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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SBG #1 - Lara Croft Go - Mais de 155 puzzles

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It's starting a new series here.

Studio B Games.

And not. I will not do another channel. It will be series.

For some time now I have seen people asking for more animations...

AVAH! Huh?!

And, maybe, gameplay.

Well, I do not know why. Apparently, not enough people playing games on this site.

You need more.

What to do, huh?

You are insatiable, my friends.

Anyway, it will be an analysis just like I did with the anime.

Telling what you have in the game and my playing experience.

And, you see, I'm not Araujo, or Mr. Wilson, Velberan, Gemaplys, or Six.

These guys really know the technical stuff.

They can tell if the latest game was released with past generation chart and such.

But I want to give an opinion about game. Can be?

Even if I wanted to know if it would be worth buying a game from the Tomb Raider series that was on sale.

And then I posted there, asking for help, wondering if it was worth it, I posted in the Studio B Animation community

and no one knew how to answer me.

No one knew the series.

There was one that helped. Thanks.

Then, from one Zé Alley to another, telling his experiences,

Let's see if you join the Tomb Raider series with me.

That was the presentation. Now let's get started.

And if it gets rubbish,

know it was garbage made with love.

Well, folks, this is the third game in the Tomb Raider series that I played.

It's "Tómbi Raider."


I played the PS4 version and it said there were 155 puzzles.




However, they are quick to do. It's not a very difficult game.

Sometimes I get a little stuck on the stage, but just force your head a little to get through.

That's what she's got on stage.

How can you use that to get through?


Find it out.

I finished the main campaign in about 4 hours.

From the first to this book has a story about a giant snake.

After that, they have two more extras.

Venturing through the fire cave ...

And the Croft trophy room.

The level of difficulty goes up with each book.

(Difficulty Thermometer) The first is just to show you how it works.

The second, I would say is the level "you die for being stupid".

Normal, it happens.

Nothing too challenging.

Then the others get a little more head. You have to think a little bit.

Sometimes you get stuck. So it's a more normal level.

With some variations. Some peaks of

This one I still can not see what I have to do.

The game also allows you to collect items, however it does not affect the gameplay at all.

It's just customization. Just appearance.

So you have a good incentive to try to get everything, do not you ?!

Because it is as they say:

Forget the skills.

The important thing is to be able to buy clothes for your character.

I buy this weapon that increases my attack by 1,000 points. (1,000 Attack Points)

But it's very ugly. (0 beauty points)

Or do I buy this weapon that increases my attack by 200 points? (200 attack points)

But it makes me fa-bu-lous. (8,001 beauty points)

Yeah ... you do not have much incentive to do that.

But I'm a guy who likes to zero in on 100%

so if you want to spend another 2 hours,

do not worry, because the books show where you forgot an item.

And the gameplay?

You walk in the analog and one shift passes.

You're standing still, time for too.

I walked a house, the monster chases me a house, the stone moves a house. And so it goes.

You have to know how to kill the enemy without being in front, otherwise it will kill you.

You have to know how to use your enemy in your favor, at some stages, in order to progress.

You have guns to attack from a distance.

And you have to know which one to attack and when to attack.

They have enemies who reconstitute themselves after a few plays.

You can also use this in your favor.

They have traps, craters, pushing towers, the stone of Indiana Jones,

Fire to make the enemy not attack you when you pass in front of him.

Sometimes you do not have to kill. Sometimes you need them to stay alive.

And the fire takes away the enemy from you, so it serves as protection and to scare enemies.

If you have seen that it did wrong, press Start and Reset.


Have hints but do not use. Do not use. Try to pass yourself. Do not ask for help no.

The tip, practically, gives you the way. It passed for free.

And one last thing I liked a lot. For this I did not expect.

There are phases that you move with a mirror.


A reflection of you. Two stages in one.

A mirrored scenario.

So sometimes you can not move with Lara or with the reflex,

because one side sometimes has a wall or has no ground to walk.

On one side has a trap. Not the other.

If one dies, you die. And you need to cross the end with both.

Conclusion. It is a simple and fun puzzle game.

It even has enough variation of mechanics.

And unless you're a complete idiot, it will not take long to clear it.

My mother was happy to know that she has an intelligent son. Right, Mother ?!

"Of course, son. "

I suspected from the beginning. ...

And I do not recommend throwing it all at once. Just for zeroing. Do not.

I started getting tired at one point and left it for another day.

So go slow and enjoy.

This game does not seem to have a replay factor.

Even because it is a jigsaw puzzle game. If you know how to solve the phase, it will not be so fun to play again, right ?!

Bonus Tip:

If you're a trophy hunter, this game here has plenty of gold and silver.

Just one last consideration.

R$ 31,00 (31 reais) is a lot.

I would give R $ 10.00, at least, and a maximum of R $ 15.00.

I bought it on promotion for R$ 7,00. Hehehe.

And I do not spend all day playing there.

Then, R$ 7.00 for three or four days ...

Yeah... It was worth it.

Then that's it. I hope it has not been trash.

But if the video stayed, remember:

It was garbage made with love.

This was my review of the game Lara Croft Go.

Try it there, I'll see if I tell you more about the first and second game I played

of this new series that I'm meeting.

This was Studio B Games. Made to give an opinion about game.

Since of course you want to hear my opinion.

I am a very important human being. More important than everyone else.

And if you do not agree with me, it is because you are wrong.

I am the owner of the truth and my favorite anime is neither Fullmetal Alchemist.

That was bad.

Goodbye. Until the next video.

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