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Hello, subscribers. I'm Hangyu "Reapered" Bok

Today is

LCS Week2

Second match day

As I told you earlier in the Vlog,

we play against 100 Thieves today.

i just finished match prepare

with makeup

shooting this vlog right now.

match will start very soon

so, today's intro is shorter than usual

Nisqy : alright guys they are hear us careful


at the warm up game we made lots of mistakes right ?

but i don't wanna say don't make the mistakes (this game)

cuz that kind of mindset is usually pretty bad

like jumping into the match 'i don't wanna make mistakes' that's pretty bad mindset

remember that

so i just want to you guys play like Naturally


but with the limits

To Nisqy : if you play against like Qiyana or Leblanc

All in champions use your spell carefully

be careful when you guys are focused on our practice

you guys don't wanna die

from enemy solo laners timing right ?

we practiced a lot right ? let's do like practice

1,2,3, C9 !!

i just arrived gaming house

today match was

100 Thieves prepared well

than i thought

was bit difficult



Level 1

they prepared well

herald play too

they prepared well

in general

analyzed the our game a lot.

that's what i thought after game

so, probably after today's match

other teams are also

can prepare like this

I think we need to develop

a better ability to deal with that.

next week we'll have to focus on that.

i think that way now


what we tried this weekend

control the games and when we are head

not giving opportunity to comeback chance for opponents

this week practice was

showing up very well on our matches

i feel good about it

next week if our opponent prepare well against us

We'll prepare better

so that we can keep play our games

That's all we got for today's Vlog.

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