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Daddy Brad: Hello, Im Daddy Brad.

Daddy Clay: And Im Daddy Clay.

Daddy Brad: And welcome to the Dad Labs. Today were going to perform a really sophisticated

taste test on juice boxes.

Daddy Clay: Now, a disclaimer before we get started here. While juice boxes may look really

innocent, theyre actually sort of controversial because, while kids love juice boxes, the

American Academy of Pediatrics does not.

Daddy Brad: The AAP says for kids under six months of age: no juice boxes. Kids six years

and younger: 4 to 6 ounces a day, and then older kids: only 8 to 12 ounces a day.

Daddy Clay: Which means that almost none of the juice boxes that you see in front of you

should ever be given to kids under the age of six because the standard size is 6.75 ounces,

putting it over the limit. Of course, I was really good with that with my own kids.

Daddy Brad: There are some good reasons to take it easy on the juice. Theyre full

of calories and that can contribute to obesity and cavities.

Daddy Clay: Theyre also filling so they might ruin a childs appetite and that might

displace the 12 to 24 ounces of milk or dairy product the kid is supposed to take in every


Daddy Brad: Now doctors arent the only ones down on juice. Here are the five least

favorite things from the Dad Labs about juice boxes.

Daddy Clay: Number 1: The Hammer. Thirsty kid grabs a juice box, rips the straw and

its cellophane wrapper off the back, and begins to pound it against whatever hard surface

he or she can find, reducing the straw to, wellthat.

Daddy Brad: Number 2: The Sleeve. Say the kid actually gets the straw out of the sleeve,

well, youve got the sleeves left over. Theyre everywhere! I bet there are sleeves

on every mini-van floor in America.

Daddy Clay: Next up, The Through & Through. Now this one is unique to juice pouches, like

this one here. Unless youre a thoracic surgeon, I would say youve got a 50 percent

chance when youre getting ready to put the straw in to do thisAnd a lot of the

time it will come right out the back. And its just a total mess.

Daddy Brad: Number 4, related to The Hammer, its called The Orphan. Straws off, The

Hammer happens, and youre left with this, an orphan. Now Moms solution to this is

to just go and grab another straw from another juice box and then youve got a bunch of

orphan juice boxes with no straws on the bottom of the refrigerator.

Daddy Clay: Number 5, my personal favorite: The Dancing Fountains of Bellagio. So say

you dont follow those AAP regulations very closely. You hand a full juice box to a toddler,

whats the first thing theyre going to do? Theyre going to squeeze that baby.

The result: Niagra Falls.

Daddy Brad: There are reasons that juice boxes are everywhere: theyre convenient, they

pack well, they tastes good, and kids love them!

Daddy Clay: Thats true. Now lets get to the main event, which is the tasting. A

couple of other recommendations before we begin: make sure that you always choose 100%

juice. Anything thats not 100% juice you should pretty much treat like candy. Make

sure its a pasteurized product. As we mentioned before, its just 6.75 fluid ounces, so

a little bit of that Dancing Fountain of Bellagio and its okay to give to a kid under 6.

Daddy Brad: Lets get tasting!

Daddy Clay: Were going to start with the basics. Weve got the 100% apple juice from

Treetop here. Appley.

Daddy Brad: Good legs.

Daddy Clay: A little stemy to me. A little Earthy. A little vegetal note.

Daddy Brad: Tastes like apples. The next one is Minute Maid Kids pulp-free 100% orange

juice, fresh-squeezed.

Daddy Clay: Its very citrusy. Taste like, you know, orange juice.

Daddy Brad: Rich. Some subtle undertones.

Daddy Clay: I think Im picking up some vitamin D. Or maybe its the E.

Daddy Brad: B-1, I think. I got a hint of B-1.

Daddy Clay: Okay now were going to get a little fancy. Weve got the Hansons

100% Multi-vitamin Juice Blast Tropical Fruit Punch Blend. Now that, thats got some banana

working it in for me, I dont know, pineapple.

Daddy Brad: Very aggressive. Nice finish. Reminds me of an island.

Daddy Clay: Its very fruit forward. A little sweet.

Daddy Brad: Very forward. Next we have the Capri Sun All-natural Fruit Waves 100% Juice

Berry Breeze.

Daddy Clay: Im starting to feel it a little bit. I feel like running around the living

room and tearing up the furniture.

Daddy Brad: Wow. That kind of starts slow and then gives you a kind of kick.

Daddy Clay: Much more of a strawberry feel. I should probably check my blood sugar checked,

its getting a little hard to breathe.

Daddy Brad: Okay. Weve tasted all these juices and were ready to award the Dad

Labs Seal of Approval.

Daddy Clay: I have to say that my favorite was the blend of flavors that came through

in the Hansons Natural Tropical Fruit Bunch, I mean Punch. Bunch.

Daddy Brad: Lots of juice.

Daddy Clay: Im nuts! Im nuts! And I thought there was a good tropical blend. It

was tasty. I could drink that.

Daddy Brad: You know, while that is a good choice, I liked the more conservative, the

more standard, Treetop Apple Juice.

Daddy Clay: All right, so weve got one seal for Hansons and one seal for Treetop.

All right Daddy Brad, would you mind making me a little room here?

Daddy Brad: Sure.

Daddy Clay: I have always thought of myself as being sort of a creative dad, I dont

like to do just what people tell me. I like to mix and match a little bit. Ive got

a little bit of the tropical fruit punch, a little bit of the orange juice, Im going

to put about 2 ounces of each of those in a glass like that. And then when Im done

with that Im going to get a little bit of this Daddy Juice, also known as light rum,

Im going to put that right on top like this and then Im going to mix it with my

handy screwdriver here. I call this one a Thumbsucker. Cheers.

Daddy Brad: Hmmm, tasty. Well, thats all from the Dad Labs. Cheers!

Daddy Clay: Cheers! Did you bring the umbrellas? I thought someone was supposed to bring umbrellas.

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