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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sonic Unleashed: Playing the Werehog - PART 4 - Game Grumps

Difficulty: 0

Arin: Hey, I'm grump!

Dan: I'm not-so-grump!

Both: And we're the Game Grumps!

Arin: (singing) My asshole bleeds; bleeds everyday.

Arin: Because it's wide open from getting fucked in the ass. Yeah yeah.

[Dan laughs quietly]

Arin: (singing) I only accept

Arin: Large penises, because they're the only thing that can stimulate my prostate.

Arin: (singing) Hoo hoo, hoo.

Dan: That's like the world's worst Jamiroquai song.

Arin: (singing) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! It's bleeding constantly.

Dan: Oh, God!

Arin: (singing) I have to cure it, then!

Dan: Aw, did we start the episode?! Is this in the episode?!

Dan: Okay... Alright, we're here. Hello!

Arin: Hello.

Dan: Welcome back to Game Grumps.

Arin: (singing) I'll never be satiated

[Dan laughs]

Dan: (singing) I desperately want dick.

Dan: Oh, uh...

Arin: It's all coming back to me...

Dan: I love dick.

Arin: April, May, June...

Dan: All good months for dick.

Arin: My three girlfriends.

[Dan laughs]

Dan: Oh yeah.

Arin: Ow! [Arin laughs]

Dan: Yeah, and girls have the name January?

Arin: (slurred) And then...

Dan: No, I think we're out. Oh, August!

Arin: August.

Dan: August is one.

Arin: And everything after.

Dan: Not everything after. I've never met a girl named September.

Arin: Welp, you haven't met my daughter.

Dan: Jenny!

Arin: Cause that's my first plan for a name, yeah.

Arin: (drawn-out) Jenny September Johnson.

Arin: Didn't I already fight this fuck?!

Dan: Yeah!

Arin: Did I just like go to a level I've already been to or...

Dan: I think maybe that's what happened.

Arin: But I don't want to...

Dan: Yeah!

Arin: This was at the end of a level, wasn't it?

Dan: Yeah, maybe you gotta do it again.

Arin: But I don't want to.

Arin: Why would I want to do this again? I died.

Dan: Good job. Wow, yeah, why would you want to do it again? It's so beneath you.

Arin: I'm gonna go ahead and quit.

Arin: (sarcastic yelling) Well I've already done it! It's not something [unintelligable]

Dan: Go to the Sacred Shrine.

Arin: It's not a Sacred Shrine!

Arin: It's just a place on top of a hill that I go to to go to levels every so often!

Dan: And it's sacred.

Arin: What's so sacred about it, Dan, if a fucking blue hedgehog can walk in with his amnesiac friend?

Arin: Tell me this! Riddle me this! What's so sacred about it if nobody's in here a-prayin'?

[Dan laughs]

(In-game audio) That door's glowing, Sonic! Maybe that means it'll open now! Let's go see!

Arin: Why didn't you say that last time, you fucking freak?!

Arin: You fucking one-inch freak!

Arin: I could put you on a shelf! Stuff you full of resin!

Arin: Uh-oh! I'm a werehog again! It was completely un-

Arin: Why did I change back into a regular hedgehog?

Dan: Are you getting... Are you controlling that?

Arin: No.

Dan: Oh, it just happens?

Arin: Look at how fucking pretty I am. Oh!

Dan: Are you sure? Oh!

Dan: It's when you cross that threshold.

Dan: We've got it, Arin.

Arin: Hold on. I wanna try this... I just like kinda float.

[Arin laughs]

Dan: Oh my goodness... Oh my goodness...

Arin: Alright. Anyway, I just like exploiting bugs in Sonic games.

Dan: In all Sonic games, yeah.

Arin: They have 'em! Every one does.

Dan: Every gamer or every Sonic game?

Arin: Every Sonic game.

Arin: Get the hang of jumping in werehog form.

Arin: Did it.

Dan: Seems like you got the hang of it!

(Arin make high-pitched jumping noises)

Arin: Ow!

[Dan laughs]

[Arin makes more high-pitch jumping noises]

Arin: Why? Why? Why?

(In-game voice) Move the Control Stick rapidly in the same direction twice to do a dash!

Arin: Okay. Look at me.

Arin: This doesn't seem like the kind of music that should be playing...

Dan: Do a dash, Arin!

Arin: I'm doing it!

Dan: Yeah, no, I'm just kidding.

Dan: Yeah, this is like Café del mar, like, one of those really chill, like um...

Dan: Ministry of Sound stuff.

Arin: Groove Armada?

Dan: Yeah, yeah, well that's a band. I'm just talking about the compilations.

Arin: Yeah, Groove Armada made a compilation called...

Dan: Groove Armada...

Arin: God-dammit, what's it called? Back to Mine

Dan: Back to Mime?

Arin: Mine. I think that's what it's called.

Dan: Sounds lovely.

Arin: It's what Sound of Music is from by Dalton.

Dan: No, that's from Broadway.

Arin: No, not that Sound of Music. It's like...

Arin: (singing) The sound of music makes me feel like dancin'.

Dan: That sound's like the Broadway version.

Dan: (singing) The hills are alive with the sound of music.

Dan: Yeah, I said the Broadway version.

Arin: (singing) The sound of music makes me feel alright. The sound of music.

(Arin makes guitar noises)

Arin: (singing) The sound of music!

Arin: You've never heard that song?

Dan: No.

(Arin continues singing, but becomes hard to understand.)

Arin: (still singing) Deep inside I feel the music!

Dan: This has been a really singing-centric episode of Game Grumps.

Arin: (singing) Deep inside!

[Both Dan and Arin laugh]

Dan: You gotta put the fingers in your ears and close your eyes.

Arin: Uuuh!

Arin: What do they call that? Do they call that fucking-

Dan: Terrible.

Arin: Dumbass shit?

Dan: Yeah, it's one of my least favorite things.

Arin: I know. I remember that was like one of the first things I learned about you.

Arin: You were just like "I hate that shit. I hate it so much."

Dan: Yeah, I don't mean to come down on anyone who sings like that, but it's just...

Arin: That was really popular in like the late nineties, right? Brittany Spears era.

Arin: Aaliyah.

Dan: Elysium.

Arin: (laughing) Elysium?

Arin: The 2013 movie starring Matt Damon? Elysium?

Dan: Yeah, I think, um... I can't remember if we've talked about this, or if we're allowed to.

Dan: We're probably allowed to. It's not really saying anything.

Dan: The director of our YouTube Red show, Danny, he, for some reason,

Dan: Elysium, that move just really cracks him up, so he wanted to create a world in our show

Dan: where, like, our show basically takes place in a world that's exactly like this show. I mean, exactly like this world except, uh...

Dan: Elysium was a gigantic Star Wars-esque hit.

[Arin laughs]

Arin: Which I'm so on board for!

Dan: So we have a ton of alternate takes of various scenes...

Arin: Which I'm assuming they're not going to get used,

Dan: I'm sure none of them will. But it'll just, like... we'll say all the normal lines of the scene you'll be like,

Dan: "Dude. I just watched Elysium last night." And I'd be like, "Again?"

[Both of them laugh]

Dan: Wow! Your arms are crazy!

Arin: Well, I'm sorry, Dan!

Dan: No, it was a compliment...

Arin: Do you want me to make them normal for you?!

Dan: I was just saying it's impressive.

Arin: What am I doing here? Is that what I was doing?

Arin: You can climb the up and down the poles if you listen to the music and jive along!

Dan: Neat.

Arin: Isn't "jive" a bad word? Isn't it like "You jive-ass turkey."

Dan: Uh, it can mean a lot of things. It can mean "grooving." It can mean, uh, "lame."

Arin: This is horrible.

Dan: What? Trying to get over?

Arin: Dan, this is a horrible.

Arin: Woo-hoo? I forgot who told me to play the Wii version. I think it was Jory.

Dan: Why? Cause it's so difficult?

Arin: Yeah, because, "You should play Sonic Unleashed." And I'm like, "Cool. Let's do it."

And I'm like, "What version should we play?" and he's like, "THE WII VERSION."

Dan: "There will be no further discussion."

Arin: I'm like, "Cool, alright,"

Arin: It's, uh, it's currently my favorite version. I'm sure there's not a single

Arin: Let's Play of people playing the Wii version because it's just too good!

Arin: It would make their commentary look bad in comparison with how good the game is.

Dan: It's a legit problem

Arin: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on...

[Arin burps]

Dan: Ew!

Arin: You hear it like burling up my neck?

Dan: Ew! Yes! Ew!

Dan: What have you eaten- Oh, God!

[Arin laughs]

Dan: It's terrible in here now!

Arin: I had Shake Shack. I told you when I was calling out Wendy's name.

Dan: Oh, that's right. That's right.

Arin: Motion controls! Yes!

Dan: Ugh, it smells terrible.

Arin: YES!

Arin: Yes! Eat my werefists!

Arin; Oh, yes! This is the hardcore, fast hitting gameplay I was looking for!

[Dan laughs]

Arin: Hold on. What description does the game box use?

Arin: It's gotta be... Yeah, it's right there.

Arin: I want to read Verbatim how they decided to make this exciting in word-form.


Dan: (reading) The difference is night and day.

[Arin laughs]

Dan: Go faster than ever before with new high-speed maneuvers.

Dan: Transform after dark with powerful combat skills powerful combat skills.

Arin: Powerful combat skills.

Dan: Race around the world and explore challenging locations.

Arin: (laughing) Challenging locations?

Dan: Boy, that's not... They're not even selling it that well on their own box.

Arin: (sarcastically) These are some challenging locations.

Arin: Yeah, cool. That's where I wanna go when I go on vacations.

Dan: A challenging location?

Arin: "Hey, Suzy, I wanna go on vacation. Where should we go? Should we go to like Hawaii?"

Arin: "Like, chill out on the beach?"

Arin: "No, I wanna try some challenging locations."

[Dan laughs]

Dan: Like the fire pits of antiquity.

Arin: I wanna go to Apotos.

[Dan laughs]

Dan: And punch werewolves.

Arin: and meet an amnesiac tiny beast who eats ice cream.

Dan: It looks like you're murdering, like, really intense versions of Lilo and Stitch.

Arin: (mumbling) Can't catch me

[Both of them laugh]

Arin: (mumbling) You can't catch me! You're too slow! You're too slow!

Dan: Oh my God, Arin...

(Arin baby-talks the enemies)

Arin: Woo-Hoo!

Dan: You're too mature for this game.

Dan: Arin, please kill them.

Arin: What? I don't want to.

Dan: You're running out of time!

Arin: No I'm not!

[Dan makes an alarm noise]

Dan: Time depleted.

Arin: (In a Sonic voice) I'm running out of time!

Arin: (Sonic voice) Oh no!

Arin: Aw, I died. How could I have failed?

Dan: Jesus, I don't know.

Arin: I was having too much fun. This game doesn't want fun.

Arin: It wants hardship and challenge, and challenging locations.

Dan: I'm sorry, where do you think you are right now? Did you think for one second that you're not in one challenging-ass location? You're sorley mistaken, my friend.

Arin: How do I get... oh.

Dan: How are we still in the tutorial? It's episode five already!

Arin: Can't get my box! Can't get my box!

Dan: Oh my God, Arin, please kill them, or I will kill you.

Arin: He's like, "Where'd he go? Where'd the box go? There he is!"

Dan: Arin.

Arin: Aw, whoops. Oh well, I picked up the box, though.

Dan: Oh my God.

Arin: I could just go over here. See ya.

Dan: Arin.

Arin: Oh, I have to get rid of the... God fucking... alright! Just die! For Christmas sake!

Dan: Oh boy...

Arin: And swing the Wiimote. There we go. Oh, that kills them instantly

Dan: Great! It's almost as if they wanted to create something that could teach you that.

[Both of them laugh]

Dan: Jesus Christ!

Arin: *punch sound* Here's your present from Santa!

[More laughter]

Arin: You can't get my box! You can't get my box!

Dan: Wow. Outstanding.

Arin: I cleared the mission, Dan.

Dan: So well done. Next time on Game Grumps! This party continues!

Arin: I'm gonna play more fucking Sonic, yo.

Dan: I'm actually kinda into it.

Arin: Sonic, y'all. Playing Sonic, y'all. Playing Sonic, y'all.

Dan: It's still level one and it feels like we've been playing for a thousand hours already.

[Arin beatboxes]

Arin: (rapping) Playing Sonic, y'all! Playing Sonic, y'all! Back to basics! B-b-back to basics!

Dan: biggitybiggitybiggitybiggitybiggitybiggitybiggitybiggity Back to basic! B-b-Back to basics!

Arin: Piggy piggy piggy back to b-back to back to piggy back back back piggy back to basics!

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