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Say It and Walk

Omar Abdulaziz AlZahrani



welcome to a new episode of Say It

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wait before I start, i think i need to watch out my words as from today

we just talked about AlAssaf, and now he id fired

but do not think he is satying at home now?

no sweetheart, he is going to work for the government until you die

AlAssaf never stayed at home or retired

He is a minister of finance since 1996

since MBS was standing in line in the school cafeteria

did he stand in line in the school cafeteria?

20 years as a minister of finance

20 years many ministers fall except for him

and when they released him from his position in 2016 he became minister of state

the he was arrested in 2017 in the Ritz Carlton for corruption

and he satyed as minister, people were saying this is his end

very soon, they released him and gave him back his job as minister again

He is a minister of finance, of course he has CDs

no this is too much, many people have CDs

anyways, they released him from his position again in 2018

do you think he satyed at home or retired? NO

they gave him a position as minister of foreign affairs

and today after one year, the government changed his position from minister of foreign affairs to a minister of state

Imitating MBS: Saud, turn on , turn off, turn on , turn off, turn on , turn off

Say It and Walk

speaking of turning on and off

two days ago, Davos in the desert ended

no not this, yes this one

and our guy thinks you could get out of trouble and ask for foreign investors' money and they will come

but the western media that was chasing him and now knocked him

Bloomberg , CNN, New York Times others announced boycott of the conference

because Saudi Arabia is country that violates human rights

don't listen to the current drum beatings

unfortunately ,the foreign investment numbers are low

most of the audience in the conference are managers looking for a government contracts

they want to milk them and leave

as our friend who milk 45$ milliard from MBS in one hour

speaking of milking, few days ago trump said he milked MBS in 35 seconds according to Washintgon Post

the Japanesse said he milked 45 milliard, average 1 milliard every 60 second

et's bring calculator, and assume that Davos conference was 3 days 6 hours daily

this is 18 hours, 1080 minutes of milking

let's say may Allah compensates our budget

some people look at us as if we were spiteful and gloating

we critcized only, and laugh at MBS way of running the country because we have personal issues with him

let's see what did he do in Davos conference last year

the government contracts signed with foreign companies was about 56$ milliard

while the foreign investment during 2018 was 3.5$ milliard only

what did you understand from all that?

this means contracts we signed in Davos conference most of them were companies took our money

and gave us nothing

the main goal of the conference is to bring foreign moneys for invest in your country

and provide jobs and don't rely on oil

we failed in achieving this goal

someone ask why did we failed to achieve that?

Say It and Walk

the foreign investor is looking for a safe area to invest his money

and we new that the capital is cowered

you decleard war against Yemen and instead of winning it reflected negatively on you

and their fires reached your country


how do you want the foreign invistors to trust you while you took

the most rich businessmen in your country and jailed them in Ritz Carlton for corruption

when you are the worst corrupter and not telling how and where did you

spent the money you took from them

how do you want to convince an invistor to come to your country

while until now you don't have clear reason to tell your people about cutting the relations with Qatar

you cut relatives relationship and made it hard for people to come to the Two Holy Mosques

destroied the mutual trade between the two countries overnight

you want to make sure? ask AlMaraei

f you are acting like mindless teenager while you are provoking by a tweet

as the Canadian embassy tweeted about Saudi Arabia, and because of that

Saudi Arabia cut its relations with Canada and pull back thousand of students

who you spent milliards over them, how do you want the investor to trust you?

we said you did change, then you go to a country like turkey

when you had some issues with them

and commit the dumbest assassination operation in the modern political history

people said it was a mistake and grow up and listen now

then you hacked the richest man in the world and threats him with his d*** picture

then come and ask why didn't we sucssed in bringing foreign investors to our country

Say It and Walk

a news was spread in international sport

Mohammed bin Salman decided to buy Manshester united

this time he raised his offer to 5$ milliard because in the first two times his offered was refused

someone might ask why did MBS decided to buy Manshester united specifically?

I was looking for a reason that made Mohammed bin Salman to provide another offer to buy this club

I think Mohammed bin Salman was watching championship league and saw Manshester united

versus Paris san Jerman last year, and Paris san Jerman as you now a Qatari team

imitating MBS: who is this red team that beat the Qatari?

Manshester united? is this the one Bin Zaid have?

no one have it? let's buy it then even if they didn't have super stars

if they have Nimar and De Maria then we have men, capable men

we can win within 20 minutes of the game

we will not wait to play on loose ball

we will transfer the fight to their field now and immideataly

Say It and Walk

Kusama Pumpkin is new painting MBS bought according to Bloomberg report

the newspaper that was close to MBS

this painting worth 4$ million , people get mad but me i see it as a positive thing

look at the half full of the cup, the previous painting cost 450$ million this one cost 4$ million only

an easy season

but let's be honest, his IQ increased

the one before was fake, but this one is original

and why are you mad that he wasted 4$ million on painting? he still didn't harm anyone?

Say It and Walk

the country is in shock with Turki AlSheikh project which is MBS project in the first place

our traditions will be respected

our customs, tradition and religion is clear

we will not bring anything against those basics

they all within our agreement but this is us

we were like this 30 or 40 years ago

we have been kidnaped for a while but thanks God we are back

since the first day of the entertainment events especially after Riyadh season started

and everyday we are having a new crisis

Turki AlSheikh brought DJ, red lights and music

what should you do in this case? dance? they will put you in jail

tell them this is forbidden in Islam? they will put you in jail

say this is shame and not us, they will put you in jail

please someone tells us what to do? public prosecuter

your common curtesy law based on what?

if it based on Islam, this is all has nothing to do with Islam

f it is based on custom and tradition, we know it is in not

if it based on what is happening around the world, it is normal to see people dancing in concerts and events

public prosecuter looks like doesn't have anything to say

could someone please ask AlMoghamsi about what is happening

(AlMoghamsi program named {the well-grounded in knowledge})

a man asking: may Allah reward you well our shiekh a video gone viral to a girl

dancing in one of the events organized by the entertainment commission

what is your comment on that sheikh?

imitating AlMoghamsi: may Allah save us, about dance it has two opinions,

if it was a belly dance and muslims girls were wearing Hijab this is fine

but if it was a western dance with some twerk this is forbidden according to the public opinion

this girl may Allah forgive her (crying)

her dance was not belly or western

especially when she shake it as in shake it up dance which is forbidden by unanimously

but if the muslims' Guardian may Allah protect him see that there is a benefit from this to Teasing enemies

so Persia stop saying roll over us with their attacks

then it is Halal and consider Jihad dance, Allah knows

a man: may Allah treat you well our Sheikh

do you know that no one represent Saudis now like this man

Poor man he doesn't know what to say, his fuse is blown

his mind hung

when he first said welcome, he represent us going to entertainment events

then he said Allah is the greatest with zoom toward the mosque

Allah is the greatest

please go away, go away, one minute

his conscience feels guilty, something is not right

then he tried to support Mohammed bin Salman but his subconscious reminded him

and said ( our guy ruined it, he messed it)

turn the picture, he messed it, he ruined it

we are living in a huge Halloween

you have to dress up, change you identity and put on a new mask

but the problem you don't know which mask to put on

When? how? where?

like this guy! he doesn't know , should he give the Russian high five?

or say Allah is the greatest? praising MBS? or cussing him?

who are you? who are we?

and who are those? and those?

we are... I'm sick

Say It and Walk

arresting AlOtaibi's tribe prince after he criticized the entertainment commission

in few tweets, they took him and put hime in jail

criticizing the entertainment commission became a red line

this shows you that the government doesn't have a red line regarding anyone in this country

wether you are a religious, political or even social figures, or tribe's Sheikh

they will get you

not because you criticized one of the country foundation, no no

but because you criticized the entertainment commission

they took you and throw you in jail, is not this the tribes you scared people of them

and said they will come against you

cut and eat you

the tribe cave to the government despite the injustice

the tribe cave to the government despite the dissatisfaction

unfortunately, this is not the first incident

before one or two years, a tribal king was pull out

from Kuwait and bring him to Saudi Arabia

as if there was no value or consideration

as the country does want to offend not only the religious and political figures

but also to the social ones


do you know who was the last one accused of being a foreign agent?

people of Lebanon,

there are bodies funding? who are those bodies?

I'm not accusing anyone now, I wish those who consider themselves as commanders in this movement

come out and explain to us, as they demand transparency

there are a fortune spent in some squares

there are some poor squares, but others floods with money and spending it

there are great opportunities

that is OK, come out and tell people the names of your donators

Nasr allah who takes money from Iran, ideologically follow them and believe in AlFaghih guardianship

came out and said to the Lebanese you are a tool in hands of foreigns

how can I deal with him?

when are you gonna stop this sh**?

Hong Kong has a revolution in protest at suppression law

the Chinese government said foreign bodies

Women rights activists demanding their rights, the Saudi government said foreign bodies

reformers in Iran refuse Mullahs' suppression, and Iranian government said foreign bodies

what should we do to deal with you?

anyways, the Lebanese revolution has a nice answer to this cheap accusations

I'm Lebanese citizen and I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

I'm Lebanese citizen and 'm funding the revolution

I funded the revolution

I funded the revolution

the truth, the beautiful Lebanon is finally standing together

turned from groups and sects to one unit

under Lebanon flag

after many years of differentiation that political opportunists took advantage of

turn it to a failed country that lives on debts and foreign aids

and above all this, there are no services

no jobs, rents increased, until those poor people suffocated

now we see right in front of our eyes an Arab revolution

with a national unity, accept differences and welcome refugees

a high political awareness, didn't believe the government empty promises

this revolution is a good example of the real and good nationalism

not the sick one representing by the government trolls

this nationalism originated from the people, to accept others

directed against the suppressive, tyrant and who in control of the country resources

we have nothing to do, except to wish this spirit to win

against the power in control now

and see another Tunis in the Arabian world

we need hope


in developed countries there are parliaments the representing the poeple

a group talking about people's worries and demands

but in our authoritarian states we have nothing like this

please don't say we have Shura council

at the end, it is only a signature

but thanks God, the existance of social media made Twitter the people parliament

where they can demand rights, talk about worries and give their opinion regard the country policies

it provides a little space to take a breath instead of living in the real choking world

but do you really think the the tyrant will empty the platform for you?

forget it

he hired the electronic flies trolls, a group of citizens hired by the government

they gave them salary from our budget, to silence any voice they don't like

let me give you an example, hashtag #unemployed_saudi_gathering

this hashtag launched by a group of Saudi men and women who have bachelor or master degree

some of them have been looking for jobs for one, two or five years and maybe more

they believed that this vision will decrease the unemployment rates

as you know, the vision target is to reach 7% as unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia in 2030

without doubts, those programs will put us in a great place than we are already in, in 2020

anyway, it get worse as prices and taxes increased

people can't stand themselves

what did those youths do?

did they take guns and carried out terrorist operations?

NO! did they declare their opposition of the government?

NO! so may be they took money from Qatar and Iran like some poeple (smile)

No! simply, unemployed youths launched a hashtag to demand

their rights in a peaceful way

but the government sent its trolls

they accused who participate in this hashtag by treason, and the state security issued a statement

said this hashtag is a threat to the national security

can you imagine that? a hashtag threats the national security?

a weak and unsuccessful political system, women demand their right to drive, this is a threat to the national security

Sheikh asking God to reconciled hearts, national security threat

a journalist write in an American newspaper, national security threat

poor unemployed people asking for jobs, national security threat

it is one of those, either you love being suppressive

and use the national security to cover what you do

or you are being honest, then you not qualified to be in charge of the national security

if it is so weak

find a solution, you bothered us a lot

Say It and Walk

there was a man named Essam AlZamil

a citizen of this country

he always keen to increase awareness among the people

he keen to remind them of what is going on the country

he was the voice of a suffocated citizen

he was the voice of a citizen who demand his rights in a polite manner

most people were listening to his words

waiting for his tweets

waiting for his works and videos

where he was increasing the awareness without any instigation or rampaging

today, Essam is behind bars

Don't forget Essam

Say It and Walk

since the first day we decided to do a show, our country economic conditions were the priority

we talked about the general economic condition in general

and unemployment time bomb and the possibility of its explosion

as the number of people looking for jobs will increase in the next years

the truth is the numbers were really scary

wether it was talking about unemployed youths rate which reached 30%

or about 400,000 person who will enter the labor market

and comparing them with jobs the government and market are providing

which is only 70,000 jobs

this hashtag had launched and it showed us that the problem is already huge

not a time bomb will explode in the future

from the hashtag, we have seen a big segment of society with bachelor degrees but not find yet jobs fits their specialities

another are mad of the nature of available jobs

butcher, farmer and etc, no defects on those jobs

but it is undesirable

as we know, the hashtag was overwhelmed with blaming foreigners and accusing minister of labor by neglecting

and they all had to provide jobs to youths

but are they the real ones to blame of the crisis we are in?

first thing we have to understand is that Saudis used to prefer working in a government sector

which has light work and pay a good salary

but because of stealing, corruption and wasting, the government now has no money to hire Saudis as before

also our number are increasing

and this is so difficult to provide governmental jobs

now we are up to a huge change, the private sector

is now the main target, but what is actually happening in this sector?

without doubts

flooding the market with foreigners was an important decision in the Saudi market

when the government decided in the seventies to open the labor market for foreign workers

it was because the development projects at that time that accompanied the oil jump at that time

needed a great number of foreign workers

while many saudis were looking for governmental and professional private sector jobs

a handwork jobs under our hot sun and without a well-paid salary

is not a desirable work

what happened is cheap hand workers enter the market temporarily

but the truth is they never left

for so many reasons, listen to me for a little bit

Say It and Walk

first, the reasons that led us to bring foreigners at first place didn't change

hard work demand still on

while Saudis preferred the governmental jobs which has a good salary at that time

but all those jobs are under the sun e.g. building and road constructions and etc

anyway, second, because of the economic expansion at that time

we needed a hand workers to run factories and markets

some influential people, most of them from the royal family, found it

a gold opportunity to take advantage of this slavery sponsorship system

they use the visas system as a commodity

to buy and sell in the black market

with a specific price and its monthly income

this is so dangerous

imagine you were a businessman wanted to open a factory, and you need 1000 workers

and found yourself in a palace where you have to pay to millionaires for visas, an amount of money for each visa

so at the end you get the numbers of workers you needed

not only the corrupter visas dealer is the one who benefit from this

this same businessman is benefit from flooding the market with foreign workers, how?

because salaries depends on supply and demand rules, how?

this means the more workers you have, the less salary they will get

because competitive will get higher among workers

workers' salary in our economy reached 800 riyals

this means your costs will decreased, which means you will increase your profits

but this will effect whom? two groups

this poor worker who you are using it to increase your profits and the other one is Saudi's youths

who got fired from the private sector because of this low salary

even if you are a patriotic businessman and feels responsible of your own people

you can't trained and hired them with well-paid salary

Why? because it will cost you more then your competitors

who relies on foreign workers

tomorrow or the day after it, they will get you out of the market and declare bankruptcy

do see how one corruption leads to another?

the truth is not only the market conditions is the reason for not hiring Saudis in private sector

many businessmen have a negative opinion about their people

you find someone who honestly tells you

honestly, I don't want to saudize the jobs right now

I don't have time for Saudization right now

this way of thinking was prevalent

and still widespread, the question is, did you provide a decent job for citizens?

with a salary to live? and found his productivity became less?

or did you put him in a competition with cheap salary hand workers? in a job with a salary like your face?

and mad from his performance, as a businessman you suppose to understand him, he was born on this land

with a black gold under it

and he can't benefit from it, a person feels stolen and played

of course he will not give his best efforts

unless he feels appreciated and given a salary that met his expectations

what is so important now, after unemployment's problem escalated

and became a political and social threat

the Royal court finally decided to approve rules and policies

in an attempt to correct the problem, but until now the efforts success is limited

how? first, it will be hard for Saudis' businessmen to hire their own people and increase his prices in bad situations

second, after 50 years of total dependence on foreign workers

and getting Saudis out of the labor market

there is no one who could do the foreign workers kind of jobs

the problem, as you can see, has many complicated dimensions

now it became a dangerous problem to handle it

because of many years of corruption and unsuccessful planning

the cause of complication is due to different ways used to solve this issue

the government way is to fix the market gradually

to save it from breakdown and cause economic problems

while others think that it needs a radical, fast and powerful solution

one of those was the deceased abo Salah

Jamal called in his book (the Occupation of Saudi Market)

to sending away the foreign workers as fast as possible

even if it leads to an economic chaos

because he thought the consequences of sending away foreign workers less gruesome than being jobless for many years

May God gives you strength, first Jamal is the Saudi market is really occupied?

yes, the Saudi market is occupied

the solution of unemployment is to send away as much as we can of foreign workers

from Saudi market

even if it leads to wake up one day

and found the bakery shop and supermarkets closed

and the laundry shop, this is the solution

ministry of labor tries to increase the foreign workers costs

but it will take a long time

the solution I suggest is to work fast

in many ways to send away as much as we can from Saudi market

but you have noticed that we are talking about jobs that doesn't need certificates

let's talk about graduated people, 8% of men are unemployed

and more than 35% of women are unemployed

20% percent of them specialized in engineering, 20% of them

specialized in natural and computer sciences

30% specialized in business

while 30% of unemployed women specialized in social sciences

what is the problem here?

the problem is the private sector's jobs that requires medium and high qualification

is occupied by foreign workers

for example, we all know that IT jobs in Saudi Arabia are occupied by Indian engineers

about 300,000 engineers

those jobs are complicated

and demand a missing qualifications in Saudis whether those who are looking for jobs

or those who are already employed

here come the government job and how it spends the money

instead of trillions spent on arming, Yemen war, stealing, pumpkin, yacht and bullshit

is was better if they spent it on a huge training program

for example, like the scholarship program

to prepare Saudi men and women

for jobs that required high training and specialized skills

so the Saudis who work under foreigners in IT for example

or finance or other complicated jobs

will have the opportunity to go board and get professional training certificates

to qualify him to occupy the position and provide a job for another one to work under him

and so on, until we find jobs for unemployed

who can't find anything now

those radical solution requires public and governmental commitment

to start a huge national project

to correct 50 years of corruption, stealing and dumb policies

not blaming a minister of labor who can't do nothing

I don't know how do you understand our regime and how it works!

but the ministries could not do a lot

legislation, policies and controlling the market and economy

and spending money in huge national projects

all take place in the Royal court

with minister of finance coordination

you want to blame someone, blame the correct people

to put your hands on the wound, to know where is the wallow

to figure out where to fingered

instead of disastrous situations in the labor market


fresh freedom

many twitters finished their tweets with this phrase

describing some naughties

who committed some excesses

in last entertainment gathering

the funny and shame thing

and crying thing

is describing the entertainment events freedom

as they know nothing of freedom except for dancing and shaking freedom

if this is the desired freedom

why did people in Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Bahrain, Iraq and finally Lebanon revenge?

didn't they have dancing freedom in their countries?

did they get enough with festivals and dance clubs?

or they went out to demand all kinds of freedom?

in US, in enslavement time

the farmer and fields owners force the slaves to dance every week

to start their week actively

so they work for more time

what happened?

people revenge

and became free one day and believe that freedom of dance

is not enough to raise civilizations


this is my word I say it and walk away, see you soon, be free


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