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Hello guys :) It's Saturday

I am making kimchi stew for the breakfast today

Let's sauté some pork and then add some kimchi in it

I don't have the footage but I added chopped garlic with red pepper paste, sugar.

You add some water

and green onion there!

Making a stir-fried fish cake as well

Stir fry the onion and pepper first

And then add some chopped garlic

with sliced fish cake! easy, right?

Oh and you can add oyster sauce when the veggies and fish cakes are almost cooked

There we go!


Watering my plants🌿

I am gonna make shrimp pasta for my late lunch

Pasta(duh), garlic, shrimp, dill, lemon, and sun-dried tomato

And pepper, peperoncino, olive oil, and salt

That's pretty much it

I am boiling water for the pasta over here

"Should I heat up a little?"

Let's add some olive oil on the pan first

You can mash that peperoncino so that the spiciness can come out well

Sliced garlic

Why not more garlic?😛 I added more of that chopped one!

Sauté them well until you get that golden-brown one

Let's add some shrimp!

And then white wine

Sun-dried tomato

And it's time to get that pasta in

Dill! (you can definitely skip this part)


Let's squeeze the lemon(can skip it on your needs)

Looking good!


I am wearing this light purple fluffy? sweater

with grey color trousers.

Have been having lots of meetings lately

Having a much-needed "Maroo-time" once I got back

Look at you Maroo🐱💕

Aww you such a cutie

Don't touch my face though

Fine I will let you touch my hands

Not the face, I said!


Wearing this over-sized ivory blouse

with check-patterned pants

Oh and my navy coat!

And wearing this cross-body bag

See you all later then!

Waiting for my Tuesday lunch mates

Cream risotto

"Can I get some too?"

"Drum roll, plz?"

"You still do that? Aren't we a little old for that thing?"


It was so. good. like so good.

Our fav anchovy pasta!

I needed this Maroo time so much!

Do you guys hear her purr sounds? and can we talk about her hands too?


I am wearing this green color turtle neck

with grey pants!

See ya!

Having a mushroom salad for the dinner at work


Just gonna have a simple yogurt for the breakfast

Strawberries as many as I can

*drooling already*


"It's super yummy!"


I had to stay in today since I was not feeling well

Having lots of issues with my skin lately

So I changed all of my skincare products

Not an ad btw

So this is what I got

"La Roche-Posay Effaclar" which is apparently for the acne-prone skin

They have the whole range for it so got an essence with moisturizing cream

Avène toner

I went to the Olive young

and was sold on it

Got the one for the soothing though

Oh and my skin around lip area has not been good

So I've been seeing a doctor...

This lip balm and Vaseline

Ointment creme that has a steroid in it

That's pretty much it

Ugh hopefully my skin will get better soon

What's up with my skin?😰

That was my very short

skincare routine

I will keep you updated

on how these all are later

I am gonna go now then!

Maroo has been looking at me like "why are you still in bed?"

Do you guys see her hands? I mean so cuteeeee!!!!!


Going to work today

I mean i got a little better than I was yesterday

Wearing a black turtle neck

with a white dress!

Oh and also layering jeans underneath

with a navy coat

Last but not least, my cross-body bag

On my way to work

It is cold today


I am gonna make Ram-Don from the Parasite the movie today

You slice the 300g of sirloin into the big chunk(just like the movie)

You put the ingredients into the boiling water first

And put the jjapagetti and Neoguri noodle together

Don't forget to cook the meat while the noodle is getting ready

Don't throw all of the broth you have to leave some

Adding the Jjapagetti soup and 2/3 of Neoguri soup

Mix them evenly

And you just add the meat!

Can't wait to dig in

Thank you all for watching as always:)

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