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I'm going to mount this at my desk.

So that everybody knows...

...that I'm a swordsman.


All right, I learned on the last episode of the v-log, that...

Ellie is highly deficient in many key areas-

-for protecting me, her boss, in the event of an apocalypse.

And, we determined that one of the things we had to...

...shore up as quickly as possible was her weapon smithing skills, because-

-in the 'pocalypse, you really don't know what you're going to have just... laying around, you can't rely on that...

We have to have the ability to craft our own weapons.

-and by "we", I mean *her*.

*sword noises*

B: I'm Burnie. || G: I'm Greg.

B: Hey, very nice to meet you.

G: Nice meeting you.

G: So, we're gonna cast some swords tonight.

B: We are going to cast some swords.

We will never be caught sword-less ever again, after this. We'll have no excuses, at least.

It was too short notice to find an actual... like, blacksmith - but I found a remote sword casting guy...

B: Who's an actual blacksmith!

Yeah... I'm actually a casting guy, so... it's more about-

-it's foundry work.

E: And that's what I said. || B: You'll be casting.

E: Yeah.

E: It's really heavy.

This is it. This is going to become my sword.

B: So this is the FORGE, is that correct?

G: It's actually a FOUNDRY. I called it a forge for a long time, but-

-to be technical, it's called a foundry and really, the difference between a foundry and forge is...

A forge is...

...horizontal. So you, like - put a sword or whatever inside it-

-and just kind of lay it in there to get heated in one spot.

And a foundry is... oriented vertically, because you're melting something to a liquid.

B: How hot will it get?

G: Bronze melts at about 2000°F.

B: Wow. || G: It gets crazy hot.

B (laughing): What does pavement melt at?

G: ...

B: We'll find out. || G: I will find out. We'll find out, yeah.

G: So, the flame just goes in... through the bottom here-

-and it kinda swirls around it, and then I'm going to be putting the bronze in a crucible and melting it in a crucible.

Some of you figured out when you watched the v-log last week...

The list of... skills that I asked Ellie if she had was actually just a list of the upgradeable skills-

-from the game 7 Days to Die, so...

Foundry, crucible... if you're playing along at home, just play 7 Days to Die.

It'll be - pretty much - the same experience.

G: So there it is, there's our crucible that we're gonna be using.

B: Which we gonna be using to melt the bronze.

G: Yeah, when we see it next time, it's just gonna be glowing this insane orange-yellow color. It's really awesome.

I've been doing blacksmithing for about 20 years, so you actually did find a blacksmith tonight.

We're just not doing blacksmithing tonight.

E: That's fine.

G: So, a Bronze Age swordmaker would have been very unimpressed watching-

-a blacksmith make an iron sword.

E: Why?

G: Because, this is so much faster.

E: Oh, really?

G: Yeah... you think about, like - making a complex sword like this? The fact that we're going to make two of them in a night... kind of wild because a blacksmith sword... you're pounding every little bit of it-

-you know? And having to shape it from just a piece of rod stock or something... and really a much longer process.

G: Okay, so now we're gonna start packing it down, and that's what I brought *these* for.

These are big chunks of aluminium.

It's kind of like, when you're working with concrete-

-so if you ever see somebody, like - putting in a sidewalk or something, they do *this* - actually, which is called 'screeding'.

G: All right, so we're ready for you to do yours-

E: Okay!

G: -and catch up to that point.

E: Premier Sand.

B: I'm gonna moosh.


E: Now, bosh it down?

G: Yep. || B: Give it a bosh?

E: Oooh, it's fun.

G: Little harder than that.

E: Well, I'm scared.

B: You worried at all?

P: Am I worried? || B: Yeah.

P: Nah. I trust her.

E: -but I'm scared.

P: How do you keep the sand from melting?

G: That is a great question.

B: Is it? Is it a great question?

We do not have to keep the sand from melting because bronze melts at 2,000°F.

P: What's sand melt at?

Sand melts - more like 2500°F.

B: What's the difference in degrees on that?


P: Give or take. Give or take! || B (laughing): That was way too long of a pause between the 5 and the hundred.

P (laughing): Give or take.

G: All right, so if I did everything right...

We will pull this apart now...

G: And - this doesn't work every time...

E: Oh, God.

G: But - worked that time. Look at that! || B: Great.

G: So, that actually looks really nice.

B: Nice!

B: Look at that!

G: Well done.

E: So now you can take the wood out... and the two together will form the hollow.


B: I dunno how you get that out, though. || G: It's for making a sword-shaped hole in the sand.

E: He's just gonna pull it out.

B: That seems like the most (?) part of this whole thing. LOOK AT THAT!

G: Yeah.

B: Like a pro!

G: So now, I'm scooping a hole in the back here, so that - this is where we're gonna pour the bronze in.

E: Need to keep, like - a... Nathan-Drake-style scrapbook of all this information.

B: Oh? So I'm gonna find it. Best to commit it to memory.

B: There you go.

G: Now it goes back in the alignment... pins in the holes like *that* -

And that one's good to go.

G: Okay, so now I shake that, and I'm gonna shake yours out too.

E: You're gonna shake it?

G: Yeah.

B: ???

G: You did a great job with that, that's terrific.

E: How strong? It's pretty strong, right?

We're about to melt metal in a... bowl and foundry, and pour it - *bubble noises* - into these little molds we just made out of sand.

B: There we go. That's our little... bronze bar.

G: Ingot.

B: An ingot?!

G: It's gonna be, like - super glowing... and you will be able to feel this, 10 feet away, like - you can be standing...

...10 feet away from here, and when I lift it out, you can feel it radiating at you - like it's...'s really amazing.

E: I'm sweatin'.

G: Yeah, yeah - exactly.

E: It is the Eye of Sauron!

G: I'd like you to wear glasses for this next part.

E: -and that's just safety.

G (to P): You're good.

(to anonymous 4th): You need somethin'.

So... safety first.

Or, in this case... Step 8.




E: That is SO cool.

Here it goes!



G: So, we're gonna come up right here... and the bronze is still glowing-

-so if we're quick, we might see a glowing khopesh.

G: Here we go.

There it is.

B: So, start to finish - like, in a pinch you could use *that*.

Like, that could be...

That's... I mean, handle's really just for your own luxury.

So, start to finish, how long was that whole process?

We started at... about... 7:30? Probably?

So, we - two hours.

B: Two hours. We got to... fully loaded.

All right, so we just finished day one of the sword casting...

...and we start again tomorrow at 7AM

E: 7AM! || B: For...polishing and finishing.

B: Ooooh!

That's bright.

All right, so it is now...

YON o'clock in the morning-

Ellie is now in the process of sanding her sword-

-giving a nice polish on the parts that are gonna show outside the handle...

Greg said it's gonna take about - probably two hours, so...

I'mma go rest in my office.

I'm just gonna go...nap.


So, I've done most of the sanding of the actual sword sides, out here...

You can see that it's all shiny now.

B: Yeah, shiny!

-Now more of an edge to it...

...and now I'm just getting in all these little, like-

-detailed circular bits, because... yeah.

*machine activates*




E: So just, wipe this on?

E: Oooooh.

E: Oh my gosh...

E: It looks like... super legit.

B: Congrats, it's great. It looks great. E: Thank you.

B: Congratulations.

E: I feel good about it.

E: Made...made a whole sword! || B: Look a that! Yesterday you had nothing, and now you have a sword!

E: We melted metal, into the shape that we built... create this sword.

B: And now, literally - you could kill... any life.

B: Within, like - a mile radius of here.

E: I dunno, it feels like I need a horse.

B: So *this* is Greg.

E: This is Greg. How can people find you, Greg?

G: So, I teach a sword casting class, an all-ages class.

I do it, one or two weekends a month.

My website is:

I'm located here, in Austin - though I've started travelling.

People want me to come? They just need to contact me through my website...

We create an event and people come.

In my - my all-ages class, we use aluminium.

It's a four hour class, and it's... $85.

And, the price is per sword cast, not per participant, so...

...sometimes I have two or three people from one family come, and they all experience that, and they just leave happy as anything.

E: There you go! || B: Awesome.

Wait, how long were you doing it today?

E: So, we got here at 7.

So, probably at 8? 8,9,10?

Oh my God.

B: Ellie just made a sword.

B: So... more and more people are becoming armed at the company.

That's terrifying.


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