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Dear visitors, dear exhibitors thanks for

watching our first youtube video.

Next to me sits Verena Elsen

And this is the Maximilian Metzler

We are both part of the exhibitor support of Friedhelm Merz Verlag.

We organize the SPIEL in Essen

and this year it takes place for the..?

It's the 36th time this year.

Exactly and if you look at how SPIEL has been the last years

and has now developed and

is currently developing

then you can only be amazed.

This year there are really big stands in all halls

No matter where you go it's just impressive, when I see it on the plans I'm definitely very excited.

There's also a whole new hall this year. We'll get to that in a moment.

Through all these changes and growth, we want to seize the opportunity and restructure everything a little bit.

Before I forget I would like to announce a competition which will be announced at the end of the video.

There's gonna be a question we're gonna ask you. I hope you stay till the end.

Let's just get started. Not much has changed in Halls 1 and 3.

There you can still find the old national and international publishers you know

We have the first real change in Hall 2.

It was mixed last year. There were board games, fantasy games and role-playing games.

The fantasy and role-playing games have their own hall this year. But as I said before, we'll tell you more about it in a moment.

This year there will be classic board and card games in Hall 2.

These include publishers such as ADC Blackfire, Corax Games, The Pokemon Company, Ankarma and many more.

And as already mentioned, Hall 4 also has huge stands everywhere. For example, there will be a French joint stand with the following publishers:

Bluecocker Games, Le Scorpion Masque, BLAM!, Le Jeux du Lac, Nuts Publishing, KIWI World, Lamba Jack Studios and Studio Twin together on one stand and that is very exciting.

They get competition from the British.

Because they have a joint stand with Alleycat Games, Raincrack Games, Inside the Box Publishing, Room 17 Games and Theme Born.

And those who sprinted to the Feuerland stand in Hall 3 last year will have to make it to Hall 4 this year.

Because this year he will be represented there with a huge area. It's crazy how everything turns out.

And whoever buys all these games diligently may be too lazy to carry them at the fair but there is also a solution.

There is also a shipping service in Hall 4, where you can send your games home in comfort.

Then we come to the new Hall 5, which last year was still Hall 8 and Hall 6. There you will also find board and card games.

There's Boardgamegeek's stand this year. So there are many large and small national and international publishers in this hall, such as Play Fusion.

They're new and have a huge booth. Also here is the company Djeco. This is a totally sweet publisher from France.

They have really nice children's games.

The authors' workshop is also still in this hall. So it is worthwhile in any case also to look in there.

Let's come to the new Hall 6, which was also newly built by Messe Essen and once again huge. I know I've said that a lot today, but you'll see for yourself.

The new Hall 6 is known for role-playing games, fantasy, miniature games and comics. At least she'll be known for it.

There you will find exhibitors like Games Workshop, Ulisses Spiele, the Uhrwerkverlag and very special we are happy to welcome Panini again this year.

And those who like comics and illustrations will also find Drawing Avenue in this hall.

This hall has its own entrance and its own wardrobe and that is our keyword.

Because some cosplayers and LARPers will remember last year. There, those in full costumes had free entry on Sunday.

We thought that this year the first 100 full costumed people would come in for free through the entrance to Hall 6.

So the first 100 come in for free every day.

So get up early and dress up. Come on over! We are very curious!

Our children's paradise is back in the Galeria. There are lots of children's animations to play and play with. This year here are companies like

This year here are companies like Hape, Beleduc, Jumbo, Amigo, Epoch Traumwiesen and many already know if you are hungry you should get your money's worth in the Galeria

There is a huge selection of different food on offer.

With so many changes you lose the overview and to avoid that we are doing the SPIEL GUIDE this year!

It's a new format. It's a magazine you can get at the entrances for free.

We'll spread it out there. And if you don't want to wait so long and prepare yourself, you can download it as a PDF from our website one week before.

There you will find a lot of useful information about the event like for example. Hall plans, the official news list published by us and program highlights.

We are almost at the end and still have a small request in own thing.

The vote for the Deutscher Spielepreis will continue until July 31. This is an audience award and therefore we ask all those who have not yet voted to do so.

The link is in the video description. It is worth participating. We are raffling game packages and entry cards for the SPIEL among all participants.

And if you want to see us not only on YouTube, but also be kept up to date in writing, then you can subscribe to our newsletter.

We created it last year and you can find the link in the video description.

We are especially active on Facebook and Twitter so we would be happy if you would follow us there.

The links are also in the video description.

As announced, there is another Facebook competition.

The quiz question is: Which halls does SPIEL'18 occupy and which entrances do you enter?

There is also a link to this competition in the video description. Just click, liken and comment with the right answer.

The winner can win 2 day tickets.

If you can't get enough from us and want to stay up to date with SPIEL, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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