Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Intro to Daily Routine 3

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This is a brief introduction to Daily Routine version 3

for iPhone and iPad.

Everything covered in this video is covered in more detail in other videos.

The heart of Daily Routine is the Timeline.

It represents the things we plan to do at the times we plan to do them,

including any adjustments we've made to those plans.

In portrait orientation, the Timeline is an endless ribbon of time.

In landscape orientation,

the Timeline is an endless series of days.

The process of populating our Timeline

begins with telling Daily Routine the kinds of things we generally do.

These are called 'Activities'.

We then create Routines, which represent sequences of Activities

that repeat in our life, such as: a day at work.

Within a Routine, the Activities are given start times and durations.

We call these Timeslots.

Routines can have any number of Timeslots

and can be up to 24 hours long.

Timeslots can even overlap.

We then add our Routines to the Timeline

which in turn, adds the Timeslots for those Routines.

Routines can start at any time of day

and can stretch into the next day.

In addition to Routines

we can also add Single Timeslots directly to the Timeline.

Single Timeslots can be scheduled just like Routines.

To add or edit something in the Timeline, such as a Timeslot, tap it.

Two important concepts in Daily Routine are: templates and instances.

Templates represent all the repetitions of a Routine or Single Timeslot,

while an instance represents just one.

If we edit the template for this Single Timeslot

we can change the dates that it occurs on.

Tap the calendar to add or edit dates or date patterns.

By creating Activities, Timeslots and Routines

we eventually build up a Timeline representing our time.

But, things don't always go according to plan.

When plans change, we can adjust our Timeslots

by tapping their title or icon

and editing the specific instance.

For example, we can shorten this Timeslot

on just this one day by editing the start time for this instance.

Tap out of the edited row to return the Timeline to normal.

We can shake the iPhone or iPad

to undo or redo any changes we've made.

The Timeline can optionally show events from our calendar

alongside the Daily Routine Timeslots.

Once we've set up our Timeline, Daily Routine can remind us about what we plan to do.

Even, when the app is closed.

To change Daily Routine's settings, including sync and alert settings,

tap the options button

then 'Settings'.

To learn more about Daily Routine, see the tutorial, help and troubleshooting videos.

Or send questions to Jaysen, the developer of Daily Routine,

by using the 'Send Feedback to Developer' feature.

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