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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDS EAT FILIPINO SNACKS! | Kids Vs. Food

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♪ (French accordion music) ♪

(screencaps whoosh)

- (FBE) So today, you're going to try Filipino snacks.

- What? What's a Filipino snack?

- Is that spicy?

- It's probably not going to be the best thing in the world.

- I'm Filipino.

I feel kind of nervous because there's stuff I've never heard of

or my mom has told me about and I don't like the sound of it.

- (FBE) The subscribers have asked us to have you try

a lot of different types of Filipino foods, including snacks,

so we got some of the most requested for you to try today

and might even do more in the future.

- We got you.

I love anything that's food.

- The viewers are requesting this.

That's why I'm scared.

- I watch some Filipino YouTubers.

They talk about their snacks that they have,

and they seem kinda good.

- I'm excited because I'm hungry,

so I'm just gonna dig right in.

- (FBE) Here is your first snack.

- This looks like dog food.

- Is it hard? Okay.

It looked like a nut, but a carmelized nut.

- It looks like those garlic... some sort of nut.


- I guess one's a corn nut.

- It smells like corn nut, it tastes like a corn nut.

But I don't know what kind.

It's probably not barbecue.

- (FBE) So that was Boy Bawang.

It's a corn chip with Adobo seasoning.

- This is too good.

I feel like I really want to eat the whole cup.

- I like it.

It's way sweeter than usual nuts.

- I really don't know what Adobo is.

- (FBE) Adobo is a popular dish in the Philippines

that has meat, seafood, or veggies, marinated in a sauce

of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic.

So that's what you should be tasting from these chips.

- Yuck!

- I don't really taste much vinegar. I taste a lot of garlic.

- I love these. Can I take these home?

- (FBE) Here is your next one.

- It's squishy.

- Ooh, it smells like chocolate.

- Is this like sweet bread? Is it cake?

- This is super foamy.

It makes my mouth really dry.

- It's kind of bland.

It does not taste as great it smells.

- When you bite into it, it just crumbles everywhere

in your mouth and it has a weird aftertaste.

- It's so sweet!

It tastes like cake, except it's drier.

- (FBE) That was a mocca cake.

It's a mocca flavored sponge cake.

- It's a cake? It tastes terrible.

Cakes don't taste terrible.

- I like it.

It just tastes like chocolate.

- I would like to try more flavors, like strawberry, vanilla.

I think I would like it a lot.

- (FBE) Here's your next one. - Chocolate!

- Om!

Mmm, what? Whoa.

What? It tastes like nuts.

What is happening?

- Peanut butter. Chocolate peanut butter.

- Hmmm. Sweet.

It just melts in your mouth.

- That feels like I'm gonna have a sugar rush, even after one.

- It tastes like a nut,

but if you put a ton of it packed into one bite.

- I don't really like it.

I'm not a fan of peanuts.

- (FBE) That was a Choc Nut.

It's a popular chocolate candy in the Philippines

made with milk, chocolate, and peanuts.

- Best candy ever 2017.

- Milk chocolate is probably, by far, my favorite chocolate.

- (FBE) Here is your next one.

(wrapper crinkles) - Do I got to take off the wrapper?

What? What is this stuff?

- The inside kinda looks like rocks, but I'm speculating

this probably would be chocolate or hard chocolate.

- It doesn't smell like anything except for salt.


- Looks like a dried plum.


- Are most of these candy? - (FBE) Um, maybe.

(wrapper crinkling) - Dad, don't get mad at me.

Aah, hard!

Oh, that's hard.

- Ow, ow, ow, ow. It is SO-- it is kind of hard

and gummy-like.

It tastes like raisins.

- Whenever I try biting into it, it just doesn't work.

Its defenses are impenetrable!

- (FBE) So that was a salted tamarind.

It's a little pod-like fruit. - Oh, it's a fruit?

Well, that's new.

- That explains the thing in the middle.

- I didn't like its texture, and I didn't like its taste,

and I didn't like anything about it.

- (FBE) So your last one is more of a dessert than a snack,

but we get a lot of requests for it,

so we wanted you to give it a try.

- Uh, what's this?

- (gasping) Oh, it's cold!

- I want to see what's at the bottom.

It looks like corn.

Ugh! Corn on a dessert?

What is this?

- It looks weird!

There's a gooey thing on the side with sesame seeds on top.

- Huh-ho-ho! This actually looks kinda delicious.

- No, no, no. No, no.

That tastes like almond milk, and I'm not really an almond milk fan.

- It is Halo-halo.

I have to--

So there's the ube ice cream and then there's the flan.

I haven't had this for a while.

And then there's the crushed ice.

And then there's that milk part,

and then at the bottom is a jello.

- I like the purple stuff but not everything else.

- I thought it was gonna taste like ice cream.

And it doesn't.

- (FBE) This is called Halo-halo, which translates to "Mix-mix."

Some of its ingredients include ice cream, sweet ube,

sweet beans, flan, and jackfruit.

- I like that it has a lot of components,

so it has a lot of different flavors, but then they still go together.

- I don't like it.

It's just too fruity.

- I would tell a lot of people to try this.

This is amazing.

- (FBE) For the poll, which one of these Filipino snacks

would you recommend people eat? - Halo-halo.

- The Choc Nut.

- The mocca sponge cake.

- You would like the Choc Nut.

- The Halo-halo... 'cause it's like ice cream.

- Choc Nut. It tastes like peanuts and chocolate

and that's my baby.

- I recommend trying the Halo-halo.

It's probably the most delicious dessert I've ever tasted.

- The Halo-halo because it was really sweet

and it tasted like a milkshake and it has a bunch of different flavors.

It has something sweet, something savory, something sour.

Like, they have a lot of variety in their snacks.

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