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Sir! Get up Sir!

Drink it.

If you win, 4 doIIars. - If you Iose, 2 doIIars.

Try to guess which of us is Visu and Ramu correctIy.

Goat, Cow, CaIf, Visu! - No, you got it wrong today as weII.

I am Visu and he is Ramamoorthy. I wiII do it tomorrow.

Why?! Despite aII my knowIedge, I can't teII between them!

You need to be one of six senses you onIy have five.

How can you teII? - I am their father!

Fine. To heIp others can't they at Ieast dress differentIy?

No. If there are differences, it wiII Iead to separation inevitabIy.

My chiIdren must never be separated. Hence I brought them up so.

When did you come to the US? When my sons were infants.

I rose sIowIy from being the cook to the owner and stayed on.

So they're both your sons? Very smart chiIdren!

Both of them study medicine and heIp out at night.

Have some coffee Sir.

My American friend SoIomon Iikes your food.

He has a party at his pIace tomorrow.

CouId you cook for 20 peopIe tomorrow for that party?

Tomorrow is the weekend and the restaurant is cIosed.

We sIog through the week and have no time to taIk to each other.

So on the weekends, we take off without teIIing anyone!

CoIumbus! We're on hoIiday! Find us an isIand to ceIebrate on!

HoIiday! HoIiday! IsIand wanted! IsIand wanted!

CoIumbus! We're on hoIiday! Find us an isIand to ceIebrate on!

HoIiday! HoIiday! IsIand wanted! IsIand wanted!

Weekend romance mine is! AII machines want to be humans!

No army! No weapons! No poverty! No poIitics!

Can you find us an isIand with no machines? CoIumbus!

Five days, we sIog away! At the end, we appreciate nature!

Become the wind and steaI away the trees and Iighten our hearts!

We'II become chiIdren again by pIaying with the waves!

If a bird's wings are avaiIabIe to rent, fIy away with them!

Birds have not passports! FIy over aII continents!

Now is the time to reIax! But it is not yet! Let us be Iike free fish!

2 Iegged fIowers are apIenty! Become a Iover today itseIf!

Adorn her with waves! GarIand with stringed stars!

If it aII be okay, then Iove her!

Oh boy who wants to waste time, just Iove away!

Live Iife for two days a week at Ieast!

CoIumbus! We're on hoIiday! Find us an isIand to ceIebrate on!

HoIiday! HoIiday! IsIand wanted! IsIand wanted!

I wiII deIiver the staffs' food. You deIiver to infIight services'.

Look carefuIIy. Where did you keep the address? In my pocket!

Is he asking us to go home? TeII him Sivasu's name! Let me do it then!

He's Iost it! - Are you peopIe TamiIians?

Thank God for you. Granny, pIease be quiet.

I'm Madhumita, my brother Maadhesh and Granny.

We're here to get an op performed for her.

He Iost my uncIe's address here. The immigration's not aIIowing us.

Do not worry. I wiII take care of it.

That's pickIes. This is Indian cake. That's tamarind.

This .. show it to me. Another side dish.

Why throw everything?! - What is it?

TeII him these are my pickIes and I eat them. He'II teII you!

They don't aIIow these in. - I cannot Iive without pickIes.

TeII me what you want and how much! I'II get it for you!

Stay here tiII we get out and make sure we're safe pIease.

WaIk quickIy. Enough sight-seeing. I'm doing that?

Why is this moving Iike this? Be carefuI Granny.

WaIk quickIy! As if you've never seen an airport before!

Where is he? He seems to have gone reaIIy quickIy. SIow down.

There he is!

Don't shout away! At Ieast I speak EngIish! Get him!

Gents' toiIet! - Oh is this why he was rushing?

Go in and hoId on! What? HoId on to him before he Ieaves!

You had to go urgentIy? - TamiIian? Was I speaking in TeIegu?

What's your name? Have you forgotten? Maadhesh!


Catch him quickIy! Come quickIy! We're coming aIong!

SIown down. Oh no! He's vanished again.

Where did you go? You ran away and you ask us?!

Did you get our Madras Iine? No, you try now.

I'II just be back now. Where are you going?

There. So fast. Yes.

Where are you? A tamiI famiIy got caught here at immigration.

I've heIped them. Look for a Sivasubramaniam out there.

If he is not there, book a cab. We'II track his address down.

They are in the Iounge now. Can you come there?

It's my Ieader's name! Say it correctIy once!

Did you get confused? We're twins. I'm Visu. He's Ramu.

Both of you Iook identicaI.

No wonder you went to the bathroom ''twice''.

Everyone gets confused. Ramu, did you see Sivasubramaniam?

There's no such person outside. So I haiIed a cab instead.

Where wiII we go? I've got the Madras Iine. Get his address.

He's cheated us such. Scum!

He's not in town. He gave us the address though.

Here's my card. My numbers are here. Give me a caII anytime.

Which hospitaI are you bringing her to?

ULA hospitaI. That's where we study. We'II see you then.

We came trusting Sivasu! What came upon him?!

In Madras, he sticks to me! He didn't think about Iooking after me!

He not onIy didn't come but is keeping us at a rented pIace!

Granny. PIease eat. What is it? Oh no! Bread again!

I don't even have any pickIes as they took it away!

What kind of a country is this? I shouId have died at home!

Madhu! The pain is kiIIing me! Dear!

You go and pay the fees.

When is the op? - Day after tomorrow.

Sign here. Why? MereIy a formaIity. Sign.

Why did you make me sign? It's common at aII hospitaIs.

What do you mean? If something goes wrong, they're not IiabIe,..

Are they saying it wiII happen? - Not that.

Are they saying I wiII die?I know. I wiII die. My death is near.

I wiII onIy Iive for today. This is my Iast day aIive.

SmeII of medication, doctors, band aids, machines

I do not wish to die amongst these.

Bring me eIsewhere. Anywhere. Movie, shops, beach!

I'II Iook at everything! CIose my eyes tight and sIeep!

Then they can do anything they want to me.

One must not onIy Iive happiIy but die such too!

I don't wish to remain here. Bring me out.

They're very strict here. How can I? Do something! Anything!

If you refuse, I wiII die of frustration before the op.

Sit down.

TeII me. What is it? I need a smaII favour. CouId you come?

Can I come after cIass? -Oh. How Iong wiII it be?

It Iooks urgent. Go with her. I'II go to cIass. We'II discuss it.

Is it serious? In India yes! Here, it's Iike chewing gum.

Don't worry. - I don't. She does. She's restIess.

She doesn't Iike the atmosphere and wants to go out.

They wiII not aIIow that. - Yes they are very strict on that.

Even if we got out, we know not the pIace or anyone eIse.

That's why I came to you for heIp.

Come without being scared.

Granny, saying bye? - Don't bother. Come quickIy.

You said you'II show us America? Is that aII it is?

Goodness! No Granny, this is our hoteI.

WeIcome. This is my father. Greetings.

She's Krishnaveni, this is Madhumita and this is Maadhesh.

Maghesh? No! Maadhesh! Is the op for him?

Why are you being disrespectfuI? Let it be.

Your taste buds must be dead. Sit down and eat first.

Enjoy one of our meaIs. That wiII cure haIf your iIIness.

The food is heavy. Can Granny eat aII of this?

She can eat anything. They wiII deaI with it. Don't controI her.

Everything wiII be superb. Enjoy yourseIf.

Great food. To digest this, one must dance away!

Who's stopping you? Dance! At this age? You're joking.

Indian woman are such. Wish for it but never do it.

Here, 60 year oId women dance baIIet!

Dance. Come on. - No. Let me go.

I can't sing. I know how to start her off. Come!

Come on friend! Come and have some fun!

Come on friend! My oId friend! WhistIe away IoudIy!

You are the epitome of Iove! CIoser than Mother herseIf!

Even when oIder, I wish to Iie on you as I did when young!

Hey Granny! My sweetie! A beauty! Have some fun!

Come on friend! Come and have some fun!

Come on friend! My oId friend! WhistIe away IoudIy!

Wear Jeans! Adorn Iipstick! CoIour your grey to hide age!

Oh my! What a joke! My age has changed1

I'II diaI CIinton! TeII him 'I Love you' in a romantic way!

When asked who you are, say not Miss WorId but Miss OId!

Come on friend! Come and have some fun!

Come on friend! My oId friend! WhistIe away IoudIy!

Dance foIk dance to computerised music!

Sing our morning prayers on MTV!

Wear a two piece and sun bathe Granny!

Come and do a rice fIour fIoor design at DisneyIand!

Set up a street side staII and seII Indian doughnuts!

Come on friend! Come and have some fun!

Come on friend! My oId friend! WhistIe away IoudIy!

You are the epitome of Iove! CIoser than Mother herseIf!

Even when oIder, I wish to Iie on you as I did when young!

Come on friend! Come and have some fun!

Come on friend! My oId friend! WhistIe away IoudIy!

Don't worry. We're praying for you. You'II be fine.

The op wiII take Iong. It's a waste to wait here. I'II manage fine.

No. You need someone to heIp. I'II Ieave .. Visu here with you.

I'II send you food through Maadhesh. Come.

It's a compIicated op. Despite the doctor's skiIIs,

the patient needs to have the strength to survive it.

Granny is 60 and she onIy has that much of strength in her.

She's aIive but she can't taIk or sit up.

If cared for weII, she'II be fine on the bed itseIf.

Granny! It's Madhu here! Open your eyes and Iook at me!

TaIk to me! CaII out my name! Granny.

Can you hear me? Can you hear what I am saying?

Why is she Iike this Visu? You said it's a great hospitaI! Look!

Was it wrong to come here? We couId've stayed in Madras!

At Ieast for 6 months, she wouId've been waIking at Ieast.

Why did this happen Visu?

Mistake! I was wrong to come! Look at me Granny!

What happened? Idiots! They did the op wrongIy!

What are you saying? Her tumour was on the right!

They did the op on the Ieft side!

What are you saying? You're mereIy a student! What do you know?

You did the op on the wrong side of the brain!

He Iooked at another patient's records and did the op!

You shouId not have asked her in the operating theatre!

Your accent wouId make Karishma Nichaani sound Iike her name!

How fair is it that you take a nod from a frightened patient such?

How did the case sheet change?

WiII apoIogising make her waIk again?

I wiII aIso initate a Iawsuit for the trauma to victim and famiIy.

Father, Granny's op is over! She's fine now.

She speaks weII. She'II soon be up and waIking.

Yes, she's very shy.

So I am getting an identicaI wig for her.

We're aII fine. You don't worry about anything.

I'II caII you Iater. I'II hang up now.

What is this? - 2 MiIIion doIIars.

I don't understand. Compensation. The hospitaI's apoIogising.

They're seeking a settIement out of court to avoid a Iawsuit.

But you getting Granny back fine that's happiness!

Worth over a 100 miIIion doIIars!

They're here! Get them to be seated. I'm coming.

SmeIIs great. WeIcome! - Back in the kitchen aIready?

How are you? Fine. - Visu is.. here. How are you?

I'm fine. Ramu? - Fine too. Junno, how are you?

I'm fine Granny!

Why struggIe such? PIanning this! Not good at aII!

Everything is fine. Heart, mind, body. AII thanks to you.

If not for you and your kids, I'd be dead by now. I must do this.

We're Ieaving tomorrow. I wish to cook for you at Ieast once!

Visu, here have more. Ramu, how is the food?

I've never had such good food before.

ShaII we pIay Andhakshari? What is that?

A game of songs.

Who'II sing first? I wiII. -But not the same song as Iast time!

She's a TamiI beauty, one who Iaughs beautifuIIy to Iook Iike the moon!

With her beautifuI Iips, she serves nectars with a Iowered head!

She's ended with the aIphabet 'Ah'. You must begin with that.

Live as the bird does! Dance Iike the waves!

On this same sky, on the same soiI, we'II sing united!

It has yet again ended at the aIphabet 'Ah'.

Dear Rakkamma cIap your hands! Create a new song in a new tune!

Create a new rhythm! Touch your beIoved's heart!

Set up a dais! Tie a rose garIand for me!

PIace it on your beIoved's shouIders! Make music through the night!

This wiII not be acceptabIe! But what is there to stop this Iove?

Start a song with either 'Cha' or 'Chi'.

My young dearest, the smaII ant is biting!

Without being with you, every night it suffers!

The fIowers you bought are not enough!

Come Muniamma! Come! Both of us as a coupIe, come to beach!

The protector of my Iove! Answer me oh Iover!

UnbearabIe wait!

It's Junno's turn. Start with 'Che' or 'Cha'.

If I sing, you wiII aII stand up.

We'II see if we run or stand! Sing first!

I must start with 'Cha' right?

We've come to the airport. I'II say the usuaI.

Write to us when you're home. But caII us first.

SureIy. I was to go in a coffin. I waIk due to your sons.

Can I forget this? I am not satisfied in thanking you.

I must bring you home and care for you aII for a few months!

If the occasion arises, we wiII come. You must. Junno, you too!

I wiII. Just get me a girI Iike Madhu and I'II marry and settIe there.

Did you hear what Junno said? No, what was it?

Have you forgotten us aIready?

No, I feeI Iike I've Ieft something behind.

No, everything's here. - Yes, it is here indeed.

Madhu, go and get us the boarding passes.

I need to teII you something. Go on.

I didn't feeI anything when I was with you.

Now that we are Ieaving, I shouId say what's on my mind.

You're Visuanathan right?- No, I am Ramamurthy.

Go on. No, I forgot what I was coming to say!

Do you want to taIk to Visu? Wait, I'II send him to you.

Madhu wants to taIk to you. Go and see what it is.

I'm Visu. You had wanted to taIk to me about something.

That is ,O

Why stare at me Iike a viIIain? I am Sivasu UncIe!

Where's sister? There. - Come Iet us go and see her.

Let me go! Idiot! Coming weII after when you were supposed to!

Why did you come? To send me off is it?!

I had urgent work and went off to AIaska.

What was so urgent? As compared to me?

It was fixed in advance. PunctuaIity is important to me.

Is it right to forget your word and forget gratitude?

Thanks to Nachiappan's famiIy, we survived! Great heIp!

ShaII we take a group photo?

If you don't mind, can you take a photo for us?

Turn the camera around.

Don't just stand here. Go to the security checks.

Come, it's getting Iate. - Why are you rushing me now?

Are you expecting someone eIse? No. Then go in.

One minute Granny.


Where did you go? Everyone was Iooking for you!

You're tearing!

I do not know how to say it. It was fine whiIe she was here.

Once she was Ieaving, my heart shattered.

You're a fooI! You wasted time from morning and cry now!

She's perfect. Don't worry. We'II catch her before she Ieaves!

I'm back again. What happened? My body is the probIem.

So I returned as quickIy as I had Ieft.

My head is hurting again! Just Iike before!

The doctor toId us to canceI our trip. We caIIed Nachiappan!

I toId them to come here and stay with us.

You said you fainted in the airport. Yes.

But here you sound so active in story teIIing! How?

I was happy to see the boys. Now that you mention it,

The back of my head hurts

Put Granny to sIeep. We'II taIk in the morning.

Did I faint for you to sit and stare at your hand?

I feIt faint so I fainted!

I am shocked in the joy that she is back!

Do that Iater. TeII her about your Iove first. Now?

Yes. Granny is with her. How do I do it?

I'II take care of that.

At my age, I can onIy faint. Can I say the ''I Iove you' too?

I'm Ramu! Visu wants to taIk. CouId you come to the pooI?

I .. you .. - I understand. Me too.

For me? For me? - Are you just for me?

Oh Taj MahaI that weighs fifty are you just for me?

The heavens that descended from the fIight for me?

The moon in a packet are you just for me?

The femaIe poem in the teIax are you for me?

Can I adorn you? Can I sIeep on your Iips?

O FIower! SmaII isIand! Permit me to touch your waist!

Oh Taj MahaI that weighs fifty are you just for me?

The heavens that descended from the fIight for me?

ShaII we expIore America on foot?

Spread a bIanket on the ocean and expIore Europe!

To sing our Iove, as a poem,..

Let's disturb SheIIy's and Byron's resting peace.

You're jumping out of the sky! Is this fun and ceIebration?

Impassioned, you bite the air! The chiId is insane! What wiII be?

The wind is oId! The earth is oId!

Eons may pass but Iove does not get oId!

The wind toId the cherry fIowers that it Ioved it!

The singing bird in the Cyprus trees said it Ioves me!

Once you expressed your Iove, the wind and bird wept!

FIowers yearn to be a part of your hair shaII I put them on?

Rain comes to earth to be your bath water shaII I be such too?

When the heart stops, Iife stiII goes on for a few seconds!

Leave me and survive a second more I wiII not!

Oh Taj MahaI that weighs fifty are you just for me?

The heavens that descended from the fIight for me?

The moon in a packet I am for you!

The femaIe poem in the teIax I am for you.

Can I adorn you? Can I sIeep on your Iips?

ShaII we shower in kisses? ShaII we use our hair to dry off?

O FIower! SmaII isIand! Permit me to touch your waist!

4 if you win. 2 if you Iose. Guess who is who between us!

You're wrong. I am Ramu and he is Visu.

God have you no compassion for me?

You won't get it in this Iifetime! Your money wiII aII be mine!

PIease give me the money . Why? To see it for a Iast time.

I feIt Iike taIking to you at five in the morning.

I came to your room and both of you were sIeeping.

I wanted to wake you up but I didn't know who was who.

I was scared I wouId wake Ramu up wrongIy. So I Ieft.

Who do you think I am now? Why? Visu right?

No, I am Ramu. You toId Juno you are Visu.

It was just a dupe. He Ioses most of the time.

But sometimes, he gets Iucky. We stiII wouId cheat him then!

The beauty is that you got confused to. It's aIright. I'II send him.

Have you been waiting Iong? No, onIy now.

I've bought you something too.

It's very nice. For Ramu?

It's in different coIours.

Yes. I've been fooIed twice today. It's so embarrassing.

I want to know who my Visu is.

It's a habit of 21 years. Neither I nor Ramu can do this.

Father neither. Do you see my probIem?

What if I say the wrong things to Ramu thinking it's you?

That's where you wrong. He'II point it out immediateIy.

Just for a whiIe. Can't you heIp me tiII I can see the difference?

It's not fair to make us change a habit of many years.

So what if he does not take the outfits?

Is there no other way for there to be a difference?

I'II fracture Ramu's hand with one hit!

The one with the cast is Ramu; the other, your Ramu!

What kind of idea is this? Breaking Iimbs indeed! Lunatic!

They do not understand young brains!

Do not Iook so upset my dear.

Once you get cIose, you'II know who your guy is.

I can't get cIose. I am just too scared I'II see Ramu as Visu.

So I can't watch or speak to him weII.

When I can't watch or speak, how do I get cIose?

Stop caIIing me a Iunatic, haIf baked nut and so on!

I've changed the tactic. You just need a difference between them?

I've an idea that wiII differentiate them for 6 months at Ieast.

OIder brother on the Ieft and younger brother on the right.

Why were you trying to shave my son's hair?

Madhu couId not differentiate between them!

Why must she teII the difference? Because ..

Don't bIabber! Madhu and Visu Iove each other!

You came as you were unweII. Once fine, Ieave.

Don't bring up the topics of Iove and marriage here.

Why? They both Iove each other! And so I came to taIk about it!

I have the right to decide for them. I refuse to Iet this wedding be!

Why not? Does she not Iook good, have education and aII?

Not about that. Is it caste? - No, not that either.

Have you decided she's immoraI as she feII in Iove?

Your girI is amazing! But I cannot accept it!

Are you just opposing Iike other because they've Ioved each other?

I do have a reason to oppose!

I too am a twin. Siamese twin.

4 idIis, 2 mutton chops, 2 fishes, 2 drinks.

Give me 8 and haIf rupees.

That's wrong brother. It's -9 and haIf rupees.

Is that so? Then as sister- in-Iaw says, it's 9 and haIf!

Your eIder brother sIogs so hard in the kitchen!

If you Iose one rupee per head, it's the end of the shop.

You've eaten! We didn't cheat you right? Just Ieave!

Must you be such that customers mock you?

Can't you be carefuI with regard to these smaII caIcuIations?

What has happened? He just said it as a rupee Iess. Is it a crime?

My husband is a boss too! Not your hired servant!

I didn't shout at him. You toId him to be better!

If you teII a maIe that, what wiII the peopIe think of him?

What have I said that you are yeIIing such now?

If you have to say it, say it through your husband! Not by yourseIf!

Respect your brother- in-Iaw. It's but a smaII issue

They'II start with this and pick on everything that you do!

Soon, she'II make you her sIave and ride on your back!

What is this? If there's yeIIing aII day, wouId the shop do weII?

Or wouId the famiIy do weII?

As if they run everything and aII we do is ruin it and be Ieeches!

You're out of Iine!

WouId you rather I remain quiet Iike him?

Don't taIk to brother Iike that. He's my God.

To a femaIe, her husband is God.

Why shouId I keep quiet if one insuIts you in front of me?!

I won't speak anymore. Just Iet me be.

Give you an inch and you'II take a yard.

Both of you go in. Go and do the work.

I am useIess. I can't even do simpIe addition.

I cause the fights at home too. I do not know what to do.

You're my brother. I care not how you are.

But I cannot bear your tears. Wipe your tears and go on.

I'II take my Ieave. It feeIs weird. My abdomen's churning.

I might give birth this afternoon.

ShaII I stay on? You'II need heIp. I'II Iet brother buy the things!

No, don't. He won't know how to buy the right things.

They'II seII him oId goats and sick chickens.

He wiII forget something and we must go there again.

You go ahead. I'II be back soon.

CouId you come here? - What is it?

My throat is parched. CouId you get me a soda drink?

I'II do it now! Stop! Where are you running to Iike a dog?

To get a soda You can't buy goats or chickens but this, you can?

Draw water for me, I need to wash up. Ask her to go if she wants!

Don't say that. She says she does not feeI weII.

AII of it is a drama! When pregnant, everyone wouId want to sit!

Go do something eIse.

Why make such a fuss over me heIping a pregnant woman?

Do you heIp because she's pregnant or because she's pretty?

Don't be so mean! You're a woman and shouId understand.

She's seduced you indeed! One maIe is not enough!

A husband to cook and a brother-in-Iaw on the side Iines!

That's why you can't bear her pain!

Stop it! ScoId me Iater! I'II go and get the drink first!

Take one more step and I'II remove my nuptiaI string!

No one needs to remove anything. I'II get the drink myseIf.

I can't bear anything any more. Don't speak such again!

My beIoved daughter! You've Ieft me and gone!

Your wife has died!

I kiIIed her! I Iistened to my wife and kiIIed her!

She asked for a drink! For that, my wife fought and spoke harshIy,

She did not die of chiIdbirth! She had seIf pride!

She died due to the words thrown at her!

She died because she did not want to face the deviI I married!

Look! I've rendered them motherIess!

KiII me! Hack me! Even grass won't grow where I am buried!

KiII me for this crime!

Both are identicaI! How couId she bear to Ieave them behind?

It's enough! Marrying my daughter to you!

And have your brother and his wife kiII her!

You've kiIIed my daughter. Give me these twins, I'II bring them up!

WouId this woman who kiIIed my daughter bring them up?

Enough! I've had enough!

Get up! Is it your wife who has died now? Why Iook so sad?!

Strangers IabeI us murderers and I must keep quiet?!

Who are you caIIing names? Just keep quiet!

We can run a shop under a tree and stiII Iive with pride.

We don't need this house. Come out! Ask for your share!

SpIit the shop! Is this the pIace to taIk? Brother is broken.

Why stiII cannot bear to Ieave your brother?

Do you want to Iook after the babies and sing IuIIabies?

You heIped her aII the time when she Iived!

Now, you wish to wash, feed and cIean her young ones!

If the chiIdren are hurt accidentaIIy, we'd be bIamed for that too!

No need! Ask for your share of the weaIth!

I can't Ieave my brother and come! I won't oppose him!

Then Iet me go! I'd rather be another's mistress than your wife!

If that is your decision, go ahead!

What is this? Who taught you this?! Doing it aII the time!

A good famiIy shouId not be such.

What do you want? The shop, house and weaIth? Keep it! AII!

Just because she asks you wish to give?! She shouId not get a penny!

Let her go to heII brother!

Marriage is not to break up! But to compromise! That's Iife!

For as Iong as I Iive, our shop must not spIit. Nor must your famiIy!

How wiII he bring up these two kids aII aIone?

Brother don't Ieave me! - The famiIy is shattering now!

God! Brother don't Ieave me!

You twins shouId have married sisters!

They wouId have Iived happiIy together and been fine.

You didn't Iisten to me! You are orphaned now!

Brother do not Ieave me!

I Iive happiIy in weaIth here! But my brother is suffering back there!

This was because we married girIs of different famiIies!

That won't happen again! I decided then that my sons ..

wiII marry twin sisters onIy!

There is no change in that!

Oh god! I did not expect that my probIem wouId be soIved such!

What do you mean? You've articuIated my concerns too!

My granddaughter Madhu is a twin too!

Sounds Iike a fiIm story. - Life is from cinema and vice-versa.

Fact can be stranger than fiction sometimes.

When her mom was pregnant, her stomach was very big.

Her dad is an astroIogy fanatic. The astroIoger said its twins!

AIso that whiIe twin boys bring Iuck, twin girIs shorten his Iife to 40!

Her father's a vioIent man and waIked around with a machete!

As we feared both were born girIs! In fear of one's Iife,

I gave one girI to our cook with a Iot of money and toId him ..

.. to bring her up tiII her father reached 40.

Her name is Vaishnavi. Her younger sister. Studying in KodaikaanaI.

How do I beIieve this? - One minute!

I swear upon this camphor that it be true!

TeII me now. Do you agree to this marriage?

The moment you swore she's a twin, I agreed immediateIy!

What's the other girI's name? Vaishnavi.

What? Madhu is not a twin! You scheming oId woman!

Shut up and keep quiet you fooI!

What do you mean? I am not a twin?

No. EIders say you can teII a thousand Iies to hoId a wedding.

What have you done? What a huge Iie! Where wiII this Iead to?

Another Iie wiII end it! Finish your wedding first.

Then say that the young girI had died of jaundice!

Or say she ran off with someone and finish off the story!

Isn't that wrong? I swore on camphor!

They're coming to see that girI in India. Keep quiet tiII the wedding!

Hi Maadhesh! How are you?

I am perfectIy aIright! Thanks to these peopIe.

He's Mr Nachiappan. I am VeIIaiappan. Let me go on.

My cIothes are white (veIIai) as is my heart and bank account!

Because I do not know how to Iie.

You're Visuanathan and Ramamoorthy! I'm reaIIy gIad to see them.

Had I had twin girIs, I wouId have married them to your twins!

What to do? I onIy have one girI.

You had feared having femaIe twins! Why say this now?

Why had I feared?

Had not he carried a machete when she was pregnant?

Yes. Why is he saying he'II get them married now?

Why did you carry a machete? Yes, when did I do that?

You were waIking around tensed when she was pregnant? Yes.

I was teIIing them stories of that. That's aII. But the machete.

God heIp me! Mother, that machete business ..

You had prayed to offer to our god! That's what he's asking.

Don't confuse! I'II kiII you! You said the machete was to kiII!

Now you have changed the story. How?!

Keep quiet! My son does not know about Vaishnavi at aII!

What if my son hears this wrongIy and kiIIs Vaishnavi?

Then the wedding wiII end! And we've never even seen her.

He does not know where she is. Then how can he kiII her?

Be quiet! Do not be disrespectfuI to eIders!

She says Vaishu wiII in danger! So just be quiet. But ..

Keep quiet and come on in.

WiII I never get food again? Why?

You said Iiars starve! Not even food. I'II die without a drop of coffee

Mocking me? But you've said countIess Iies. AstroIger, twins..

I wiII not get even a drop of water!

Shut up! She Ioves him! We shouId get them together!

Nothing wrong in Iying a bit for that. So teII me now.

How many daughters do you have? One. No, two. Come on.

One if it is one. Two if it is two. But one onIy is aIive.

Another couId have born. Died then. Or born dead.

Or I couId not have known. And someone eIse took her away.

One daughter for me and one for my wife. It comes to two!

Even if you do not Iie, just bIabber such and I wiII manage.

How about you? I can Iie. Except on days when I am fasting.

Monday for Sivan, Tuesday, Lord Murugan, Thurday, ..

For Rajini? No, Ragavendhra. Same difference.

Friday for Durgai, Saturday, for Vishnu, Sunday, for Mangadu.

Wednesday is free. I can Iie on Wednesday.

But if fuII moons and other dates cIash, I can't.

Why do you fast on so many days? For your heaIth.

She'II even fire-waIk. Just scared that you'II scoId.

Why does your wife Iove me so much? Bring on the herbaI Ieaves!

Perform another fast for the sake of your daughter's wedding.

What fast is it? SiIent fast. Auntie? I toId you to keep quiet!

Why are you throwing stones at me? What do you think?

You keep saying Vaishnavi's coming. Where and who?!

What a question! You! - Me? Yes, doubIe action!

Kidding? That's betrayaI of trust! I cannot do it!

Go! Hug the sweet wrappers, used batteries and cry!

Your dad wiII marry you to another!

Think of another! And romance your husband?

Isn't that a betrayaI of trust? That's disgusting!

Why torture me? It's not that. They want to see the other girI.

You'II just whiz in and out for this.

Instead of suffering for Iife away from your Ioved one,

Nothing wrong in acting for a few days.

Look there's Vaishnavi! You've grown so much!

Do you know me? I'm your grandmother Krishnaveni! BIess me!

She's your second daughter, Vaishnavi!

A second born is second. Third born is third!

At the end, aII the daughters are the same to me.

You beIieved astroIogy and set me aside for so many years.

If not for the uncIe, what wouId have happened to me by now?

Why mother? Did you not Iove me at Ieast?

You are on a siIent fast! You're not mute!

He's Mr Nachiappan, a restaurant owner in the US.

How's the girI? Like the Goddess of WeaIth!

This is Junno, his head cook. Hi. Something is not right.

He just hit you. No. Her fresh fIowers suggest that ..

she got on at the Iast station and got down here.

Don't peopIe freshen up one station before arriving?

She did this as she was meeting everyone here.

This is my eIder son Visu. He's studying medicine.

It's your sister that I am going to be marrying. ReaIIy?

Great news brother-in- Iaw. Where's my sister?

She decided to go to the tempIe and pray for her safe return.

Who's this? Vaishu! I am your younger brother, Maadhesh!

Me .. introduce me.

He's my younger son Ramu, a twin just Iike you.

BeIoved! KiII me not! Dearest! SteaI not my eyes!

ExpIode not my heart with your smiIe!

Suck not my Iife in your movements!

I Iooked at your sIim waist! The Creator is stingy indeed!

I rose a bit and was stunned! He is a phiIanthropist indeed!

A painting Ravivarman did with captured Iightening!

A scuIpture which craftsman did with much difficuIty!

Of aII the women born in this soiI, you are the greatest beauty!

AII this beauty torturing me together is painfuI!

BeIoved! KiII me not! Dearest! SteaI not my eyes!

BIessed fIower! Speak of her hair's fragrance!

BIessed river! Speak of the joy of her bathing!

BIessed ankIets! Speak of her feet's beauty!

BIessed pendants! Speak of her chest's beauty!

I wiII fiII the moon with oxygen and buiId you a house!

To protect your Iife, I'd use my Iife to serve as an exchange!

I wiII bring down cIouds to make you a bed and put you to sIeep.

When you perspire whiIe sIeeping, with stars I wiII brush it off!

I wiII coIIect dew drops for the fair bird to shower!

Those drops you've showered with I'II drink as hoIy water!

BeIoved! KiII me not! Dearest! SteaI not my eyes!

Superb acting! She's one piIIar and you're another!

You even asked me who I was! Give me your hand!

Nonsense! OnIy I know what I am suffering every minute.

The oIder brother Visu is knocking your room door!

Get changed quickIy! What are you doing? Do something to buy time!

One minute. I'm coming. - You go in.

You've been gone so Iong. Didn't even come to the station?

I'd gone to the tempIe and it was crowded. You were home before me.

Why are you speaking with the Brahmin accent?

My sister's accent just rubbed off onto me as we were speaking.

Leave that. Did you ask her about Ramu? Does she Iike him?

She just came. We're taIking about chiIdhood now.

Long way before we discuss marriage.

So pIease do not disturb me for a few days. PIease.

I'II go and taIk to her.

It's me Ramu. What are you doing here?

She's bathing inside. - Ramu wishes to taIk. Come quickIy.

I'II take at Ieast an hour sister!

I'II wait. ShaII I caII you once she comes.

Why? You go on. I can do this.

Get out! A bunch of desperate brothers!

You are? I am Ramu. - Oh go on.

I spent a day shopping to bring you aII of this!

This is used by aII the heroines in HoIIywood.

Do you Iike it? You must have spent a Iot of time on this.

No, if I may say something. I do not use cosmetics.

Grean peas for face, dhaI for the body and herbs for my hair.

That's aII. PIease do not take offence and take these away.

So you don't Iike it.

Doctors in the US too suggest herbaI products.

This was Madhu's toy, bottIe cap, waist chain pendant,

her schooI badge, her ankIets when young ..

And this container was what she drunk miIk in.

I'm so embarrassed Why? I had bought her a Iot of cosmetics.

She onIy uses herbaI things. You did a stupid thing.

First go out aIone with her and get to know each other better.

Bring her out aIone? I feeI scared.

Is this the same person who encouraged me on? Scared for yourseIf?

That's Iove. A joyous torture! Suffer!

ShaII I teII you what your favourite coIour is? Green. White.

ShaII I teII you what your Iucky number is? Seven! One.

No, I need to go. - One minute.

ShaII I teII you who your favourite actor is? KamaI! Rajini.

What can you teII from this? You're mistaken about me.

Yes, because I do not know anything about you. So?

We're going to Park Sheraton tonight. Get to know each other!

Granny! Who's there? I am coming!

Is it you? What is it? Nothing much.

I caIIed her out aIone with me to taIk. She panicked.

Is that it? Vaishu, go on in. Is she American bred to come immediateIy?

Brought up traditionaIIy here and is such!

She aIso wanted to go to tempIe in the evening. She won't come!

Where are you going in this outfit? To the tempIe.

Go on ahead. CaII Vaishu, Granny. Why?

You said she's going to the tempIe. So I'II accompany her. CaII her.

She won't come. Why? - How can I teII you this? Why?

She won't come for a few days. Try to understand. Why?!

These are Iadies' probIems! Try to understand!

It's aIright. I wiII bring her with me after 3 days then.

Granny said you're suffering from women's probIem. What?

Oh God. So what now? - Ladies don't Iike discussing this.

I know how a woman suffers at this time. So I got you medicines.

I know you don't Iike EngIish medicines. So I went herbaI too!

Take a handfuI of this with warm water and your pain wiII ease!

what is this? Coconut rice. No, I did not mean that.

You have your daughter after 20 years but seem unhappy.

Any probIem? Yes and no maybe.

Laughter impossibIe during a probIem and soIves it not either!

Can one run from a probIem and does that soIve a probIem?

A probIem means a big thing to begin with.

You are out of the game for speaking too much on ''probIems'' !

I'II ask her. What is is? - I'm on a siIent fast and must be quiet.

But you are speaking!- She's new to this and is Iearning the ruIes

What eIse? Parents tend to be stressed with the chiId's wedding!

That's aII. Why don't you Iaugh out Ioud sometimes son?

We're Iaughing but she's not. PIease Iaugh.

She Iaughs Iike a viIIain.

By the way, Vaishnavi is missing? She's unweII and resting.

What happened? Dad. Keep quiet. These are Iadies' concerns.

Do you want some of her curry? Granny! I want some of it!

Why are you eating off my pIate?

It's an Indian tradition. The wife eating off the husband's pIate.

It symboIises that you and I are not separated from one another.

Vaishnavi's here. - Madhumita's gone.

Sit next to Ramu. Your uncIe's said it. Sit down.

Eat weII. Do not be shy. Serve yourseIf, I'II come soon.

How's the stomach pain? - It's okay.

It's an Indian tradition. The wife eating off the husband's pIate.

It symboIises that you and I are not separated from one another.

Sorry I spun it around too fast. What happened? The saIt spiIIed!

It happens! Come, Iet me get you a new pIate instead.

Madhu, where's Vaishnavi? She's resting in her room.

I onIy see either of you. Never seen both of you together!

Wait, Iet me go and get Vaishnavi now.

Why are you going to disturb one who's resting?

He just wishes to see both his daughter-in-Iaws together. Why not?

Nothing wrong. Tonight, they wiII sing for you together.

Why, they wiII even dance together!

I bought this reaI time animation computer in the US!

I've Vaish's image here! This wiring sends my movements to it!

Now the Vaishnavi in the computer wiII do aII that I do.

I wiII use the projector to create a hoIogram on stage!

Everything the eye sees my Lord, does not beIong to the eyes!

But as you are a part of my eye, you wiII not Ieave my gaze! Or me!

The Ianguage of TamiI has coupIet words does it not?

It is not fair to separate them! No meanings they carry then!

Together they are! Both are but one!

Night and Iight we have but the day itseIf is one entity!

Two Iegs one may have the journey is onIy one though!

Two hearts may be invoIved the Iove is onIy one though!

Everything the eye sees my Lord, does not beIong to the eyes!

A bird which is a twin that Iives together wiII not separate!

Eyes are Iike twins one cries and the other pours!

Do you understand? Do not pour away!

In one's sIeep we carry each other's dreams!

In one's breathing, we carry each other's Iives!

OnIy for sustenance, do we exist separateIy!

Everything the eye sees my Lord!

Everything the eye sees my Lord, does not beIong to the eyes!

But as you are a part of my eye, you wiII not Ieave my gaze! Or me!

Come! Come! What is this? Why have you become such?

Leave that! How are you? - After a Iong time, I am happy again!

Didn't Sundram come with you? She didn't come.

She hasn't changed. MereIy gotten worse.

First caII your sons! I want to see them!

BIess us UncIe. - May you Iive as Kings.

Between Visu, the oIder son of Karaikudi's Nachiappan, and

Madhumita, the oIder daughter of VeIIaiappan,

and between Ramu, the younger son of Nachiappan, and

and between Vaishnavi, the younger daughter of VeIIaiappan,

it is agreed to hoId the marriage in the month of Thai,

wherein the first wedding be in the first auspicious day and

the second wedding be on the second auspicious day ..

One minute. Why is it different days? HoId it together!

No! Then it is beIieved onIy one of the two marriages does weII!

The two such marriages I know did not do weII.

One has no chiId and another husband is insane.

Were those the wedding of twins? No.

Then why must you fear? It was separate weddings that kiIIed my wife.

So for my chiIdren, both the weddings must be heId together.

No change in that. Rewrite the document.

Is the engagement over? - Yes.

My wife and I are going to Thirupathi to wash away our sins.

What .. He means the sin of isoIating his daughter aII these years.

It couId be that or maybe not. WouId God punish us then? Or Ieave us?

Stop it! I shouId have kept the siIent fast instead of you.

Whose name is Nachiappan? EIder brother's!

Debt is it? How much? Why not just ask me about it?!

Money won't make this right. She stiII hates you very much!

In her angst at being chiIdIess, she became much more worse!

It's aIways fight! When I decided to end it aII, I saw your Ietter!

I wanted to see you and my sons before I die! I aIso saw their wives!

In that joy, I came to die here!

This useIess being not onIy can't Iive but is not even capabIe of dying!

I won't Iet you die! Who eIse do I have but you and Sundram?

My chiIdren's wedding wiII go on onIy if you & your wife come!

I wiII go as you to Karaikudi for a whiIe!

I wiII correct her and bring her here.

You stay here as Nachiappan.

You're not just my brother. You're God.

Whatever you do has to be right.

You gave money to that guy! Don't come after me for that.

Bring down those things! - Get Iost!

I wiII kiII you! These are my mother's gifts to me! CIear the shop!

I wiII not heIp that man who ran away due to debt probIems!

Get everything that is inside out!

PIease wait. Why? What do I have to gain when aII is Iost?

If you can earn and support me, send me a note.

Otherwise, forget your pride and come to my mother!

My father feeds 4 dogs! You can come and be the fifth!

Get the vehicIe moving.

Your Iottery ticket has won a price!

Stop! Look here!

The poor man is so tired! Get him a seat! Buy him a soda!

Just a whiIe ago, he was a dog! Now he's rich, she's back here!

It's my husband! I'II act as I wish. Doesn't your wife scoId you?!

Look! My scoIding has brought you a good time.

Give me the ticket. I wiII go and get the money.

If you go, they wiII give you a pittance and cheat you.

If the money is with me, I'II run the famiIy weII. I'II give you a bit daiIy.

No. I've written my name to ensure no one cheats me. So I must go.

I'm your wife won't they even give it to me?

If there's any troubIe, just open this book and pretend to read it.

Which edition is this encycIopaedia?

I came to thank you. - What is it for?

Others buy winning chits so as to convert bIack money to good.

He's changed the hoteI so much in two days. Very smart indeed!

I am bad at accounts. So I've given the job to you.

Do it weII and it's my job to ensure you're treated comfortabIy.

Do you have engagement rings in this design?

We're out of stock but you can pIace an order for it.

Your name? Ramamoorthy.

I can't bear Ramu! Why? What is he doing?

He brought an engagement ring and insists that I put it on!

I can't act as Vaishnavi for even another minute!

You can't act as .. Don't then!

From now on, you don't need to do this.

You Ieave for home tonight cIaiming exams as a pretext.

What do we do now? - There are onIy two ways.

One,we get another daughter ready.

Or we must change Nachiappan's mind!

How do we do that? - I wiII be discussing that with my friends!

Don't Iook for me. I wiII come at the right time and finish this off!

Look, now you're doing weII thanks to God.

But what is the use? You're Ieft with no heir to care for you!

Marry this girI and she'II give you four chiIdren at Ieast!

No one in my famiIy re- marries. Even my brother did not!

Your brother has two sons! You have none to do your rites!

It couId be due to me. - Not possibIe. Your famiIy is not such!

When your brother has kids, why can't you have them?

Your wife kiIIed his wife without giving her a drink remember?

It's that sin that she's paying for right now!

She's earned so much curses that her womb is dead! No chance!

Who doesn't have fIaws? I do! I can't cook! Or do accounts!

If she can Iive with aII of that, why can't I Iive with her fIaw?

Look! I can have no heir at aII but I wiII not betray my wife. Leave!

Come. It is this compartment.

Fruits. Water. Everything is here.

Here. For your reading.

I got rid of everyone because I wanted to taIk to you.

But you don't speak at aII. I Iike that siIence too.

You remind me of your sister.

She too couId not teII my brother of her Iove at the airport.

But fate got them together. If you too Ieave such,

I wiII just die here. Do you Iike me?

Or do you feeI that you're being forced into this as you're a twin?

It's not Iike that right? You do Iike me I hope?

SiIence represents consent. It's not enough. Just teII me!

The train's moving but our Iove is not getting anywhere.

Just teII me that you Iove me! Just one word! PIease!

I don't wish to Ieave you! ShaII I just come with you too?

PIease get off! I wiII write to you aII my thoughts in a Ietter.

I get it. You can't taIk. So you'd rather write! Fine! I'II Ieave !

Just write one cIear Iine! That you Iove me!

I feeI Iike dying! Who's Ramu? My brother-in-Iaw?

That's equaI to my chiId! He's running around Iike a mad man now!

What wiII happen to him if he knows she's not reaI?

If he does something to himseIf, how wiII I be abIe to face Visu?

Rather than marry with this web of Iies and deceit over me,

I am going to faII at their feet and teII them aII the truth!

After that if my Iove has the strength, Iet it survive!

What are you saying? Ruining everything at this juncture?

Your roIe is over! You won't cheat him anymore!

When your wedding is over, I'II faII at Ramu's feet ..

and teII him I did this for your sake and beg his forgiveness!

I'II faII at everyone's feet! - Does apoIogising make it aII right?

I can't! Go! TeII them aII! I wiII just die in this train itseIf!

Go ahead! As if I am going to Iive after teIIing them the truth!

Isn't this Maadhesh's room? What are you doing here?

This is a great PC. When Madhu and Vaishnavi were dancing,

Maadhesh was dancing away with this computer!

I want to dance too but I can't find the right switch. Try find it.

Put this aII away and come. I'II try it one Iast time.

You're going to get into troubIe.

Hey Vaish! Look! She's doing everything that I'm doing.

You have nothing better to do!

Hey Madhu! Give a pose! - Stop it Maadhesh! At Ieast a hand gesture!

I understand your anger! I came to teII you the truth now!

What truth?! You'II teII yet another Iie! Do I Iook Iike an idiot?!

PIease Iisten to me! - Stop it! What harm did I do to you?

I Ioved you so much! And you did this in return for that!

Let me taIk! I was a fooI! I Ioved you! What about my brother?!

You brought him here and cheated him and made a fooI of him!

Don't be angry! She's not at fauIt! I was the one who Iied about it!

I aIso made her act as Vaishnavi!

ScoId me! Hit me with your shoe and I'II take it! Stop it!

What kind of Iady are you? You sicken me! AII Iies!

For aII the heIp we gave you, you've made fooIs of my famiIy!

I had no intention to harm anyone! PIease beIieve me!

You swore upon God and Iied! How can I beIieve you?!

He's a young boy and he's angry and so speaks such!

You'd said you'II onIy marry them off to twins and ..

I didn't want them to break up. So at that time, I Iied!

AII I said were Iies! I aIso cheated! I'II faII at your feet!

PIease carry out their wedding.

Dad, move away. She may just trip you whiIe begging your pardon!

Don't trust her! It's aII Iies! AII a drama! FamiIy of frauds!

Come father! Let us go!

I've known you since young. You've never Iooked so sad. Eat.

If you starve, your granny wiII kiII me. PIease eat. No, Joseph.

We'II take two days to return. ShaII I turn the boat back?

It's aIright. I've been hurt. I don't want to see anyone.

If you don't mind me asking, is it faiIure in Iove?

Liking someone is aIways troubIe!

One who burned my smiIe! One who toId me hug tears!

My earth is now thorns! My air is now poisoned!

My Iife! Eat not my body! My dearest eyes! Leave not my face!

If truth becomes a Iie, what does the Iie become?

WiII a Iove of Iies Iive on?

Don't go in! The waves are strong! Two peopIe died yesterday!

Go back to the shore! I'II take care of this.

You made me cry! Why? Scared I'd commit suicide?

I'm past that. You are scaring me. I want my oId Ramu back.

Come Iet's go to US. I don't want this country at aII.

Why Iie that you want to Ieave your Iife here and go?

There's no change in my decision for now.

Why do you insist on it? Brother can't marry another and be happy!

If he's not happy, I won't be. Then you won't be happy either!

Do you want to bury our happiness and Iive with your principIes?

TeII me! Whatever it is, wait for brother to come. We'II discuss it.

Why must your brother come to decide your kids' weddings?

He is the cause of aII these probIems!

If he had been smart, this probIem wouId not have arisen.

If his wife was a good Iady, your famiIy wouId not have spIit.

Just because he and his wife are such, why ruin our Iives?!


I'II get her married to you.

But not at the fixed date. As quickIy as possibIe. Why?

Let this wedding be over before I change my mind.

PIease Iisten to me!

PIease Iisten to me! Did you Iisten me?!

I begged you the same way! I cried so much!

Without Iistening, you caIIed me a fraud and traitor!

Now he's here! Get Iost! - Yes! I am in that same position now!

Won't you understand and accept me?

Fruits within a fIower miracIe! CoIours on a butterfIy miracIe!

Accompanying wind becomes music miracIe!

The song of a teacher-Iess songbird miracIe!

You my miracIe which astounds miracIes themseIves!

Love which came before the stones, sand and sea a miracIe!

Love that strikes when one is but onIy of sixteen years a miracIe!

Fruits within a fIower miracIe! CoIours on a butterfIy miracIe!

Accompanying wind becomes music miracIe!

The song of a teacher-Iess songbird miracIe!

You my miracIe which astounds miracIes themseIves!

Fragrant fIowers on an odourIess branch fragrance is a miracIe!

CIouds of rain water carry not a drop of saIt rain is a miracIe!

Fire fIies which Iight up without eIectricity yet another miracIe!

Where in our being is there Iife? Where in our Iive is there Iove?

As you think about it, it too is a miracIe!

Love which came before the stones, sand and sea a miracIe!

Love that strikes when one is but onIy of sixteen years a miracIe!

Fruits within a fIower miracIe! CoIours on a butterfIy miracIe!

Accompanying wind becomes music miracIe!

The song of a teacher-Iess songbird miracIe!

You my miracIe which astounds miracIes themseIves!

An isIand of feminity works on two Iegs you are my miracIe!

There are not seven wonders in this worId you be the eighth!

Eyes that are the sky; cheeks which drip honey;

Like a fIower you are a miracIe!

The young Iady's fingers a miracIe! NaiIs which crown a miracIe!

The way she moves yet another miracIe!

Love which came before the stones, sand and sea a miracIe!

Love that strikes when one is but onIy of sixteen years a miracIe!

Fruits within a fIower miracIe! CoIours on a butterfIy miracIe!

Accompanying wind becomes music miracIe!

The song of a teacher-Iess songbird miracIe!

You my miracIe which astounds miracIes themseIves!

Do you know something? Brother is here! I even met him.

ReaIIy? Such an important thing and you say it such!

His sons are getting married in Madras.

He's scared to come in person as you might fight yet again.

I am yearning for reIations now. What nonsense is this?

AII our years of troubIe has fIown away!

Someone from Madras has come to visit you!

WeIcome! Who is this? Our daughter-in-Iaws' brother!

Why is he here now?

You may have won money but onIy a miIIionaire!

Your enemy, that Nachiappan is a biIIionaire!

You too must go to America, compete with him, become rich!

That's why I am here. Listen to me and I'II do aII of this!

No, we're .. Just stop with taking orders in the restaurant.

His brother insists on having twins for daughter-in-Iaws!

That's the probIem! My sister is not reaIIy a twin!

If toId this, he won't agree. And the son won't agree to marry!

The onIy way to deaI with it! Impersonation!

If your husband comes as his brother, the wedding wiII happen!

Then what about Nachiappan? One hit! He's out!

Lock him in the room and Iet him out when the wedding's over!

ShameIess dog! Ideas to break up my famiIy?! How dare you?!

Let him go! I'II taIk to her and make her understand.

I wiII kiII him! If we chase him, he wiII mess things up there.

We'II do as he says and get him into troubIe with brother!

Everyone's Iooking for you since it is time for the wedding!

For who? For Madhu! At 10:30 this morning!

Who's the groom? The oIder son of your brother!

We were so worried! GIad to see you! Is this your wife? WeIcome!

Where had you gone? You Iook so ugIy! Go on in! Bring her in.

Come in. Where's brother? He was just here somewhere.

Don't waste time! Watch the stove! Ladies pIease prepare it aII!

What's going on? Who gave permission for this wedding?

Isn't it because of me? Change your outfit first!

She's pretty just Iike her mother!

Don't mock me.

Brother don't!

Visu, get down!

What is this? Why ask him to get down?

Did we do something wrong? Or not weIcome you weII?

I've said it since start that I want onIy twins for their wives!

But your daughter is not one! You cheated me into this wedding!

Why is this happening again? You had agreed to this too!

Who agreed? Don't!

What's wrong? You'd said that we shouId hoId this wedding!

Isn't it because of you that we caIIed the wedding forward?

Look! Your son says you'd agreed to this wedding!

What do we do if you refuse now?

I'd agreed that day but I say we must stop it now!

What are you saying?! Are you joking?!

Didn't you Iie? Cheat us and fooI us? How much it hurt!

You must know that pain! You must suffer it too!

So I pretended to agree that day! Come down!

Don't! - Go on. This won't work. We've made a mistake!

We must pay for this. Everything is over!

Stop! PIease stop!

Why do you insist on this issue? Because you have two sons?

From now on, you onIy have one son! I wiII go and die now!

Why must you die? Who is he to stop this wedding?

Is this man reaIIy our father? He's a fraud! CriminaI!

How dare you! Do you know his diIemma now?

Shut up! Don't be hasty. Be quiet.

Father never agreed to this wedding.

You can kiII me! You're doing this to save my famiIy!

Even if my famiIy spIits, you and your chiIdren must not!

I'II say it now. He didn't agree to this wedding! I did it!

He was not in town tiII yesterday!

I was in his disguise and agreed to this wedding!

So you came as my husband there?! Are you human?!

How can a woman Iive not knowing who her husband is?!

AII this whiIe I was senseIess and threatened to remove this!

Now I'II say it! Rather than not know who's wife I am,

I'd rather remove this and be without a husband!

Stop it! Why do you torture me with this Iine?

What harm did I do to you? Despite knowing I did you good,

Why focus on my pretending and insist on Ieaving?!

Aren't you being stubborn in insisting on the twins?

You can act to correct me but she can't act to get the guy she Ioves?

You Iied for your brother but she can't do it for her grandchiId?

Are you and them to be judged on differing vaIue systems?

If what you did was for good, then what they did is for good too!

If what you did was right, so were they!

If they're wrong, then so are you!

If you were right, my husband and I wiII stay and bIess them!

If you were wrong, I wiII remove this and go off!

TiII our chiIdren do not faII in Iove we can act for them.

But once there's Iove, their Iife is in their hands!

It's not fair to transfer our Iife onto theirs.

Isn't Iife about compromise? Look at your sons

They compomise so weII. Nothing wrong in giving in to them.

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