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until the sixth meal and last meal everything was perceft but

in the sixth meal. the curd cheese, yoghurt and hazelnut mix wasnt so good, It created a bad taste

I am drinking to much water but the bad taste doesnt passing

ladies and gentlemen.

what did we do today ?

Henry Cavill

or witcher

or superman.

I guess you absolutely you know one of these

I am talking about this perfect actor doesnt be came famous walking or running

We are talking about a actor ,when he was flying with a red cloak on his back

he became famous

I applied Henry Cavill's routine for you

If there is someting more funny than prying someone's life it should be imitate someone's life

For that I am having so much fun when I am recording this serial

Okey, How this Henry Cevill prepared the witcher ?

To show you this question's answer with applied form today I woke up at 6.00 am

because of the king was feeding with 6 different meal

I had to prepare all of these

I ate the same thing all the day what he ate

also I applied his workout

I just ate my last meal

Now I will show you for 1 day what is Henry Cavill doing. With a applied form

In the breakfast an omeletete made with 5 egg whites and 2 whole eggs

And 40 gram rolled oats and 2 tablespoon

yeah exactly he is adding 2 tablespoons peanut butter inside it

this is a bit more

I like peanut butter but this is even too much for me

and he is making his breakfast with an apple

I prepared all of these

but I made a difference

I didnt eat 2 whole and 5 white eggs instead of in total I used 4 whole eggs

I mean my dear Hanry what is the reason to waste the yolks of the egg

Alread you are taking same nutritive values from there

what will change when you take your body 3 gram more fat

are you bro(Its a term in fityemek channel :p) brother ?

I mean let's set aside these. Separating the white egg and the yolk is an old method

No longer even bodybuilders are eating the whole egg

I had and buried breakfast. I mean it was really 4x4 balanced nice breakfast

Already I often eat rolled oats for breakfast.

I mean the breakfast wasn't so different for me.

I guess, we were almost soul mate with Henry in breakfast :p

before the second meal a little reminder

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I woke up at 6.00 am. I got tired all the day. I made food , ate food , I did traning etc all the day

I mean I worked so hard so you click and like from down. It will take one and a half seconds from your life.

What was on the second meal

Second meal was literally bro body builder meal

170 gr chicken breast beside 1 bowl rice 1 bowl broccoli

I mean bravo

You are thinking the man is famous Henry Cavill. He is eating something different . you are thkinking somethingdifferent your expection is, example they melted the orange on the entrecote

but no, chicken broccoli, rice continues

from henry cevill to hugh jackman both of them were eating same thing

from hugh jackman to ahmet brother from the our neighborhood, ahmet brother didnt suit. from hugh jackman to sertaç brother(more hard name) the bodybuilder sertaç brother in the neighborhood. everybody is eating chicken broccoly rice.

If you are making sport. If the barbell touch your hand like that. The chicken broccoly rice is entering your life.

We ate these to. Already we are eating these for years. You will ask the chicken, broccoli, rice to us.

We ate these to being a bro.

When I was cooking rice I said I will make a little difference. Like a little bit Thailand style.

Before I boiled it with no butter then I sweeten it with olive oi

I prepared a rice like it style.Such as prison food. It is happening sticky

When i was boiling broccolies i didnt kill them

I mean broccolies stayed in the hot water max 3 minutes. I left it a little bit alive.

Especially if you cant eat or dont like broccoly that means you are cooking it bad or you are burning it.

I wanted to add note between

as well as if henry watch this video maybe he cooks wrong his broccoly and learns something from us

we came third meal

Third meal is also the meal before the workout

I mean we can call it "pre workout meal". I guess he would pronounce like that.

In this meal 170 gr tuna, it has lots of protein. 2 slice fried toast bread. 1 scale whey protein. And 1 piece banana

I mean Henry to from us. Henry to from us banana squat group. Henry to following us

And he is the one of the fityemek's fans.Henry dont forget like the video when you are watching video my man.

I prepared and ate this meal like Henry

I just forgot the breads in the toast machine when i was frying them.

They got small and dried to much and they became crispy

Is this reason that I dont know but the tuna on the fried bread was so delicious.

After the third meal we are going workout.

I liked workout program. I liked it to much. And the reason was not that it was to hard ıt was perfect after when you did you are being witcher no that wasnt reason.

The training was purposive. And he has a video telling that with his trainer.

When witcher was recording what he needed like sword waving-riding horse etc. Which muscles what needs he made his traning for this principle.

And when I was doing this training I felt it was created purposive. You will understand it better when you watching it soon.

First move is Romanian Deadlift. Romanian Deadlift is one of the I liked moves.

Normal times I was working with high weight and few reps.

But Henry and his trainer doing something different. They are useing light weight and making high reps

But when they are doing the move they are doing it longer time we are calling this "time under tension". This provides lengthening the muscles.

They are doing this like that: they are doing negative and when they are dropping the barbell they drop it in the 4 secs then they stand up in 2 secs

they are doing more slow more controlled reps

goal is in there dont attribute the nervous system

I mean when you worked with more weight and more explosive or more faster that causes attribute the nervous sytsem

and this can decrease your efficiency in the day

but when you worked like you are running your muscles and you dont attribute the nervous system

and you are increasing your muscles durability

durability is important such as strength

especially when the recording series like is witcher, durability is more important

cause of you have to stay sturdy all the day

we are doing this move 3x10

second move is hyperextension

it is running same muscle groups again like the first move. But this is more insulating move

In this movement we are targeting hip and posterior chain(muscle group surrounding the spine)

We are trying increase power and durability these muscle groups

Because of these rotation and return movements or moving something when you standing up or sword tossing or when you are riding horse I am giving examples from Witcher

This area's muscle groups, posterior chain's all rings being sturdy is to important

Because this prevent your injury

And keep go these movement longer and no get tired

In this movement when we stand. we are waiting for .when we are waiting for we are squeezing the hip for 2 secs

Then we are drooping so we arent doing this movement fast

This movement is calling Reverse Shuttle in the neighborhood gyms

I mean dont be cool when we are saying hyperextension when you went to the neighborhood gym you will call it reverse shuttle

And we are doing this movement 3x10

A little advice to for you when you are doing this movement you should focus squeeze your hip not waist. S

When you did this you will understand like that when you squeezed your hip especially when you are getting down , you will feel somethings are distancing from your hip to ankle, like pulling rope

you have to feel this you should do like that

Third move is for obliques, I mean for both abdominal muscles and core area

It is a nice and benefical movement.

Also it is pleasant movement.

I know It seems so easy when you are doing it

But this movement isnt so easy

Because of you are faltering to much

Maybe you noticed when I was shaking

In this movement we are choosing correct weight and we are trying to keep it.

Left and right sides we are applying and we are standing 30 secs. We will do this 3x10

I guess we came to workout's most weird movement

His trainer talking about a movement called Three Way Shoulder Raise

And it is really weird movement. I didnt see this movement before.

But I look famous people's training progams. I examine lots of programs

I saw this first time

Goal is in here is making shoulder muscles more resistant

I mean not power. It doesnt provide throwing something 50kg but it provides keeping the 5kg longer. That is what am I talking about resistant

In here we are doing first lateral raises like all we know .Then, why I am showing this in here you are seeing in the video :p

First we are doing lateral raises then cross raises and the last one like all we know front raises

In here reps are to much.We are doing it 3x15

And shoulders are really getting tired. After a fews reps you starting shaking

Also you shouldnt shake body should stay constant

When you are doing this move in right form. It is really getting tired the shoulders

Also shoulders are important for seem big and muscular

We came last movement

This movement is harder a little bit

Because of when you are standing like that

I mean this is important for that front arm groups be strength and be more resistant

You are doing all we know biceps movent. Only difference is you are waiting for when you are doing this

When you removed the weight when you are making reps, you are trying to keep weight constant with other hand.This movement is targeting durability

This didnt push me hard like I think. I didnt do a movement like that maybe one or two same movement but it didnt push me so hard

Briefly my comment is training was pleasant and traing created for purposeful

Maybe training looks like easy but this is a routine when recordings are keep going on

We came fourth meal I mean after workout meal

We are preparing a roll in here. Again we have 170 gr chicken breast, half bowl lettuce, half bowl tomato

We have to eat these with 50 gr lavash

The plan is telling us that

So I said: its time we will make a roll that is the most senseible thing

But 50 gr lavash wasnt enough big for these materials

I first tried to do the roll. Then tomato making wet the lavash. Lavash is seeming will be disturbed. I tried but I failed.

Then I covered it with paper towel. If you will do that do this you should do this with paper towel

This is really a yummy roll. Nice you can eat. nutritional values are great

In the fifth meal he is preparing a shake. Looks like protein shake.

Of course we ate lots of meal. I was bored to chewing something

Shake is pratic. It is an easy way to get calory and protein.

Ingredients are 130 ml milk. I prefered easy way in here. I didnt use milk + protein powder. I used protein milk

40 gr oats 1 scale protein powder 2 tablespoon peanut butter

We ate total 4 tablespoon peanut butter. It is approximately 1 box peanut butter

we are preparing shake with these 4 materials. We are mixing these in blender then we drink it

Taste is so good because of we added 2 tablespoon peanut butter

When he needs take high calory maybe he is increasing the peanut butter also this makes the shake more yummy

Tactic is good who wants to get weight they can use this

After made and drank that I just ate my last meal

In here 1 bowl curd cheese 20 pieces almond 150 gr protein with yoghurt

There wasnt almond so I added hazelnut. They arent so different

This meal wasnt so good. Tasteless. IWhat will hapen if we take a little less protein. I guess Other meals balancing the daily protein requirement.

But this isnt my problem he can come to and he can buy consulcanty from me. I can write better program. I can write more tasty plan

Summarize, nutrition plan is to tasty and to tasteful. It has lots of variations and this is tasteful to.

But if you prepare these foods yourself it takes a little bit time. Who can prepare 6 different meal everyday.

But when you became Henry Cavill you arent preparing. Its time easy. You eat quickly 6 different meal

If he prepared the meals himself he doesnt have time for Witcher and Superman

But he has a really nice taste.

Especially I am comparing with Hugh Jackman. When I was recording his video I was always eating chicken broccoli and rice.

It became very boring for me and calories were to high

then this routine was very good for me. It was so tasty

Later in the series who you want see ?

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The Description of Witcher'ın Beslenme ve Antrenmanını Yaptım! (Henry Cavill)