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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: End Of The World - Human Extinction

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the fossil record tells us

that life on Earth has lasted

at least 3.5 billion years

there are 5 ways

the mankind will meet its eventual end

and they're all going to happen someday


with the global population at

7 billion and counting

people will suffer from food and fresh water shortage

conservationists think population growth

is one of the key threats to the planet

Pandemic Treat

recent pandemics have included

outbreaks of SARS, bird flu

and most recently, a coronavirus called

Wuhan virus that originated in china

and because of our highly interconnected global economy

a deadly disease could spread like wildfire

Global Warming

climate change could make extreme weather more severe

increase droughts in some areas

change the distribution of animals and diseases across the globe

and cause low-lying areas of the planet

to be submerged in the wake of rising sea levels


Asteroids are hitting the earth all the time

a meteor impact probably

destroys the dinosaurs

in the Tunguska event

a massive meteoroid damaged about 770 square miles of the Siberian forest

in 1908

Sun Expanding

in the future

the sun will start expanding

earth will receive more heat and light

ocean will evaporate

life on earth will die

earth will become burning planet

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