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so i recently watched shadow and bone i quite enjoyed it, it's a good series

but as a true crafter somewhere halfway the series i was like

those keftas would make a really nice daily wear coat so i was thinking about ideas about

what i wanted to do for the kefta and at the end of the series that had turned into a full

let's cosplay the darkling because i absolutely do not have a type of characters that i cosplay

however the darklings kefta if i want to make it i probably want to do it full in goldwork

embroidery i have never done any embroidery before and this is going to be a humongous project

so i'm still a bit doubting on whether i'm actually going to cosplay him

and you know what happens when you're not sure if you're actually going to cosplay something

you're starting on it anyways so i have already started making kirigans's ring and

that's what this video will be about i'm going to show you how i made the ring for my potential

kirigan cosplay so without further ado let's get crafting

with the reference images on hand we can start crafting

the entire base of this ring will be made from worbla

we are going to start by determining the size of the base band

for sturdiness this band will be made with a double layer of worbla after cutting the

two strips out they are stuck to each other and wrapped around my finger and the band is closed up

next we can start adding the two raised edges for this we cut two really small strips

and stick them to the edges of the band

then we can add the claw part of the ring it is a bit of trial and

error on the dimensions but i cut an elongated triangle to serve as the base

after that we can start making use of the fact that you can clay with worbla a strip of scrap

worbla was cut and rolled together in the shape of the triangle and then stuck on top of it

and looking at the references there is a groove on either side of the claw so that was molded in to

this could then in its entirety be stuck on the band of the ring

i left a small overhang at the end of the triangle

so it could be partially attached on the inside of the ring for extra sturdiness

and that's it for the base let's start decorating

at the base of the claw bit there is a small nail-like circle so another piece of scrap worbla

was molded to look like a nail and this could then also be stuck on the band at the base of the claw

leaving enough space so rhinestone could be added later

and that's it currently for kirigan's ring i tried putting on the filigree but anything i

can make with worbla is just way too big for this i mean it already has to be tiny filigree

and my fingers are already tiny and then the filigree has to be ridiculously tiny

but hey it's a ring it has a nice sharp tip and it fits me it fits me really well i have to twist

it pretty hard to get off but i can get it off i can put it on my thumb and give a nice scratch

for the second part of the ring we're going to need to make tiny tiny squigglies

at first i didn't know exactly what they were but someone in the shadow and bone cosplay discord was

so kind as to send me a picture of a ring they bought somewhere so yeah it's basically going

to be tiny squigglies i already tried to make them with worbla but worbla couldn't roll

small enough to make them so we're going to try and do it with friendly plastic instead

which means i'm going to need more heat gunning and will have to be slightly quick

about it because today is going to be a really warm day so i want to have this done before

the sun really turns into this room anyway um as i already did some friendly

plasticking before we've got some leftover bits so i'm just going to roll those out

this stuff really does stick to everything so it's going to be fun to work with

because these squigglies are super super tiny i don't expect that i'm going to make them exactly

as on the picture but we're just going to try and see if we can make something like it

to make sure this thing doesn't roll anywhere and i can heat it up a bit

further i'm sticking it to the other bit of friendly plastic so it shouldn't roll away now

there we go that works a lot better

now all i need to make sure is that it doesn't stick to the paper which

can uh never mind so i think i'm going to try and make only the last squiggly which has all

the fanning bits i think with the width of this that is already going to take up this entire area

and already enough of a challenge to put on here so let's see if we can put that on there

i think the easiest is to make the entire bottom part from one squiggly

yeah like that now we need to make sure that we can actually get it on there

and like have to flip it and then we'll just stick it on here i guess

oh it's not the prettiest but it's better than anything so far

now i want two more to go that way and that way this one doesn't have to be heated up

that much because it just doesn't have to be shaped that much and this is way too long

slowly getting there i guess

hmm i'm not entirely sure i mean it doesn't look too good but um my fingers are tiny

i think actually it looks pretty okay

for reference we're really working on small scale here

the thing is now that i have to replicate this on the other side

this side is actually turning out already a lot more delicate than that side

yeah now two more of those stripes i'm thinking if i just fold this

i can just put all of this on in one go

so on the side that we did second it became a bit more of a clump than i had hoped but

nonetheless i think it still looks okay and on the other side it's just not that refined

but again i think it looks pretty okay i mean right now it shows extra clearly because it's

white on black but soon it will all be silver so the details show up less anyway and i mean

it's something so tiny honestly i don't mind if it's slightly imperfect

so that means that the next step is to paint this entire thing silver

this is what the ring looks like after a few more coats of silver paint which means that it's time

for the last coat of paint which is a black wash kind of coat for that i grabbed a simple black

acrylic paint which i watered down pretty far so you get a rather watery kind of paint

what we can do then is grab a tiny bit of paint and make sure that we can paint it in between all

of the cracks and let me grab a piece of toilet paper and we can slightly remove the paint again

which means that the paint is left in all the edges and we get the kind of weathered effect

that i'm looking for then we can proceed to do this for the entire ring

personally i quite like the look of the black over the silver

so i try to make sure that i have some paint everywhere

with the black on top of it you can also see less color difference between the swirlies and the rest

of the ring because that's of course made from a different material so that ties it in as well and

with that i think we've got a pretty nice darkling ring there is still a gemstone missing here but

i'm only going to add that later as i don't currently have it yet and that means this is it

i hope it was informative if you really liked it please consider subscribing if you really liked it

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