Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do You Know Your Husband By Touch?

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(dramatic crescendo)

- Oh, I think she's gonna kill it.

She's going to absolutely crush it.

She knows my hand like the back of her hand.

(electronic music)

- Feels a little warm to be Ned's hand.

It also, the callouses are not Ned's hand.

That's not Ned.

If this isn't Ned, it's so weird.



We feel a pinky.

- [Voiceover] What are you thinking?

- I think that this is Ned's hand.

He has this little broken pinky area,

but also his hand is clammy, which is sometimes a Ned thing.

- [Voiceover] Go ahead and (mumbles)

- Oh somebody's got a really cold hand. (laughs)

And thin fingers.

Not enough flesh here.

This is not Ned's hand.

I think that hand number two is Ned.

(bouncy music)

Yes! I did it.

- She nailed it.

- I nailed it.

- Yeah she did great.

- I think I just knew when my Ned held my hand,

and I was like "Haha!"

- That's my wife.

(jazz music)

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