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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bastards Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Owen Wilson Movie

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look at this poor guy we're not picking up a hitchhiker he could very easily be

a serial killer and I don't want to be late to mom's wedding

hey at least we got a nervous Nellie here so this is gonna sound like a funny

question but are you a serial killer

I am NOT a serial killer you just emphasize the word cereal you're still

not saying I promise I'm not a killer we'll give you a ride but..

those aren't too tight are they, almost kill you, can't kill you. I probably should have told you long ago that

I made up all those stories about your father

ok what that he died of colon cancer i'm not sure who your father was I spent my

whole life trying to honor his memory

this means I sarod ass holes for a living because of a fictional man's

colon cancer could you fit into plastic surgery or something less butt related

he's out there find that lets do it mom actually dated Terry Bradshaw do you

remember woman named Helen Baxter talk about a blast from the past

she had the tightest ass you've ever said

and a set of knockers mall damn near cost us the Super Bowl whose Roland hunt

you guys are living Baxter's kids so what are you doing here meaning for your

sons, you're our dad

There is no way those jackasses are my kids they look like a couple of Dickheads

He runs hot just like you

It sounds like you had an awful day, Go Go Go Go STOP!!! What was that?

Ahhh I think it was a person.

And yet.... An amazing day

are you ready for me

why don't you just stop this foolishness

who your father is or isin't is totally irrelevant

we almost got killed, no we just had one the best adventures of our lives, no we didn't

hey guy's my negro spider senses is tingling it's not so trained

That is a Train!

Bastards, Does the name Helen Backthrough ring a bell

It does more than ring a bell Oh Ron woman was like a dick whisper what makes you think

about Helen Baxter she's our mom

all we did was cut

Are you ready for me

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