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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reflexive Pronouns

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reflexive pronouns refer back to the

subject if the subject is I the

reflexive pronoun is myself if the

subject is you the reflexive pronoun is


he himself for a man she becomes herself

for a woman

it becomes itself for a thing notice

that these all are spelled pass e.l.f

these are all all of these are singular

in the plural form you and I become we

the reflexive pronoun for we is

ourselves the reflexive pronoun for you

is yourselves and the reflexive pronoun

for they is themselves here are some

examples I hurt myself the reflexive

pronoun goes back to the subject

you cut yourself you did it you cut

yourself for a man he made breakfast for

himself goes back to the subject and she

taught herself English herself refers

back to the subject she

The Description of Reflexive Pronouns