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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra -- Day in the Life!

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- What's going on guys, welcome to a new video

where today we're going to be unboxing

and testing out something that is in front of me,

and something that I have talked about in a previous video.

The only difference is that this is now mine.

So, Samsung recently announced the whole S20 lineup

and there's some amazing devices as well as the Z Flip,

but this video is actually going to be

all about the S20 Ultra 5G, so let's unbox it.

Oh my gosh, it's here, I'm so excited.

I am not going to drop it, at least not yet.

So, this is the cosmic gray, it also comes in cosmic black.

But, a personal fan-favorite, the cosmic gray.

So let's see what else is inside the box.

A nice piece of paper,

this is the 25 watt fast charger,

now, it also is compatible with the 45 watt fast charger,

but, you do have to purchase that separate.

Also, I realize I need my nails done,

but, this is a very time-sensitive video,

so there's no time for beauty.

And in this little box, we have nothing.

Let's see if these stay in my ear,

'cause I have a lot of trouble

with things staying in my ear.

Oh, these actually feel pretty good.


So, we've got these headphones with the USB-C,

you can plug right into the device,

and we have the charging cord.

Did I not get a sim card ejector?

Oh, (laughs) duh!

It's on the other side of the box.

And we have the sim card ejector.

I actually carry one of these on my keys now,

because it's, you never know when you're gonna need one.

Who's ready for the peel?

Oh, it's so beautiful and shiny.

And my smudgy little hands are gonna ruin it

because I just put on lotion.

Now, I did go to the events in San Francisco

where I did get some hands-on experience,

and that's always really great,

but having a true experience is using the phone

as you would use the phone.

And that's what today's video is gonna be about,

it's gonna be about me, basically a day in the life of me

with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

So, we'll actually set this up in a second,

but let's just talk about some of the specs first.

This is a 6.9 inch AMOLED display.

So let's talk about the back camera,

which I feel like most people are excited about.

This is a quad camera setup.

The ultra wide camera is a 12 megapixel camera,

the wide angle camera is a 108 megapixel camera,

the telephoto camera is a 48 megapixel camera,

and the fourth camera, once again, will be the depth camera,

which is the time-of-flight camera.

And Samsung is now calling Space Zoom

their new type of zoom and this actually has the ability

to go up to a hundred time zoom.

Now, I've seen so many different pictures

of people posting about it, I've seen so many

different comments where people were like,

I don't know what the big deal is,

so, we're gonna go out and we're gonna test

and see what the big deal is,

and if Space Zoom and a hundred times zoom

is something that is practical and if it looks good.

Another thing that I did see people talking about

is that the refresh rate is standard set at 60 hertz.

You do get a longer battery life,

so changing it to 120 hertz refresh rate

will just kind of give you, obviously,

faster scrolling and overall more realistic animations.

So, the phone that I have been using

is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and comparing it to the S20 Ultra,

the S20 Ultra is so skinny, but like, tall.

Whereas, the iPhone is kind of just shorter and wider.

When I asked you guys what you wanted me to test out

on this, obviously, most people said camera,

but someone said they wanted a phone test.

And I thought, huh,

you want me to actually make a phone call?

That's weird.

So, I'm gonna call my sister and see if she answers.

She's probably not gonna answer.

(phone ringing)

I don't think she's gonna answer.

- [Voicemail] Pound (beep) at the tone.

(phone hangup) - All right, well,

maybe I'll try the phone test later.

Let's go out in the world and do a day in the life

with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

All right, I'm now at Venice Beach,

I feel like this is a really good place

to do a camera test.

So, let's go test out the S20 Ultra here at Venice Beach.

All right, we are gonna shoot our first 8K video here,

walking down the pier.

Let's see what we can do.

(upbeat music)

What a beautiful day it is here in Venice!

In order to get the 108 megapixel option,

you do have to turn it on,

so right now I'm gonna test out some normal pictures

of myself at the beach, and see how they look.

(camera click)

Oh, a bird!

Got him.

(upbeat music)

All right, we are now gonna put this bad boy

in the tripod so that we can test out the zoom.

I am so scared that I'm gonna lose this phone in the ocean.

I'm gonna take some pictures of these birds.

Got the ultra wide,

times one,

times two,

times four,

times 10,

times 30, oh my gosh, hi bird!

One of my favorite things is that it does

have this little viewfinder,

so you can see what you're zoomed in on.

I am a nature photographer!

Okay, I'm trying to find this boat

out there with my 100 times zoom.

Oh my God, I found it.

I'm so shaky, this is a personal problem.

Everyone's like, Jenna, compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max!

I feel like that's gonna be a completely separate video,

but, I will do a quick little demonstration

with the picture quality and see which one I prefer.

(upbeat music)

I am doing a hyperlapse.

Now, here's the problem, I don't have a gimbal,

it is just my little arm.

So, right now we're gonna be testing out the 40 megapixel

selfie camera, so in order to change to the 40 megapixel

selfie, you have to just go over here,

and now you've got it.

(upbeat music)

Oh, I look lovely!

But, the background wasn't great, so I should work on that.

So, another thing that's really cool

is while you're recording a 4k front-facing video,

which is what I'm doing right now, you can take a picture,

and you can also flip the camera to record

a 4k video as well, all in one clip.

All right, we're now testing out the slow-mo.

Okay, and we also have super slow-mo.

We got the shot, but it's basically

like they're not even moving.

This would probably be best if, like,

a wave was crashing, or something was, like,

a lot of high action.

Bike riding in Venice Beach, not so high action.

(upbeat music)

Hey Google, take me to Whole Foods.

- [Google] You've got some choices.

Which would you like?

- I'm not gonna show you guys which one.

It's a secret.

We're gonna go to Whole Foods.

I need to get a thing.

This phone is so long, I'm, like, not used to it.

Don't make jokes in the comments about that,

because I know how you guys are.

Okay, so here's a video that I was shooting,

8k walking down the pier,

and here is something that you can do now,

you can actually take a screenshot

from the video, and it will take a 33 megapixel photo.

So, that's pretty cool.

All right, day in the life of Android Samsung S20 Ultra

is going well.

Live transcribe is something I just found.

Yep, oh, here we go,

it's something that I've been having a very fun time with,

I have no idea why,

and I have no idea why I would ever want to use this,

but I love it!

So, something that Samsung also talked a lot about

was their new video call features,

and you can actually chat in full HD

with other people who are on, I believe,

the S20 devices, so I'm gonna call my friend, Jon,

he also has the S20, so I'm gonna call him up,

and we're gonna have a full HD chat.

Don't look at his phone number.


Oh my gosh, hello!

- Hello!

- [Jenna] Wow, you look so crispy,

what are you answering on?

- New S20 Ultra!

- [Jenna] Me too.

I just unboxed it today, so it's been

my first day with it.

I'm very excited.

- Well did you ever leave your 120 hertz on

or are you using the 60?

- [Jenna] So, I shot today without the 120 on,

just 'cause I was like, oh, I don't know, like,

what the battery's gonna be like,

but, as soon as I switched over to the 120

I don't wanna switch back.

(laughing) - [Jenna] Well, I guess

I'll get back to work now and do some editing, so.

Bye! - Bye!

- I did my first duo!

I tried to call my friend David, and he didn't answer.

I mean, thanks David,

it's not like I wanted to have a full HD video chat

or anything, it's fine.

Classic David.

Actually, he's in Spain, so, he's sleeping.

So, this is single take.

This is a feature that will let you record

a 10 second clip and basically

give you a variation of content.

So I did just a little, quick clip,

and this is kind of the content that it curated for me.

Here's a little video.

It has me crouched down,

which is actually kind of a cool shot,

it does a little black and white number,

that's actually another cool shot.

Oh my gosh.

This has, like, a nice filter, actually,

that looks incred-- I look so good there!

Oh my gosh!

It'll generate anywhere from around 14 pieces of content

depending on what it gathers,

this one didn't do as many but wow, that was cool.

Here's another piece.

It'll utilize all of the cameras

and generate different type of content.

Single take, big fan.

So, we're not gonna lie, it's very late,

I've just turned on every light that I own

because I've been editing this video all day,

I'm in my jammies, I just threw on a microphone,

(laughs) to finish up this video.

But anyway, I just wanna say that my first day

with the S20 Ultra was actually really, really great.

The battery life was incredible,

whenever I changed over to the 120 hertz,

I was like, I don't think I'm ever gonna switch back,

unless I really wanna save my battery.

But, my battery life was really, really impressive.

I was going to tell you guys what it was

at the end of the day, but I plugged my phone

into my computer to transfer the files,

and that kind of charged it.

The fast charging is incredible

because it basically charged all the way back up

and I was like, oops!

So, overall, my first impressions,

I'm very impressed, I love it.

It is a little bit long, it's a very, very tall phone,

but, I feel like it's just something you'll get used to.

100 times zoom, if used correctly, is really cool.

It's not something you're gonna use all the time,

or, like, it's probably not something

you're gonna post on your Instagram,

but it's a really cool feature.

This is definitely just a kind of a first impressions,

first hands-on, I'm gonna be filming in 8k vlogs,

so stay tuned for that, but make sure you guys subscribe

and check out my last video,

and I will see you again soon for a new video.

Hopefully, I can go to bed soon.

I'm very sleepy.

(upbeat music)

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