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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Puppies on patrol at Werribee Zoo

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>> So our new arrivals are our working guardian dog puppies.

They fit really well.

They're about nine weeks old and they're already being prepared

to go and look after [inaudible] bandicoots in the field.

They've got different personalities.

They've both been picked because they're quite confident and calm

but this fella here he's a bit bigger than his brother

and he's a little bit more a cool customer while his little

brother is a little bit more of a ratbag.

He seems to get into trouble first, the first one

to find things he shouldn't be playing with and he loves

to ignore his bigger brother.

Next these two little dogs will be learning

about their new surroundings.

They need to learn about the animals they're looking

after so they're already being introduced to the smells

of [inaudible] bandicoots and the sheep are

around them all the time so they're already really sort

of bonding with the animals that they're meant

to guard in the future.

So as time goes on they'll spend more and more time

with those animals until it's full time .

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