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Oh gross don't touch what's in the toilet

of what came out of daddy

[Music] Having fun with the Famtastic Five.

Having fun with the Famtastic Five!

Really dude, why do you have to sit on me?

Squish Elin!


We're going to squish Elin! There we go!

Ahhhh! [Laughter]

Hey guys!

Welcome to Famtastic Five we're glad that you guys are

here and back and watch this again.

Aren't we glad?


Hey just wanted to let you guys

know we're going to have a lot of fun today!


Elin: I'm eating vanilla yogurt!

Logan: Hi!


Just wanted to let you

know that we're gonna have a lot of fun.

Today today we are (Logan: Hi) going to go [Laughter]

Gonna go down up terrifying slide into a

kiddie pool of 100. . .

Would you say about 100,000?

Elin: One hundred thousand, million,

Evan: Orbeez!!!!

Elin: Patrillion Orbeez!

About 100,000 Orbeez

Mom: 120,000


Miss Math here. She knows what she's talking about!

120,000 orbeez!

So enjoy guys!

Mom: He's done, bye! [Laughter]

So I'm removing the staples that are in

the box here. This is a . . I have a

refrigerator box and also a stove box

I guess you should say.

The stove box came with a

bunch of staples in it and I have a

feeling that Elin and Evan

would uh. Would you want to have staples in your but

as you're going down?


Okay I'm taking care of it.

Evan: Cause it would be ouchy, ouchy!

Elin: There's some in the back of the box Daddy!

And we're coloring the window.

This is what the staple looks like. Let's see if I can focus on it.

I would say that would probably hurt.

And we're going to try

to color all the window

Elin: That's brown

Evan: Elin, this one's blue.

Daddy: There you have some special markers.

Elin: So our famtastic friend

came over and she colored green, that one and this one.

And part of that and I colored part of that.

Elin: And I also colored the yellow!

The instructions on our Orbeez say to level one

teaspoon of beads in a large container

and three cups of water. So I put a teaspoon

of the beads in here three cups of water

and Elin's going to dump it in our large container.

And we got . . .

20,000 Orbeez or something like that.

So we're not sure how many that's going to

make but hopefully it'll be as much

as we need to fill are pool.

This is going to be awesome!

Tornado of Orbeez!

I can easily, like juggle!

Dad: You can juggle them!

Mom: Oh, yeah!

How long do they take?

A whole night!

That's right!

So hopefully tomorrow morning we can do this, huh?

Evan: Yeah!

Please get an egg. [Shaking]

Please get an egg.



Evan: Weird

We got the slide done.

Hopefully it works really good tomorrow.

Mom: He's trying to crawl in there today!

Mom: Aren't you bud?

Dad: Hey Logan?

Dad: Logan?

Dad: Are you excited?

Mom: What are you trying to get?

Mom: Can you say ball

Logan: Buh-Ball


Ok Evan!

Elin and Evan found some extra cardboard

we have leftover.



Dad: Look at that Orbee?

Dad: That's a bug huge white orbee!

Evan: That's a balloon!

Dad: Oh, that's a balloon.

Logan: Baboon

Dad: Balloon

Logan: Baboon!

Dad: Baboon!


I'm going down first!

Elin: I'm scared!

Dad: Geronimo!

Evan: Gooooo!



Elin: Really?

Dad: How did it work?

Dad: Is it cool?

Elin: I got my butt wet!

Dad: You did get your butt wet?

Evan: I"m going down second!



Dad: Was that fun?

Elin: How did it feel?


Mom: Is that better?

Dad: Oh, is that better?

Elin: No, my bum is wet!

Dad: Well yeah! [Laughter]

Elin: Can you get some more . . .

Mom: Did that slide work better though?

Elin: Yeah!

Dad: Here we go!

Evan: [Screaming]

Dad: [Laughter]

Evan: [Screaming]

Dad: [Laughter]

Evan: [Screaming]

Dad: [Laughter]

Dad: Into a bunch of Orbeez!

Elin: Your bum is wet!

Dad: You got an orbee bum!

Elin: Orbee bum!

Elin: Evan's got an orbee bum!

Elin: Evan's got an orbee bum!

Mom: And I even took a lot of the water out!

Elin: [Screaming]

Mom: And I even took a lot of water out!

Elin: [Screaming]

Elin: [Screaming]

Dad: [Laughter]

Dad: Oh, she's taking an Orbee bath!

Evan: [Screaming]

Evan: Do you know this is so fun!

Evan: We go like, shhhpeeewww down!

Evan: And then we like splash into it!

Elin: And Logan might want to go in.

Evan: And we get our bums wet!

Dad: Elin's going face first@

come on down!

Elin: [Screaming]


Dad: Now her front is all wet!

Dad: Evan's turn!

Elin: No it feels so good!

Elin: [Grunt]

Elin: Throw these at Evan!

Mom: Whoooo!

Mom asking Logan: Do you want to try it bears?

Evan:I'm going to do belly first!

Evan: Head first!

Dad: Alright, come on down!


Elin: It's my turn!

Dad: Is that fun Evan?

Elin: Come on Evan, I'm waiting!

Evan: I'm going to throw Orbeez at you.

Dad: Come on down Elin!

Elin: [Screaming]

Dad: That's a lot of Orbeez guys!

They are getting all over!

Luckily we have plastic here!

You know what?

I think Daddy wants to do it!

Evan: No you will break something!

Dad: No I'm going to do it!

Elin: No you're not

Dad: Here goes!

Evan: Daddy, you might break a leg!

Dad: You think I'm going to break a leg?

I better not!

Mom: I think you are!

I'm going to be very careful but here

I go down the terrifying Orbeez slide!

Mamma ready?

Mom: Yeah [Reluctantly]

Dad: Here I go!

Dad: [Screaming like a baby]


Dad: That's awesome!

Hold on I got to get out of here!

Mom: Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

Dad: Come on Logan!

Dad: weeeee! Come on all the way down!


Dad: Oooh, that's fun!

Mom: Bear, you did it!

Evan: Head first!


Mom: Superman!

Mom: And Wonder woman!

Dad: Here comes a mermaid down!

Elin:That's not a mermaid!

Dad: Do one more! Whoa!!

Evan: My turn!

Mom: Watch out!

[Kids laughing]

Elin: I think he wants to go down

Mom: I think the green from the box is coming off on their clothes.

cause Elin's leggings are all messed up!

Elin: I went so fast!


Dad: Ok, go ahead.

Go ahead Logan.

Dad: Don't push him though!

Dad: Don't push him though! Just let him down slowly.

Well guys this is what you call a fail

trying to take the Orbeez out into the

garage and the garbage bag failed on you

Another fun clean up day.

Hey by the way what would you guys like

to see next go up in the poll up there

would you like to see is diving the

popcorn, cheese balls

I guess some pasta.

Evan: Or mashed potatoes!

Dad: Mashed potatoes!

Oh my goodness!

Evan: Or mashed carrots!

Dad: Mashed carrots

We'll have some stuff on the poll up there and if

you have any ideas

maybe if we didn't put a good idea in

there why don't you put in the comments

below give it a big like and subscribe


Dad: Oh my goodness Elin and Evan come down here quick!

Dad: Come down stairs! Hurry up!

Come down here!

I just used the toilet

come here hurry up

look what happened during sliding down a

slide oh my goodness. I used the toilet and a bunch of

Orbeez came out! Did that happen to

you guys after going on the slide?

Elin and Evan: Noooo!

Dad: What? It's scary all those Orbeez

they all came out of me!

Gross you touched my, oh gross!

You don't want to touch what came out of me!



Oh gross don't what's in the toilet!

Evan: [Giggling]

Oh Gross now your putting it on your face!

Evan: Plastic in there!

Dad: Oh Gross!


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