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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Welcome to Introduction to Sociology

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Hi, my names Robert van Krieken, Im a Professor of Sociology at the University of Sydney in Australia.

This video channel contains a number of videos about lots of topics in sociology, that I hope youll find useful.

They were originally made to accompany the use of the textbook Ive written with a number of my colleagues, titled, not surprisingly, Sociology,

published by Pearson Australia, in its fifth, and on its way to its 6th edition.

But it doesnt matter that much which textbook youre using, or if youre using any textbook at all,

if youre a sociology student, these video lectures should still be interesting and useful.

Ive tried to make them about conceptual issues that all sociology students grapple with, and theyll complement your reading in sociology.

If youre a teacher, you can direct your students to these video lectures, cut back on your own lecturing time, and use thelivelecture time to talk

about current events, or to make the lecture more interactive.

The focus is often on Australia, but even that shouldnt be too much of a problem, and you can

make the comparison with your own country what you talk about in your lectures or tutorials.

Theyre not very fancyI make them at home myself, the set-up looks like this:

Im especially proud of my home-made teleprompter arrangement, email me if youd like to know more about it.

With the green screen, I can place myself wherever I wantat the University of Sydney, at

home, in Berlin, in front of the Eiffel Tower, or the University of Amsterdam.

So, I hope you enjoy them, and please dont hesitate to like, share and subscribe to the channel.

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