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Hello everyone, welcome back to my Fannie's Cooking Channel, I want to share this video with you

How to make delicious banana pancakes with this banana

I prepared a banana here and put this banana in this bowl

Then you can mash this banana with a fork

This banana has been pressed into puree

Now i want to add two eggs

Then mix the eggs with this puree and mix well

Here is 70 grams of sugar

Continue to stir evenly

Here I prepared a 150g pancake powder

Pour all the banana mash mixture that has been stirred just now into this pancake powder

Then continue to stir and mix well

After stirring, I have prepared 40 grams of melted unsalted butter, and pour this butter into the puree.

Because the pancake made with butter will be smoother and tender, and the butter is very fragrant

Turn on a small fire to heat up the pot

Put a little vegetable oil on the surface of the pot

Pour all the banana mixture that has been stirred just now into this non-stick pan

Next, Im going to cut the other banana into small pieces and decorate it in this pot

Put it on this batter as a little decoration

Then you can put the lid on the pot, low heat for 15 to 20 minutes

You can remove the lid when the time is over

Take a larger plate and cover it, turn the other side of the pan over and fry

Fry the other side of the pancake for about five minutes

OK time is over, remove the lid of the pot

The delicious banana pancake is ready, hope you all will like it

Now I want to cut it out for everyone to see

It's really soft and delicious

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