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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Skim Coating our Off Grid Bathroom Walls | Off Grid Cabin Build #64

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We're almost ready to start skim coating. We've gotten a lot of this done here

right the ANA widened out and smoothed out all along there of course it's still

I'm gonna go ahead and stand it before we do the skim coat it may not be

necessary but stay like these waves and then when I get that out because I'm not

very experienced right as you guys know and I want it to come out good but I

want to try a different technique first thing we're gonna have to do is get

everything out of the bathroom sink buckets back of the toilet we're gonna

take the whole toilet up at the back of the toilet shower curtain rod shower

head then we can get

normally that would do it but check out this we've got a ton of water in there

still because this is one of those water efficient ones and so look it up just a

waste of space man so we gotta take the battle now we just have to little wing

nuts up here without undue I should wash them and see what you think

yeah so we got a wiener and wash them one on the other side

all right now hopefully we can just lift the take off first though we're going to

go ahead and put the bow back in and I put our nuts in our washers in the tank

let's see what happens super simple grab the sink here to get out just

connect that light bulb but the wires in there and the switches all right up just

connect the water lines right here now when the water's coming out ain't no

water's coming out

okay hold the sink out let me keep you this guy a little bit easier now for

this guy right here I want to make sure you have a cap because you're about to

open Pandora's box so what's going on here is right now the trap is full of

water and it's preventing sewer gases from coming out I'm coming out this way

and coming into the house when we disconnect this we're removing that

stopper basically that p-trap all right

now sewer gases can come directly out of this hole we don't want to smell those

so we'll put this cap on there now we're safe yep I know this moves it up but I

already marked it up so there's gonna be a little protective decorative ring on

here anyway so he might not choose to do it this way

alright now we can let over that have you beautiful alright make sure the

power is off its off and we're going to just connect this light alright she's

pretty simple to do it's just two wires it's not even a ground on these things

okay then we need to disconnect switches I know what you're thinking you think

man you're working twice you put those things in now you taking them out and

you're gonna have to put them back in it's true but we got to use the bathroom

for the last three weeks or so before we got around to finish in the

drywall right so I don't feel bad about it

just as a tip this is not the best screwdriver to use on these use one with

a square and I have one it's my world's favorite screwdriver but I just can't

find it right now so we're using the Phillips but square on these is way

nicer final step here I'm just gonna wrap these guys here and a little bit of

masking tape now we're just gonna go along and scrape off all the high spot

okay pop the boogers

we're gonna go ahead and give it a quick sand just to make sure we get all of the

stuff off of it here all right there we go sand it up looking good let's get

ready skimp out it's right at about 32 degrees and let's just take a quick look

here guys update on the snow out here it was snowing a little bit last night

but now it is raining again oh man we've still got a ton of snow out there

there's a lot let me go show you about this other side here before we get back

to the bathroom all right just real quick little little break here from the

work all right so you can see now we've still got pretty deep snow pretty deep

path cut in there whoa it's chilly willy out there man

let's get back to work I don't want to mix up the whole five gallons I don't

know how much it's gonna take can always you can always set it down which it's

pretty hard to get it thick again plus I guess if I mix this one and it's too

thin and I can always add some of this back into it and make it a little

thicker over here but if I do the whole bucket wrong then we're gonna have

problems that much see how it comes out here

I think I don't know I think it might be thin enough I think that's probably

pretty good we'll try that we can always add more water later

all right we're gonna start over here around the doorway and we'll see we'll

see how it goes that's a nice narrow small spot to start with you're supposed

to just stick that guy in there get it all good and cooped up something like


all right let's see how it goes

well let me tell you what the first pass here looked like alright so first

attempt here looks like we actually textured the wall over there we got it

pretty smooth in here also texturized kind of thing along there and then we

got something in the mud right there but I think not too bad I mean I'll try it

again we'll go over that again later once it dries and keep working on it

I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff guys you got it look at that guy's

so smooth there's a little bit of bright red in there a little bit of texturing

right there but it's way better I think the clue here is you got to put it on

thick enough right like it was in get enough on the wall that you can actually

smooth it out here there wasn't enough on the wall wasn't

enough on the wall here so we'll go ahead well reapply to this side here and

try to get it done that better all right let's go ahead and try this

all right so then I came out a lot better

oh bugger right there yeah that came out a lot better we're gonna go ahead and

continue on with that technique going over the walls here in the bathroom see

how if you come out another day guys we got a little bit more to finish up in

here and then we'll be ready to prime it we've got to get a little skim coat up

there I did some sanding this morning before I

started recording I figured you seen sand in you probably see some later in

this video but we got some little things to fix here like or mine I hit this with

my hand and did that and I hit this with the corner of the thing and dug a little

pizza else I had to have the pushed back in there are some small lines that you

can see that need fixing it's really hard for me to show you with the camera

in such a small space so we're gonna continue on get this part done up here

fix some of the corners where there was some some boogers that had to get sanded

off and left kind of funny things but we'll finish all that up and hopefully

it'll be dry later today we can go ahead and prime this bad boy that part there's

always a pain cuz it's above the tub we have to put the target we're just going

to put some cardboard hopefully there's a fiberglass tub and

so I'm not using the roller method up here because we just have a little tiny

bit that we need to actually put a whole skin coat on so we're just gonna do it

the old-fashioned way

look at that almost got it right in my eyeball

go ahead and say you should be wearing safety glasses all right so we got some

minor things that we need to fix in here I can't really show you on the camera so

I'm just gonna go ahead and do it and then we'll take a look at it once we get

everything ready to prime okay that's when we jump back into the video we're

finally ready to start painting this bad boy let me show you what paint we use

him and then well we get started on it we're going to be using this right here

kills kitchen and bath interior primer right it's for mold mildew prevention so

hopefully we don't get any mold or mildew in there because that is the

bathroom fairly moist place and then right here this is the interior paint

we're using just Walmart paint 15 year warranty white let's get started with

that primer hopefully guys we'll get the whole thing painted today we'll see most

used tools on the homestead guys link is down in the description there's a pretty

mixed first just going around the pipes like that and the corners think we'll

just dip out of the bucket before we put it in the pan and use a roller here I'm

also going to go ahead and use a foam brush this time instead of that other

brush that we used last time in the kitchen because the other ones seem to

leave really big pink brush marks in the paint and I don't want that in the area

so what Reds will try the we'll try this day right here yes we'll just paint away

here see what happens

in prime code on here

the primer is all dry it's looking good in here

it's really echoey but there we go guys it's all going white it actually kind of

has a bluish tint to it I'm hoping that that'll make it really easy to tell

where the new fresh paint is going and where the primer is so that I don't miss

any spots we are painted in white we're using this paint right here it says it's

durable and washable with a 15 year warranty so be good huh let's get the

paint we're gonna do a little bit better job of mixing of this paint then we did

the primer just want to be sure who knows how long it was sitting on the

Shelf and they did not shake it for us we just picked it up

it smells like a new house and here fresh paint in the bathroom we just have

to wait for it to dry and then we can continue on to the next step if you'd

like to see more about what's going on here on our homestead there is a video

right over here that you might like to check out otherwise I hope you have a

really great day keep smiling and I'll see you over in that video in just a


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