Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HP Tango Smart Home Printer | HP Tango | HP

Difficulty: 0

Today is gonna be a big day.

Are you ready?

Ugh... I said... TODAY is gonna be a...

Wait, what? Oh, I'm already late.

Okay, so you can print from your bed.

But what happens if you forget?

Whaatt, you can print from outside your home?!


Just give me a second.

Wait, where are you going?

What's going on?

How is that possible?

She's not even in the same building.

Hold on - there's no Wi-Fi. You can't print from there.

Of course I can.

And from here, here and here.

-And he can too. -I can?

Okay, so everybody can print from anywhere.

But what if you run out of ink?

Not gonna happen.

So, we're finished?

What? We're just getting started.

Let's do it!

Are you scanning?!

That's kind of impressive.

Now that's impressive.

That's what they all say.

Okay, back to where that came from.

But whatever you're doing, is gonna take forever.


Now what? Uh-oh

Hey Google, print coloring pageslots and lots of coloring pages.

Introducing the HP Tango.

Finally, a printer ready for today.

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