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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today's video, I thought it would take you along with

me to Poundland and show you the things that I tend to always buy there. There's like 10

or 11 things I just keep going back for and I think that Poundland do it really well and

it's obviously so reasonable because everything is pretty much a pound. So I'm going to take

you with me today and let's go.

Okay, so the number one thing that I buy when I go to Poundland has to be cleaning products.

So today I thought I would show you a few of my favorites that are in store. I love

the Dishmatic and I buy my refills at Poundland. I'm also always talking about Magic Erasers

and you can get two for a pound there and they have so many different uses. You can

also get so many scrubby brushes and microfiber cloths as well. And they just have loads of

brand names when it comes to laundry detergent and fabric softener. So you can get the Lenor

in Spring Awakening, Fresh Meadow, they have all the scents. You can get the small bottle

for a pound or the bigger bottle for two pounds. They also have Colour Catchers, which I have

shown on my channel in the past and I like the Ace for whites if you want to really whiten

up some clothes. And you can also get the Lenor dryer sheets, Febreze, they just really

have a huge selection in there.

I also loves Zoflora, as you guys probably know, and they have some great different scents

in there. I love the Lemon Fresh, but today I actually bought Tropical Twist because I

feel like spring is on its way soon. I also love this limescale remover and I pick that

up in Poundland. I also found these damp traps in Poundland and I talked about these in my

recent deep clean video. And you can also get Cillit Bang there, but being a brand name,

their products are two pounds each.

Next up, I wanted to talk about storage solutions that you can find in Poundland. Today I felt

like this section was a little bit thin on the ground, but I have these little blue rectangular

ones. They are two for a pound and I keep these at home in my desk just to section off

smaller items in my desk like cello tape and glue and things. But they also had some different

sizes and shapes. They have some circular ones in different colors and then they had

some bigger storage bins which would work really well in a cupboard or a drawer. In

the past, I've picked up baskets like this in Poundland and I keep the boys' plastic

cups in there. It just helps me to organize them a little bit better. And I've also got

ones like this in our kitchen, you can see on the left, which I just keep random little

bits as well.

Another item that I tend to pick up in Poundland is batteries. We have so many battery powered

toys and if we ever get a toy for the kids that needs an awkward sized or shaped battery,

I just know that I'll find it in there because they really do have a big selection. They

have the little ones that fit my kitchen scales and all different types of ones.

And whenever I'm in Poundland, I also tend to pick up snacks and treats for the kids,

the type of on the go snacks that you would throw into your bag or into a lunchbox. So

when we're at home, I really try for the boys to just have fruit and yogurt and snacks that

don't require any packaging. But these are great when we're going out or if they need

a pack lunch. So the boys love those Nature Valley bars. They also love Bear Yo-Yos but

I think these were actually two pounds. You can also pick up Barni Bears which Jackson

loves for pudding, but you'll notice they're actually spelled differently. Caleb also loves

a brioche bun and I tend to put these in our bag if we're ever going on a flight or out

to the park. I noticed on this trip, as well, that the jam was really reasonable at just

a pound. And if you're ever having a party, they do loads of party food like party rings,

crisps, and things like that as well. And apparently, the Malteser boxes, these ones

for two pounds, are one of their best sellers.

We have also picked up so many great DVDs for just a pound. They have thousands of titles

and most of their DVDs are just ex-retail or fully refurbished. And I know you can download

pretty much any movie nowadays but sometimes it is actually quite pricey. And my boys will

watch DVDs when we're on car journeys or if we ever go away for the weekend, say to Center

Parcs or something like that, we'll take DVDs because there's always a DVD player. So on

this trip, I found Daddy Daycare, which is one of their favorite films. I also ended

up buying Beethoven for them and Dumb and Dumber, as well.

I also tend to come here if we ever need party supplies because they have a really good selection

and it's really reasonable. When the boys were younger, I used to go onto Amazon and

buy themed party supplies and I would spend a fortune on it. But in Poundland, they have

such a good selection. So if I ever need anything for party bags, you can get it here. Like

little whistles, little packs of bubbles, party hats, paper plates, serviettes, tablecloths,

all of that kind of stuff. And they also do candles so you can get happy birthday candles

or I found this little birthday badge, like say if your child was going to school on their

birthday, they could wear that in. And yeah, as I said, they do some great gift bags as

well. All different ones and really reasonable because they can be really expensive. These

three little gift bags were just a pound. So I thought that was quite good.

And another thing that I am obsessed with and I always buy in Poundland are their birthday

cards. I really like to have a stock in at home. So on this day, I bought 20 birthday

cards and they're two cards for a pound. And then that will be our stash for the next year

of parties. I've got a selection of boy and girl ones and they're really good quality,

they're really nice. You can see here I've got some football ones for Fraser's friends.

I've got a couple that you could use on an adult or kid, and then a good selection of

boy and girl cards. And they're glittery and they look far more expensive than 50p each.

Next up, I wanted to show you the children's book section and their coloring and activity

books. If we're ever going on a flight, this is where I come and I've shown so many of

these in Poundland hauls in the past. They do great coloring books as you can see here.

And my two youngest children, they love to color, so it's so nice to get them nice and

reasonable in here. They also do great little activity books. I picked this one up for Jackson.

It's one where you can actually wipe the ink away again so he can practice writing. And

for Caleb, I've got a maths and English book for five to six year olds. You can get them

right up until like Fraser's age. I got him a nine year old one as well. And you can also

get great little kids books like the Peppa Pig books. They're really adorable in here

and obviously so reasonable, but you can also get books for other ages as well like the

Horrid Henry books Fraser seemed to really like, so I picked some of those up as well.

Next up, I wanted to show you the baking section, which may sound a bit random but they have

some great gadgets in here. On this visit, I found this strainer, which I thought was

so great for space saving. It flattens and then you can pop it out when you actually

need to use it. So if you don't have much space, this would be such a great thing to

have in your kitchen. But I tend to pick up my little muffin cases or baking paper or

bread cases as well. You can get little kitchen gadgets, as I showed here, cookie cutters,

sprinkles like if you're ever cooking with the kids. They have some really good stuff

in this section.

I have also got some great bits from the stationary section in the past for the kids and my home

office as well. I feel like I probably should have put this earlier on in the video because

I do really love this section. And today when I was there, I found this really cute meal

planner so you could write down the meals you're going to have for the week and it also

has a magnet on the back so it would be great to stick onto your fridge.

Or they also had wipeable little whiteboards or little things like this which would really

look great on my desk for pens or could also be used for makeup brushes. They have adorable

little pens like this and then just so much stuff for the kids in terms of coloring, like

all of those pens are a pound. You can also get the stuff for crafting, pipe cleaners,

Popsicle sticks, all of that. And again, this would be a great place to come if you're about

to get on a flight and you wanted to get some tiny little activity books or coloring pens

that you can get it all here. So I picked up some glue because we needed some glue and

they also have great stickers. So for stockings. Or again, for flights. And if you're potty

training or a reward chart, anything like that, you can get so many great stickers here.

And I think it's two sheets for a pound.

The next section is gardening. So don't laugh, but one of my friends said that the gardening

section in Poundland is absolutely brilliant. And on the day that we were here, it was so

busy I had to wait a while to actually get some footage with no one else in it because

people were loving and buying all of the stuff. So they have things from fake plants to seeds

to gardening gloves to tools to lights. They had so, so much. So yes, if you are a keen

gardener, they really do have some great bits here.

I thought it was also worth mentioning that I tend to come here when I need something

seasonal because they do some great seasonal ranges. So if we're ever doing anything for

Halloween or Christmas or like this time of year, it was actually Valentine's Day. So

I thought I would show you some of the seasonal items they had for Valentine's day decorations

and little gifts, as well. Just things that I could purchase really reasonably and surprise

the kids with. I saw this little soft toy that says You Are My Lobster and I was joking

to Matt that I was going to get that for him because he's my lobster. Yeah, they do the

little key chains, little appreciation notes, just all kinds of different things. And like

I said, at Halloween, they do some great fairy light pumpkin's and stuff. And then at Christmas,

they do some great accessories that you can give to your elves. And yeah, they had chocolates,

flowers, little gifts that I just think the kids would love or if we were having some

kind of party or we needed a few little decorations, I could definitely get it in here.

Next up, I wanted to talk about toys. I feel like they can be a bit hit and miss in Poundland,

but you can get four Play Dohs for a pound there. You can also pick up little things

that, again, would be great if you were going on a trip and you needed something to entertain

them while you were traveling. You can get two packs of cards or dominoes as well. I

actually picked these up because that was part of the boy's homework to play that. They

also do some really cute bath toys. You can get these little pens for the bath and little

alphabet letters as well. So I've got them cause we're trying to teach Jackson his alphabet

at the moment.

The baby section I also used to really like when the boys were little. They had great

little baby cups, weaning spoons, and I'm still using the little baby flannels that

you can get there. I have about three packs of these and they're still going strong as

well. So I thought it was worth mentioning that. And then I also spotted that they do

these little mattress protectors which I picked up because that's the sort of stage we're

at with Jackson now.

And then, yeah, the last thing I wanted to show you guys is the toothpaste. They have

loads of beauty stuff in there but I tend to not buy anything except for the toothpaste.

And I also pick up floss as well. I don't get toothbrushes there because we use electric.

But I like that you can get brand name Aquafresh and also the floss as well.

All right, so that's it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. That is everything

I got in Poundland today and also the things that I tend to always go there for. But I

would love to know in the comments if there is anything I'm missing out on, if there's

anything that you get when you're there, let me know down below. And I thank you so much

for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you in my next one. Bye, guys.