Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sen Yalancı Bir Hainsin! | Legacy 151. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs)

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If you're not busy, I need to tell you something.


You what?

What will you tell me, Merve Saglam?

What fairy tale will you make up again?


Were you going to tell me where you were going to escape with my nephew?

So your secret was to believe me?

No, please listen.

You are a lying traitor. Your belief is fake, just like yourself.

You thought you could take my nephew from me? You've been planning this for days!

No, I tried to tell you this all day, but I didn't get the chance.

Yes, I was going to escape, you're right to me upset but...

But what? Will you try to make an excuse for your fraud? What excuse can make you innocent?

Listen... I'm really...


I will no longer listen to your lies.

You have to listen!

I thought about taking him and leave. I planned it. Because... you gave me no other choice.

You changed so fast.

You told me you lied to me, you humiliated and embarrassed me. You yelled at me every chance you got.

But worst of it, you tried to take Yusuf away from me.

So when... I faced all these...

When you faced all these you decided to kidnap my nephew!

What else could I have done? What would you do if you were me?

Yes. I thought about doing this. But I couldn't. I understood this was a mistake after Yusuf's illness.

Because you were... like before.

I understood once more that Yusuf doesn't only need me. But he also needs you.

He needs us both.

So I changed my mind. I even told him not to send the ID's anymore, but it was too late.

How can you be so sure that the detective sent that picture?

It's not Seher's first time. She fooled you once. Maybe she's doing it again.

Maybe she found out the file. And they met with Selim at the same place, with the same clothes.

Just to confuse you.

I think, they are trying to fool you again and unfortunately they are succeeding.

You didn't try to escape because of me. That was your plan from the beginning!

Your so called sincerity, your good intentions, it was all fake!

You obviously believed something and you are forcing yourself not to believe anything else.

You don't want to understand.

But I can't handle your accusations anymore.

Believe whatever you want!

There's nothing I can say.

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