding? I think they're kidding.

Hey Peter, can I borrow your towel?


Uh, you folks got a lawnmower?

We now return to "Idiots" on Life.

Ben was over last night, &...

Don't tell me:

He left!

[laugh track]

Oh, I ran into Jerry.

It's funny. There is one thing that terrifies him:


[laugh track]

Oh Midge! You're my best friend in the Third World!

Third? Who's the first one?



Time: television for Vietnam.

Ah! What the hell are you doing?

Watching you sleep, cutie pie!


I can't see my ass. Why won't you let me get lasers?

Cuz I just don't think.

Are you happy?

I've been happy.

Honey, we'll get you honey tomorrow.

Yes, & in the meantime, here's a little vision test.

Wha- ow ow ow!

Please do Tony Robbins.

Oh no, I learned my lesson.

Could you sign this book, please.

Tony Robbins hung!


I have an announcement to make.

Do it! Lose a pound!

I care what those sexy Hollywood image-makers say.

Big single women are big single women.

*sigh* I wanted to tell you that Opie

will be receiving employee of the month

because he's being promoted to sound wave!

[cheerful music]

Hey Cleveland. Who would you rather do?

Cleveland or Meg, but she's been dead for 6 hours.

Oh man, that's a tough one!




You suck!

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