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I am a Standard Poodle.

But there is nothing standard about me!

I live at the marvelous and magical Poodle Resort & Spa with my really fun family.

I cant wait for you to meet them!

Theres Mommy and Daddy,

my sisters Lucy, Chloe, Susie and Rhonda

and our big brother Wolfgang the Cat.

Grandmama and Grandpapa live on the other side of our moat.

I run across the bridge whenever I want to visit them.

The Poodle Resort & Spa is so much fun!

There are trails where we hike and bike.

A tennis court for chasing balls.

And a golf course with lots of grass and sand.

We have a sunshine deck on our roof.

It has a twisty slide we ride all the way down to the moat.

Do you like my snazzy bathing suit?

I wear it when we swim and ride boats in the moat.

When it gets cold, the moat freezes and we ice skate.

I decorated my skates with pom-poms. Just like the one on my tail.

For most of my life, I was like any dog.

I ran.

I played.

I ate.

I snoozed.

But a few years ago, everything changed.

I got sick with a very rare disease.

I am all better now, but the disease made me blind and deaf.

That means I cannot see or hear anything.

It was scary at first.

I had to learn how to do everything differently.

I worked really hard.

And, I had to practice, practice, practice.

But, guess what?

I discovered that I CAN DO ANYTHING!

The other day, Chloe and I were playing in Grandpapas Butterfly Garden.

Thats when the caterpillars hatched.

It tickles!” I squealed, grinning from ear to ear.

Margaux cannot see them, but she can feel how tiny they are,” Grandpapa said.

He put another baby caterpillar on my tummy.

Their itty bitty legs made me giggle and giggle!

A butterfly landed on my nose.

Got it!” Chloe said, snapping my photograph.

I didnt think it was possible,”Grandpapa said. “But Margauxs grin just got bigger.”

I guess Grandpapa could not smell the cinnamon yet.

Thats the real reason my grin grew!

When my eyes and ears stopped working, my sniffer got super-duper strong.

I smelled the cinnamon all the way from Grandmamas kitchen!

The smell got closer.

Chloes sniffer twitched. “Im getting hungry,” she said.

Just then, Grandmama came outside.

She had a plate of cinnamon cookiebones. Yummy delicious!

Chloe and I circled her legs, our sniffers in the air and our pom-pom tails wagging to and fro.

Grandmama laughed.

I just took these out of the oven. They need to cool."

"Round up your sisters and meet us at your house."

"Theyll be ready to eat when you get there.”

I sniffed the air and smelled Susie and Rhonda.

To the golf course!” I barked.

Chloe and I ran to get our little sisters.


I tripped and flipped and fell in the sand trap.

Our castle!” Susie cried. “Oh, no!”

You wrecked our castle!” Rhonda wailed.

Im sorry!” I said, shaking the sand from my blonde curls. “It was an accident. I will help fix it.”

Rhonda put her nose in my face. “Go away!” she said. “You ruined it!”

Chloe pushed between us. “Margaux is blind,” Chloe growled.“She could not see your silly castle.”

Our castle is not silly!” Rhonda said, stomping her paws. “Not silly! Not silly! NOT SILLY!”

Whats wrong?” Lucy asked. She was out of breath from running.

I heard you all the way at the tennis court. Did somebody get hurt?”

Our castle got hurt,” Susie said.

Margaux crashed into it,” Rhonda howled. “She ruined it!”

We can fix it,” Lucy said, picking up a shovel.

The castle is so pretty! I love how you decorated it with the necklaces Grandpapa made for you!”

I felt the rumble of thunder far, far away.

I knew it would scare my sisters when it got closer.

I did not want them to be afraid, so I said,

Lets go home. Grandmama made yummy delicious cookiebones for us.”

My sisters screamed!

Chloe shivered and said, “Margaux, you are so lucky you cannot see the lightning!

"It looks like a giant spider web.”


I felt the thunder boom from my topknot to my toes.

Run!” Chloe yelled.

We raced home.

My sisters ran fast because they were scared.

I ran faster because I wanted a cookiebone!

Mommy and Daddy met us at the back door with lots of towels.

Oh, no!” Susie screeched. “We forgot our necklaces!”

You can get them after the storm,” Chloe said.

No!” Rhonda cried. “We need them NOW!”

Do you want to wear mine?” asked Lucy. “Grandpapa made it, too.”

NOOOOOOOO!” Rhonda wailed. “It says Lucy! My necklace says Rhonda!”

I threw down my towel.

I am not afraid,” I said. “I will get the necklaces.”

My family watched in awe as I ran out the door.

I used to be afraid of thunder.

I knew it was just noise and could not hurt me.

But I still hid under the bed.

Now that I am deaf, I like the vibrations thunder makes.

It feels like music and makes me want to dance.

I jumped and twirled through the wet grass.

When I smelled the sand trap, I slowed down.

I did not want to crash into their castle again.

My sniffer found the necklaces.

I put them on and ran home.

Bow-Wowie Kazowie!” I sang, diving through the Poodle Door.

Margaux, you are decorated like a Christmas tree!” Daddy teased when he saw all the necklaces I was wearing.

I shook the water from my hair and sprayed Wolfgang the Cat.

Knock it off, Blondie!” he hissed.

That made my sisters giggle!

Everyone cheered, “YAY Margaux! You saved the day!”

Susie and Rhonda pounced on me and gave me lots of kisses.

Im sorry I was mean,” Rhonda said. “When I get big, I want to be like Margaux.”

Chloe blew into her trumpet, “Da Da Dah Dah!”

She announced, “Cookiebones for the Awesome and Amazing Margaux!”

Yummy delicious!

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