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I've been researching the top foods that

have anti-cancer effects and today I'm

going to share with you what I found.

Hi. I'm Nikki, The Truth Fairy from and I'm here to help

you find your way to heal cancer.

So we all know that eating healthy foods

is good for us, right? But did you also

know that diet can play a really

important role in preventing and healing

cancer? What you put in your mouth three

times a day can be really significant.

"Okay," you say, "Great. What do I actually

eat?" Well I set out to find the answer to

that question and to put together a list

of the top anti-cancer foods for you.

During the course of my research I found

over 50 foods that have anti-cancer

properties and there's probably more

than that as well. But I've narrowed it

down to the top 25 foods with

anti-cancer effects that came up over

and over in the course of my research.

And I've put all of these foods together

in one massive article for you that

lays out in detail for each food: what

their anti-cancer effects are so that you can

see how they have their effect and

what the impact is on your body, with

links to the relevant research; the best

ways to use them so you can maximize those

anti-cancer effects; things to be aware

of so you don't fall into the traps,

the common traps for each of these foods;

how I eat these foods that you can see

how an "everday" person might incorporate

these foods into their diet on a daily

basis; and links to recipes that I've

gone through and selected based on how

clean the ingredients are, on how simple

the recipes out, and how delicious the

recipes look, so that you can get going

adding more of these anti-cancer foods

to your diet quickly and easily. So

without further ado let's get to the

list, and in no particular order here are

the top anti-cancer foods that I found.

1. Garlic

2. Onion

3. Leeks

4. Chives, spring onions and scallions

5. Broccoli

6. Brussels sprouts

7. Cabbage

8. Cauliflower

9. Kale

10. Spinach

11. Rocket, also known as arugula

12. Raspberries

13. Blueberries

14. Cherries

15. Other berries including blackberries

strawberries, boysenberries and cranberries

16. Beetroot

17. Tomatoes

18. Carrot

19. Sweet potato

20. Celery

21. Asparagus

22. Apples

23. Mushrooms

24. Brazil nuts and

25. Flaxseed

So, those are my top 25 anti-cancer

foods that you can eat every day to help

prevent and heal cancer. Check out the

full article for more details on each of

the foods and how you can start using

them in your diet and what effects they

can have on cancer. I'll put a link to

the article in the description of this

video. I hope you found this video useful.

Check out my next video to continue

activating your body's natural

ability to heal.

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