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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: JoJo Siwa Treats BowBow to Doggie Treat Taste Test ?? | Nick

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She likes it! She likes it! Oh, oh, oh!

Hey everyone, it's JoJo and BowBow here.

And we are about to do The Doggie Treat Taste Test.

BowBow, you ready to go go?

I think that's a yes!

I'm just gonna put BowBow up here. I wanna see what she goes for.

Look BowBow, you got some like, frosted covered dog bones,

some kibble, some bacon, some doggie meatballs.

Even some ice cream and some spray cheese.

You want any of this?

You're basically saying to a human, do you want a million dollars?

Any they're like...

What about some bacon, you want some bacon?

There you go.

BowBow, give us your rating one to ten.

Oh, she likes it! She likes it!

She took it to her chair, so she can sit and enjoy it in peace.

Alright, let's try some more, baby girl. Wanna try one of the meatballs now?

Look it, let's try one of the meatballs.

Oh. She likes to lick all the gravy off of the meatball.

I don't blame her.

What about the frosted cookie? Look at it, it's cute, it's blue.

Want a little bit of it?

No. That's a no from BowBow.

Wanna try this kibble? Look it, try it.


Not a success either.

I have a picky eater on my hands.

What about doggie ice cream?

Let's try it.

She likes the doggie ice cream.

Is that good?

I wanna try the doggie ice cream. Can humans eat it?

Is that a thing?

Alright, I'm about to try some of this doggie ice cream.

Say 'cheers'.

It's not bad, it just tastes like really bad ice cream.

Hey, but you like it, so that's all that matters.

I don't know what she's going for.

What about the spray cheese, BowBow?


You like it?

Oh, oh, oh!

She really likes the spray cheese.

So BowBow, what did you think of the frosted cookies?

Uh, I did not like the frosted cookies. They were not good.

Fair enough. What about the doggie kibble?

The doggie kibble at first was pretty bad, but now I might wanna try it again.

Nah, never mind.

What about the bacon, BowBow?

I loved the bacon. The bacon was the best.

It was so good!

I think she liked it.

What about the meatballs?

The gravy in the meatballs was the best part about it.

Tell us how you really felt about the ice cream.

The ice cream was so good!

That's the best thing that I've ever had in my entire life.

Alright, last thing BowBow. What did you think about the cheese spray?

Guess what, Mommy. I'm gonna take you to the store after this

and you're gonna buy me some of this spray cheese.

That's how good it was.

Alright, I wanna know which one was your favorite.



She said it's a very strong competition between the gravy,

ice cream, and spray cheese.

But if she had to pick a winner, it would be the ice cream.


And that was The Dog Food Treat Taste Test.

Tell us what types of treats your dogs like in the comments below.

BowBow, you full yet?

Look it, want the bacon?




OK, they left all your meatballs.

They left every single little bit for you.


She's like, "But I'm still mad!"

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