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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English Slang Words - School and Studying

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English slang words about school from

espresso English dotnet today I'll teach

you 15 slang words about school and

studying after you learn the slang words

and listen to the pronunciation I

suggest that you pause the video and say

the words and sentences out loud then at

the end try the quiz to review the words

and test your knowledge number one ace a

test if you ace a test it means you get

a very good grade for example how'd you

do on the chemistry test

I aced it number two cram to cram means

to study a lot in a short period of time

for example are you going to the party


now I have to cram for my history test

number three cut class to cut class

means not to go to a class when you're

supposed to attend for example I'm gonna

cut math class so that I can finish this

project for biology okay I'll tell the

professor you're sick

number four drop a class drop a class

means you stop taking that class

permanently for example I'm really

stressed out this semester I'm thinking

of dropping a class number five hit the


hit the books means study for example I

gotta go hit the books

I have a final exam tomorrow number six

pop quiz a pop quiz is a surprise quiz

when the teacher gives the class a quiz

without previous warning for example we

had a pop quiz in philosophy class today

I was completely unprepared number seven

flunk the word flunk is an informal way

to say fail get a grade that is not


on a test or in a course for example

I've flunked economics three times

really maybe you should get a tutor

number eight slack off slack off means

getting lazy and not working hard for

example a lot of students start to slack

off near the end of the school year

number nine dorm dorm is short for

dormitory the place where college

students live for example how's your

dorm it gets a little noisy on weekends

but in general I like it number 10 quad

quad refers to a rectangular area

surrounded by buildings on a college


for example where's Jenny

she's sunbathing out on the quad number

11 Freshman Fifteen

this expression refers to people gaining

weight in the first year of college many

students in their first year living at

college and away from home gained up to

15 pounds of extra weight we call this

the freshman 15 for example I go to the

gym everyday so that I don't gain the

freshman 15 the word freshman refers to

a first-year student at a college or

university we have specific words for

students in each year so a freshman is a

first-year student this word is used for

both men and women a sophomore is a

second-year student a junior is a

third-year student and a senior is a

fourth-year student these words are

actually used for both high school and

college so you can say a high school

senior for someone in their fourth year

of high school or a college senior for

someone in their fourth year of

university number twelve


if you have a full-ride it means you

have a scholarship that pays for 100% of

the education for example she got a full

ride to the state university thanks to

her good grades in high school

number 13 senioritis this is when

students who are in their last year of

college or high school get lazy and stop

working hard because they know that they

will finish their studies soon

for example even the best students often

get senioritis just before they graduate

number 14 pull an all-nighter

if you pull an all-nighter it means you

stay awake the whole night usually

studying for example I had to pull an

all-nighter to finish writing my paper

for history class number 15 frat frat is

short for fraternity which is a social

organization of male college students

for example my brother joined a frat his

first year of college to make new

friends fraternities are often known for

their parties which are called frat

parties okay now try the quiz to test

your knowledge of these slang words

click on the link in the video to go

ahead and try it you can learn hundreds

of English slang words in my ebook about

slang and informal English just click on

the link in the video for more

information and some free samples

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