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today I will tell you which teams other than the consumer insight team would

benefit from customer feedback analysis if you do it right hello everyone I am

Ricardo Osti and on a daily basis I help the world's best brands become more

profitable by investing in the consumer experience. If you didn't subscribe to my

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new video. Simply just click the subscribe button. Consumer insights team

aside other stakeholders in your company would for sure benefits from consumer

feedback analysis and these things would include product marketers research and

quality control teams customer service teams and business and market

intelligence teams product marketers with access to consumer insights product

marketers can get to know their customers like the back of their hands

to be more specific these insights allow marketers to dive deep and identify the

make-or-break factors that influence the customers purchase decision from here

pro marketers can choose to highlight certain features that are important to

their customers when running ads or marketing campaigns at the same time

these marketers can also improve upon their pitch and fine-tune their

messaging to resonate better within their customers research and quality

control teams research and quality control teams are responsible for

product improvements with consumer insights these teams are better equipped

to make strategic decisions about whether they need to improve a product

pull the plug on it or continue manufacturing it as it is now the

general consensus is that all products are working progress and it's always

possible to improve on any given product that said the question here is whether a

product change that will cost a company in terms of both time and money

is worth it and now this change will impact sales revenue and overall

satisfaction customer service teams moving on text mining and natural

language processing techniques are also widely used for customer care

applications here companies may use text analytics software to unlock insights

from surveys replies trouble tickets customer call notes and more with these

insights the companies that are able to optimize their customer service quality

and work towards resolving problems more quickly text analysis is also used to

build chat BOTS and implement automated customer responses which ultimately help

to reduce dependency on call center operators whichever way you look at it

using text mining in the area of customer service results in a win win

customers get their problems solved more quickly and if chat BOTS for example are

implemented they may even get to enjoy instant replies businesses on the other

hand are able to do more with less leading to cost reductions business and

market intelligence teams finally text mining also comes in handy for business

and marketing telogen steams these themes make use of data and insights

they extract to get a better understanding of their business

landscape and consequently identify strengths and weaknesses only no market

intelligence teams who rely on text mining are more well equipped to devise

innovative strategies that will help maintain a strong foothold in the market

if your goal is just to maximize your profits in the short run then you might

be able to do away with using text mining to provide insights through your

market intelligence teams but if you are in this for the long haul and you want

to build a legacy with your company then it's crucial to invest in market

intelligence to make sure that you've got a high-level perspective of the

business landscape I hope you like these videos let me know in the comments hit

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