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Hi and welcome to my channel!

Today I will do my make up with makeup products

that I bought from Jumbo

The previous week I went to Jumbo of Alimos

and I got everything!

If you haven't watch the previous video which is a huge Jumbo Haul

somewhere here will be appeared the link of the video

go and watch it! And then return to this video

to do the makeup with products

I bought from Jumbo the previous week


I have to tell you this

I searched the whole shop

I searched every single makeup product

I couldn't find a pencil for the eyebrows

I have watched from other videos that

there are brow pencils at Jumbo generally

which is

a "black" one which looks red on the brows

Unfortunately I didn't find it, so

my brows will stay like it and they will not be red today

Let me inform you that my brows are made by benefit products

Somewhere here will be appeared the link

from the video I made so you can see

how I make my brows with benefit products

These products will be the only ones that will not be from Jumbo

And let's start!

I will start with a palette I got from Jumbo

this one

which has eye shadows and

highlighter, blush and contour!

Let's open it!

Btw, it is from the brand "Ushas"

Something like that anyway..

Let's open it!

They closed it soooo well, it's hard to open it

It's a very nice palette

It has many eye shadows and products for the face

I think I will start with the eyes

as I do usually, and then the face

I will start with a lighter color

this soft pink

wow it is pigmented

and I didnt add any base for the eye shadow

it also doesnt have fall out *impressed*

it looks more like brown than pink

but nevermind


i continue with a darker one

it is very nice!

I couldn't imagine it

now I will add the darker pink

these eyeshadows are very pigmented

with no fallout

it's nice!

let's put some here too

so pigment

I love it

I am sure that I am going to use this palette more often

When I bought it I though it would be just for one time,

just for the video

I left this spot on the center

so we can make an experiment, to try this one

the lighter color, the beige

it's the time to find out

wow it is pigment

it is so pigmented


I will totally use this palette!

Couldn't imagine it!

It costed just 4,99 euros


Now I am curious for the highlighter!

which is so light as well

Well, time for blending!

So nice! I will do the other eye and I return

I am back with both eyes ready

and now it is mascara's turn!

I got a mascara

which is mascara at the one side, and eyeliner at the other side

so let's apply first the eyeliner

and then the mascara, and let's see!!!

So here is the eyeliner,

and it is so liquid

I was afraid for that

with a plastic brush....I was also afraid for that too

Let's see, I will try my best!


it is kinda thick

it is thick but ok!


I will do the other eye and I come back!

I am done with the other eye

and as you can see

the lines are almost the same

ok, this is not a bad eyeliner!

I don't remember its price (2,99)

you can see the video from the store,like the previous video

so you can see the prices

it was cheap

and it has both eyeliner and mascara

I wanna see how it will be later

as I can see it's very nice

and very stable!

I couldn't believe it would be stable that plastic thick brush

i am sure i am going to keep it and use it

let's try the mascara

at the moment I am impressed by jumbo products

oh it is very thick

let's see

stuck?? oh ok unstuck!

after 100 layers

I can say that the mascara

is not what I hoped to be

it's not the worst mascara I have ever used

but not the best too

let's do the other eye and see you after 100 layers

this was the best I could do after

150 layers

for the mascara I can say a huge no

for the eyeliner a big yes, I like it

and it feels good, i like it

I forgot to tell you that the eyeliner-mascara is

from the brand Moda

there are many moda products at Jumbo

let's continue with makeup


there was not a big variety, there were only two

both of the from Victoria, in two shades

so I got the lighter one

the Ivory, I think this is my shade

from the two huge choices I had

they have a "huge" variety in makeup products

and I don't have any idea how it will look like

I think it will be ok, let's see

oh wow

it has this aluminium foil that the tooth pastes have

Good quality

And let's put a lot to enjoy it

omg guys! the smell is so bad!

like chemical..

a bit disgusting

it stinks!!!

omg what I put in my face!

I hope tomorrow I will not wake up with red spots on my face

I put a lot :/

it really smells chemical!

it smells petrol oil

let's apply it

i will use my brush for this

and after that i have to wash it!

its not that bad

if we forget the fact that it stinks

it is ... make up!

after some time you get used of the bad smell

this is a positive. you put it, it stinks

and then you get used of it

it has a good coverage

do you like it?

i like it

feels good on my skin

it's not oily or dry

and now I dont smell it

i think i have put so much

and the shade is a big success

now another thing.. it didnt have compact powders..


i think it needs a powder

I will add one I have

because it glazes

but i like how it feels

it doesn't feel heavy

and it has big coverage

from me this makeup

although it stinks

I don't know what petrol oil it has inside

it is a good choice

for its cost

it's time for powder

now it is amazing!

it doesn't glaze

it's amazing

no smell

it is the most coveraged makeup i have

i love the result

I am impressed

now let's do contour

from this palette

I will use this one

it's so nice!

I can't believe it!

these are products from Jumbo??

I thought that they were the worst

I couldn't trust them at all

it's so nice!

i thought it was very light

but for contour to me at least and with this makeup

it is so good

blush's turn!

i am so curious

this one

i will add a little bit at first ,maybe it is too pigmented too

yes it is

so nice!

and now.. highlighter!

that I was looking forward to seeing!

First under the eye brow

Do you see that???

so pigmented!!!


I think I will buy makeup products from Jumbo!

let's see!!


look at this glow!

do you see that?

omg! what amazing palette is that??

ok it is unbelievable

I dont know if you can see that on the camera

what a thrill for this highlighter!


just amazing

now nose!

omg what glow!

I can't believe what I am living now!

well, it's an amazing palette! I LOVE IT!

i think it costed 4,99, go and buy it!!!

now let's apply a lipstick

I got from moda again, this one, in the shade 04

I though it was more pink, but it is more brown

but nevermind

it's a nice shade , not bad


it smells nice

smells like a nice lipstick

i like it

to sum it up!

i'll rate now!

this palette gets 10/10, I am so happy

with both the shadows and the products for the face

so 10/10

Next! Makeup foundation..

i will give it a 8/10

just for the stink at first which you get used of it soon

I have also a concern

if it is bad to use it

because it stinks

I don't know what chemicals it has and if it has petrol oil or no

but I think I might use it

for something fast and everyday stuff I may use it

I like it

how it feels

and it has a good coverage

so this one gets 8/10


from moda, mascara and eyeliner..

5/10 because

i will use only the eyeliner

the mascara sucks

if I was rating only the eyeliner

I would give 10/10 because it is easy to apply

at first I though I wouldn't like it

but it rocks

and last but not least, the lipstick

which is.. where?

oh here it is

the lipstick gets a..


and that because I haven't used it for a long to see how it will be

but I like it because it feels moisturized on my dry lips

so it gets 9/10

and I like the color too, gz to me for the choices

that was the video for today, I hope you enjoyed it

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what is your opinion about the Jumbo products

if you have ever bought makeup products from there

if you suggest me to use them again

if you liked the result

i think i liked it, and I am sure that some of the products

I may use them again

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That's it for today

see you next week, many kisses and have fun!

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