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What is up guys and welcome back to another Classic WoW video!

So a couple of days ago I made a video about Fresh Classic Servers for Classic WoW as we

suddenly got a Phase 1 build appearing on the Classic Era Public Test Realm, highly

indicating a new fresh server coming for Classic WoW.

We also had a survey sent out by Blizzard a couple of months ago regarding changes we

would like to see in an upcoming Fresh Start Server for Classic WoW, showing that they

were indeed thinking about it, and this popping up on the Classic Era PTR is another huge

indicator of Fresh Start Servers for Classic WoW.

Now, it's not confirmed yet, but it's pretty much confirmed, as there is a 99.999 times

infinity chance of Fresh Servers coming, the only question is WHEN are they coming, and

based on Phase 1 being tested again on the PTR, I think it's fair to say they are coming

sooner rather than later.

So with that being said I want to make a video talking about my primary concerns for Fresh

Servers in Classic WoW and things I really think Blizzard needs to adjust or fix before

even concidering adding a Fresh Start Server.

Now before I talk about my concerns, I also want you guys to list your concerns in the

comments down below, because my concerns are highly dependant on how I choose to play the

game, so you guys might have entirely different opinions than I do on the subject, so feel

free to let me know in the comments!

Concern number one is Mage Boosting.

This is a major concern for me for several reasons, but I think the two biggest reasons

is the fact that if Mages continue being as strong in a Fresh Server environment as they

were in Classic WoW, everyone that cares about goldmaking is almost forced to level a mage,

and a lot of those people will also feel forced to level a Mage as their first character because

of how strong they are early on, being able to farm 50-100 RAW gold per hour inside instances,

then add the boosting element to it down the line and they are literal goldmaking machines.

The second point is that Mage boosting straight up kills the vanilla-feeling, atleast for

me, because when I think of Vanilla, I think of a thriving world where people are out in

the open world doing quests, grouping up to do dungeons together, killing elites for group

quests in the open world, and Mage Boosting straight up ruins literally every part of


With Mage Boosting available and being such a meta way to level up your character, it

invalidates so much of the leveling process in terms of questing, which makes the old-world

feel less alive, because everyone is AFK inside dungeons instead of being outside questing

and socializing.

I also really enjoy actually doing the dungeons of Classic WoW normally, and the boosting-meta

makes it so much more difficult to find people to do normal dungeons with, because once again

a huge chunk of people that are leveling are spending their time AFK inside dungeons getting


Mage boosting is bad for the economy of the game, and it's bad for the game itself as

it makes the game feel less inviting to new players and it also makes it feel less alive,

because you see way less people outside in the open world.

On top of all of this I just don't think it's natural that one class can pull literally

hundreds of mobs, I mean there is a 200+ mob pull in Maraudon, and mages can pull all of

those mobs AND solo them, which I just don't think is fair to any other class, as it creates

a power-barrier between the classes where Mages literally feel like the biggest most

bad-ass shark in the ocean, where any other class feel like the world's smallest fish

in that same ocean.

Now, how would this be fixed, you ask?

Well I've come up with a couple of solutions, I'm not sure which is the best one, but let's

give it a shot: Solution number one is you can remove the

Magical Resistance Talent and the Clearcasting Talent on the Arcane Side.

Many of these Mage Boosts in Classic WoW rely on either one of these talents, usually the

Magical Resistance Talent which gives you mana back every time you resist a spell, which

is why Mages Boosting Maraudon usually stacked Nature Resistance Gear, and Mages boosting

Scarlet Monastery usually stacked Frost Resistance Gear.

Now, even without resistance, mages could use the Clearcasting talent to simply fish

for Clearcasts then use a max rank Blizzard, so in order to fix the situation, Blizzard

would have to remove both these talents.

Solution number two is that even with both those talents removes, Mages could stack enough

spirit and/or use Mana Potions to regain their mana over time to the point where they would

still be able to perform these boosts, in which case I would recommend another solution:

if 25 or more mobs are pulled together in one pull, their damage taken is reduced by


This could basically be looked at like a mythic+ affix, but the way it would work is that whenever

25 mobs pulled in one pull stand within close range of eachother, they take 99% less damage,

making them pretty much unkillable.

By having a number as huge as 25, this would still allow for some AoE pulls inside actual

dungeons and raids, but it would also limit people seeking to exploit pulling more than

25 mobs and it would straight up ruin Mage Boosting for good.

At this point I also expect this video to have been disliked by every Mage Main out

there as I'm doing what I can to ruin your goals of becoming millionaires by Boosting.

Now my second concern with Fresh Classic Servers in Classic WoW, is a concern I've had since

Classic WoW itself and I've been very vocal about it through Classic WoW and Classic TBC,

and I'm even more concerned about it in a Fresh Start environment for Classic WoW, and

that is botting.

I'm even more concerned about this for Fresh Classic than I have been for Classic WoW and

TBC Classic simply because I see how little Blizzard is doing to even try to combat botting

so far in Classic, it's absolutely ridicilous and I've seen private servers run by literal

donkeys being better at stopping botting behaviour.

And at this point, it's not because they don't know how bad botting is, and it's not because

they don't care, because I'm sure they do, but they don't care enough to stop it, because

they're making profit.

At this point I've made a collective 8 videos on botting so far, 4 in Classic WoW and 4

in Classic TBC, exposing bots inside specific dungeons and exposing bots in the open world,

and in Classic WoW I also made a video on how bots operated to farm Black Lotus.

And I'm not the only one, WillE also made videos on botting, Asmongold made videos on

botting or reacted to videos regarding botting, reddit posts were made with thousands of upvotes,

and after a HUGE public out-cry, we finally saw a huge banwave for bots, but we didn't

really see much after that, and for TBC Classic I've been keeping a close eye on bot-names

I have personally reported AND shown in my videos, and they are still not banned, despite

me exposing them and reporting them almost 2 months ago.

At this point I've spoke to several ex-bot-developers about why this hasn't been fixed, and the

only answers I can find is that Blizzard doesn't want it to be fixed.

Several of these ex-bot-developers have offered to help Blizzard fix it for free and been

rejected, and if Blizzard wanted to fix it, they could have.

They are a multi billion dollar company, not a small indie dev studio, regardless of the

multi dollar company meme.

So why hasn't this been fixed?

Well, it's because of the financial incentive.

They keep bots around, and they can ban them in smaller waves.

These bots come back, and especially for TBC Classic, they pay for that juicy level 58

boosts which provides cash straight into Blizzard's pocket.

Blizzard let's them farm enough gold and sell it to make a small profit, ban them, rinse

and repeat.

One bot buying the boost and getting banned then buying a new boost on a new account generates

the same revenue as one player playing the game for an entire year, and this bot can

generate that revenue in a day or two.

On top of all of this, if they ignore the botting problem until they release the WoW

Token into Classic WoW they can claim the WoW Token is implemented to stop botting which

is another justification for adding the WoW Token which again is financial incentive for

Blizzard not to fix botting until they actually implement the WoW Token, because the ONLY

way people will be okay with the addition of the WoW Token would be that it will either

stop botting, or atleast slow it down.

So those are my two MAJOR concerns about Fresh Classic WoW.

Mage Boosting I think can easily be fixed, and this one I have high hopes for.

Botting can also be fixed and stopped, but the question is will they do it this time?

I do not really have any high hopes for this one based on what happened with Classic WoW

and TBC Classic and that really makes me sad because I'm incredibly hyped for Fresh Classic,

I just want it to be bot-free.

If you did enjoy the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up to help push it into the

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Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you again very soon!

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