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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Are You A Supertaster? Taste Test ft. AsapSCIENCE

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Today we're gonna put our tongues to the test.

Both: Let's talk about that.

( theme music playing )

Good mythical morning.

We have got a tasty ton of show for you today,

including but not limited to finding out what happens

when you get angry, it could get ugly.

The strangest shades of lipstick outside Chris Angel's

medicine cabinet, and we also try to crack Google's

stupid question algorithm.

Yes, but first when you hear "super powers," you probably

think super strength, super sight,

or supercalifragilistic-- expialidocious.

- Of course. - I almost said that right, not quite right.


Yeah, but it turns out that you might have a real life

super power that you don't even know about!

Yes, one in four people are something that is called

a super taster.

The ability to taste things in a superheroish type way.

And, Link, I am hoping, hoping that this is what you are

because it would explain your extreme pickiness.

Just explain so many years of frustration.

So I'm really hoping for your sake that you are one.

I know that I am not one.

Well now that you point it out, I guess I am too.

So we're gonna see if we are, or see if I am.

And since we need four people to conduct this experiment,

we're gonna get a little help from "ASAP Science,"

it's time for...



He's super tasty. ♪

We are here with the "ASAP Science" guys,

Mitchell and Gregory.

Actually my name is Bat Mandable.

And I'm the Patriotic Pallet.

Yes, that's right, we're all dressed as super tasting superheroes.

I am the Incredible Gulp.

And I am The Lick.

Because one of us, any one of us, guys,

could be an actual super taster.

So we just want to be prepared.

I just don't know how you can be a patriotic pallet,

- you're Canadian. - I know!

This feels really wrong.

I was forced into this.

But I've always thought of you as a Batman.

Yeah, no, I wear this all the time.

I will also use this for other purposes.

Okay, so here's how this is gonna work,

super tasters are the most sensitive to four specific

categories, we've got spiciness, bitterness,

fat content, and carbonation.

So with that in mind, we're gonna have four different rounds

where we taste things that have a little bit more

of one of those things and we figure out if we can

detect which one has more of that particular--

Thereby determining who is the superest of tasters,

let's get to it.

Okay, apparently super tasters can tell the difference

between low and high fat content in milk.

So we have before us some milkshakes.

But of course we don't do normal milk.

These are mac and cheese milkshakes.

One of them is made with half and half and the other one

is made with whole milk.

That's a slight difference, now.

Half and half has more fat than whole milk.

But not as much as cream, which we didn't use.

Which is what you use in Canada?

Yep, we have creamy milk.

- You just go all the way? - All out or not.

We go half.

Let's taste these things and see which one has the

most fat which would--

Why is it warm?

It's very warm.

- Is it just cheese? - I'm starting with one.

Is everybody starting with one?

It makes the most sense, I think.

Can't even suck it up.

This is a thick milkshake.

Oh man, bringing all the boys to the yard.

Oh man, it bypassed my mouth and went in my throat.

I'll tell you right now, that is good.

It is good! You don't like it?

- No. - Oh my God.

It's like drinking liquid cheese, which I'm all about.

Yeah. No, this is delicious.

Now I'm gonna go for two, you guys want to join me?

I love this.


It is warmer.

Does that mean anything? Does fat hold heat more?

No, that has nothing to do with super--

that's super feeling with your tongue.

It's tough, I think I immediately know.

I think that I know too.

The one that's warmer feels like it has more fat in it.

Because it's warmer.

Oh, yeah? Is that right Rhett?

Stevie: You guys ready for the guess?

All right, so we have our paddles, let's pull them out.

I'm pretty confident.

- You are? - I think so.

I'm not a super taster.

Stevie: Okay here we go, three, two, one.

- One. - Two!

I'm correct and alone in this.

This one has more fat, it does.

How do you know? You just taste it?

Well I'm a super taster.

Okay we're about to find out.

Stevie: The milkshake with more fat is number one.

( all hollering )

- Mr. Link. - Go, Link.

You might be digging yourself out of a lifelong

hole here.

Okay now we're gonna taste for bitterness

and we're using bitters to taste for bitterness.

Usually you put bitters into like a Manhattan, a cocktail.

But this ain't Good Mythical Cocktail Hour,

this is Good Mythical Morning so we've got Manhattan clam chowder.

With bitters, which'll be great, I'm sure.

Are there bitters in both or just bitters in one?

There's more bitters in one than--

Oh, okay so they're both gonna taste--

So it's not just detecting bitter,

it's detecting which is bitterer.

I'm more of a New England clam chowder.

Yeah, what's Manhattan?

Manhattan means there's no cream.

Yeah, the creamy one is the New England.

I did not know there was such thing as non-cream ones.

It tastes better than that for sure.

- Oh. - Yeah, it's not good.

( speaking over each other )

It tastes like Christmas took a dump in my clam chowder.

- That's disgusting. - I can't tell.

Why are you so bitter about Christmas all of a sudden?

It wasn't that it tasted bitter, it tasted spicy.

Oh, I think I know.

This costume's true, I am a super taster, I got this one.

Ooh, got it, all over it.

I feel pretty confident about this one.

I think this is the most disgusting thing I've ever had.

I'm confident this is horrible.

To me it feels pretty straightforward.

Stevie: Alright here we go, three, two, one.

- Two. - One.

- Oh I said two. - I said one!

Wait, what?

- Yeah, I thought two was, you're with me. - I thought one.

I can tell 'cause you're holding up the one.

What's the correct answer?

How do I indicate what I thought? Oh, with this.

Stevie: The chowder that's more bitter is chowder two.

( all hollering )

Welcome to super tasting zone!

You are so good!

How do you know?

This was so much more bitter to me.

My annoyance with you is softening.

Super tasters can also detect different levels

of carbonation.

Before us we have two sodas with different levels

of carbonation and also some Pop Rocks with white tape

over where it says Pop Rocks.

It does say Pop Rocks on the back, I found it.

( laughter )

- Pop Rocks. - Can't cover it all, boys.

Big fans, not a sponsor.

Pop Rocks has nothing to do with this except

that it's gonna make it more fun.

- More elevated. - And maybe more difficult.

Yeah, I think that it-- it's an essential part of--

So you're putting Pop Rocks in your mouth first,

not in the drink.

'Cause I could see that Link was about to put--

Yeah, I was.

- All right, so... - We're doing the whole thing of this?

- Pop Rock it up. - Take a little bit.

As you wish.

( mumbling )

- Oh, wow. - Don't swallow, you'll die.

You remember that urban legend.

A super taster, Link, should be able to get

right through this.

Oh, it stings, man.

There's a lot of things happening in the back of my throat.

Again, this is super easy.

I got this one in the bag.

No, I think I know this one too.

Oh, my God, my mouth.

A lot of Pop Rocks.

That was actually so hard.

It's like heat mouth, it's a super power.

This is amazing, though.

- Okay, man... - ( laughs )

If I'm wrong about this one, I just feel like I should just quit

'cause it seems so obvious to me.

This one feels obvious, but I've said that every time.

Yeah, me too.

That's why I have no confidence at all.

Stevie: Alright let's see, three, two, one.

- Two definitely. - Two.

- Yes. - Two definitely, right?

We all said two.

Stevie: The more carbonated soda is two.

Okay now we're gonna taste for spiciness.

One of these ice cubes has more drops of Satan's Blood

hot sauce in it than the other.

And let me say before we do this, Link,

because you've gone three for three--

- I have. - And this is our last test.

If you get this right you've got a clean sweep,

you are definitely a super taster, and I promise

to never complain about your pickiness again.

Did he say never?

- I heard never. - He did.

Let me say, this is like a big part of our lives, man.

Since we were, like, six.

I mean a comedy foil is gonna be gone from our comedic duo if you get this.

- I'm cool with that. - Do you need to shake this?

- Okay. - Yeah, you guys can shake.

Does it count with the blue?

Lift the leg, deal.

- Okay. - Wow.

( laughter )

Listen, I may make annoyed faces because I can't help that.

But I might cut my eyes at the camera,

the people will know that I'm annoyed.

But I will not say anything, okay? To you.

I'll just go home to my wife and complain.

You guys are here for this as witnesses.

I'm just gonna, I'm gonna lick first.

A super taster would swallow it whole,

- I'm just saying. - You're the super taster.


I know I'm not a super taster.

I have nothing to prove!

Yes, I do.

Shoot, I'm nervous now.

I'm just gonna do a little.

- Oh, I hate that, oh, no. - Oh, gosh!

How do you know if you're just weak verses a super taster?

- Oh, gosh. - I don't even want to do this one.

I think I need to burp, fart, and die at the same time.

- I don't know what-- - That happens when you die.

You burp and fart.

A lot of times you just completely crap.

A lot of people don't like to deal with that reality.

Here come the hiccups.

- ( belches ) - You're lying.

He's burped, he's probably farted, and now he's about to die.

There's a hiccup, now I'm hiccupping.

I'm hiccupping, burping, farting, and dying.

I can't do the second one.

If it's worse, especially.

I feel pretty confident

that I know which one is spicier.

Did you do both?

I did do both and I think that--

I think Link is gonna detect this one.

The only thing that is gonna redeem this moment

is if I get it right.

- All right, I'm ready. - ( Link coughs )

Stevie: Three, two, one.


- Oh I said one. - One!

Oh, this is it.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


Stevie: The spicier cube is one.

- No! - Yes! Yes!

He's not a super taster.

He's a pretty good taster, but he's not a super taster.

I will still complain.

- Oh that's a shame. - You were so close.

I feel for you.

Look, the Lick is going into hiding.

The Lick couldn't lick.

Alright stick around for the next video to see

if we can take some weird sounding lipsticks

and rub them all over our employees' lips.

Link: How you smell me now?

Get a bottle of our brand-new Mythical Number 9 fragrance

online now at

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