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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Intense Sculpting Challenge

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You must be serious about looking and feeling

strong, sculpted, and lean,

because you're about to take on the most advanced

body sculpting workout in the Stott Pilates

flex band series.

Well, we're ready for you.

As you know, the flex band exerciser is a great

and portable prop that adds extra resistance

and intensity to your pilates workout.

In this workout,

we'll use it with more advanced Stott pilates moves

to increase your muscular endurance

as you tone and sculpt your entire body.

As an added bonus you'll also speed up your metabolism

so your body burns fat

more efficiently throughout the day.

Are you ready?

Let's begin. Ok.

You're going to hold the flex bands in both hands

and stand on it.

Make sure it's nice and flat under your foot.

And we're just going to begin with a nice stretch.

So just holding it, make sure when we're holding it

that you have a long wrist, that's it.

So from here, just extend one elbow up,

now it's just a nice stretch over to the side

as you exhale, bring it back, and flex the elbow.

Other side.

Reach it up.


Bring it back, and flex the elbow.

Now, reach the band out to the side, and flex,

curve your back, curve your back,

curve your back, bring it up.

So let's do that again.

Reach one up.

Good stretch over.

Bring it back.

Flex the elbow.

Breathe in.

stretch it over, come back, flex the elbow.

Now exhale, flex, and curve the spine as you pull!

And bring it back.

And again, reach it up a little quicker now,

stretch, bring it back, and return.

Reach it up, stretch, back, return,

flex and over, good.

Last time, reach, and stretch, back and return.


And reach, stretch, back, return.

Now use the resistance to flex the spine.

Staying right there.

Bicep curl.

Now we're just going to imprint,

keeping your feet there as you bicep curl,

think of just pulling up on your abdominals to

pull the pelvis up towards your ribs

and release it to neutral.

Exhale, just pull it up.

So we're really just activating the abdominals,

good, and pull.

Nothing in the glutes.

Just abdominals.


Two more.


Last time.


Take one foot off.

Place it behind you.

That's it.

Bicep curl as you lunge.

Let's do that a couple of times.

Exhale, pull and bring it up.

Pull, now when you come up this time, pull,

bring it back up to here.

That's it.

Lunge, bring it back up to here.

So we have to balance.

Lunge, bring it back, lunge, bring it back,

now extend the arms up into the air.

We have to balance here, exhale.

Press it down, and up.

Down and up.

Breathe, make sure you breathe, good,

lower the arms.

All right.

We've got the movement, let's put it all together.

So just keep your one foot on the outside

of that band.

That's it.

So ready, from here, exhale, lunge and bicep,

bring it back, inhale.

Pull, two, we're going to do four of these, pull.

Pull, now extend the arm up, flex the knee,

exhale four here, one, two, three, four,

arms come down, repeat.

And one, you got it!

Each time you come back up, stand on that leg,

make sure the supporting leg that you really work

through the glute there to come up.

Good, extend, and now press, press,

you might start to lose a little balance here,

that's ok, good, and arm come down,

let's do the other side, make sure you're even,

so four lunges.

Four with the leg, and down and come up.

Pull, two, exhale, good, exhale,

extend the arms up, pull it up, exhale, press,

all the time, abdominals are working too.

Three, and four.

Bring the arms down.

And lunge, and up, lunge and up, good that's it,

each time keep breathing.

Now extend the arms up, bring the leg, push,

and push against the band.

So we're using the entire body.

Good. Ab prep.

Lying on the ground.

Holding the band.

Just in front of you at chest height.

Legs just hip distance apart.

Take a breath.

Ok, so from here, we reach it above your head,

as you come forward, just flex the elbows, exhale,

we flex up.

And bring it back.

Pull it forward, flex and pull.

And reach it back.

We do four of these.

So flex the elbows as you flex your spine.


And the last one here,

stay there and you just do tricep, two, three, four,

flex, and reach back, yes, just like that.

Pull and reach.

Pull and return.

Pull and reach, pull and return.

Two more.

Pull and reach.


Be careful you don't jam the back down here,

it just stays nice and neutral.

Here, good, now reach it up.

Bring it here, one, two, three, four,

here, and return.

Just in case that felt a little too easy,

we're going to work the abs a little more

or you can keep your knees down.

Inhale one leg comes in, exhale, the other.

Repeat the same thing with your knees up.

And here, reach, here and down.

Here reach, here, that's it, good, bring it in,


Now on the next one, get ready, stay one, good.

One, two, three, four, bring it in, last time.

Pull it in, reach, return, pull it in,

a little bit like this, you got it, two more,

pull it in, now reach it, good.

Then return, last time, flex, and pull, reach it,

two, three, four, pull it in, and return.

Ok, just take a breath.

One leg goes down and then the other.

Carefully roll onto your stomach.

That's it.

Now, this one we're going to go through the movements

slowly to begin with.

Separate your legs a little bit

if you're feeling any pressure in your lower back.

You can just put a pad or a pillow under your hips.

From here, we're going to reach the pressure down

into one arm, support one arm, exhale,

just pull the band down towards the hip,

and inhale.

So it's only upper middle back.

Don't go too far into your lower back.

So it pulls and reaches to the hip on the exhale

and comes down.

This is a great exercise for strengthening

the upper middle back, the entire spine,

and the arms are working throughout this,

so we're really getting your metabolism going.


And exhale, we reach it, if you're feeling

any pressure again in the lower back,

keep the arm lower.

So we'll just show that.

Just bring it low.

Yes good.

One more set, and exhale just low.

And down last time.


This is your breather, sit back in your heels

into a nice shell stretch and just breathe.

Take a breath.

Exhale, roll up through the spine.

Ok, leg circles.

On your back.

We're going to have the flex band over one foot,

but both legs are going to be up in the air.

And the arms are going to reach out to the side.

Now from here, the movement of the legs,

they open, exhale, very small to pull up.


And pull them up, good.

And exhale.

Inhale open, exhale, circle around.

And exhale, now reverse.

Pull down and exhale, to bring them up.

Pull down, exhale to bring them up towards you.

And pull them up, good, and pull them up,

one more, pull them up.

Ok and we have to do it with the flex band

on the other side,

believe it or not it makes a difference.

Here we go.

Circle around and pull them up.

Circle exhale, almost all the way around,

inhale for the first part,

exhale all the way around,

it just helps you to activate the abdominals.

To keep the back from arching.

We really want to make sure we imprint the spine,

that we really do have our obliques,

those muscles that kind of attach

between our pelvis and our ribs, connected.


And circle up and around, let's do two more,

exhale, bring it around, and bring it around.

Ok, from there, we'll take a little bit

of a breather here, it's what we call a spine twist,

and we're going to do it on the back.

Arms are out to the side.

That's it, so, Natalia just changed her grip,

so now palms are down with that band.

She's just going to keep the legs stretched,

it's almost like a mogul, if you ski.

Now bend the knees at the end,

the pelvis will come off a little bit.

That's it, straighten it up in between.

Just at the end, knees bend,

it should feel very good through the chest,

and it's just a nice rotation through your spine,

opposite hand stays down,

just a small flex of the knees.

Good, inhale, exhale, flex.

Inhale, pull it across, exhale, flex.

One more set.

Pull it across, and flex, good, pull it across,

and flex.


Just bend your knees in, take the band off.

Ready for rolling like a ball.

Very carefully flex up through the spine,

this is a bit of a challenge

if you haven't done rolling like a ball before.

So from here, ok, just take your feet off

carefully, so first of all,

get your balance here.

All we're going to do is just reach that band,

pull it away as far as you can behind you,

and come back.

So even if you just go above your head to begin with,

that's fine, now as you go back, roll back,

you actually pull it across the chest,

and you come forward.

Reach it forward and then back.

One. Very good.

Pull it across.

Now this time, twice.

One and then two.


And smile, good.

Yes and come up.

One, that's it, stay in flexion,

so you want to keep the flexion of your spine,

and reach.


And balance.

One, and two.

Good, and flex.

And one.

And two, and she's going how many are we doing of this?

One more time.

We're getting our metabolism going.

We're really working for it here.

Good. And open.

And open and come up.

Very nice. Good.

Single leg stretch!

Ok, just in case you haven't felt

your abdominals til now.

Both knees are bent, let's just show

the leg movement first.

Ok, so all we're going to do,

nothing with the band to begin with, just one leg,

exhale, one leg, reach it, reach it, good,

bring both knees in,

relax your head down for a second.

Just move your head to one side then the other,

get the kinks out.

The movement of the band now, a little slower.

Exhale to flex up.

Inhale now, towards the extended leg,

you pull diagonally.

And come up, and pull diagonally.

That's it.

This hand pulls down, the other one pulls across,

that's it, so reach.

So we're really working the obliques here,

you're going to get a great waist with this.

Yes. Good.

And reach it, and reach it.

That's it.

Good one more set.


And reach.

Bring both knees in, relax your head down.

Now for the next set.

Breathe in, exhale, flex, you're going to be going

towards the bent leg.

So just extend this and reach one, yes,

come to center.

And exhale.

Reach two, we're getting a little more of those obliques,

three, that's it, good.

Four, exhale now, pull the band, five, yes,

reach, six, reach, seven last time, reach, eight,

and release down.

Now we repeat the whole set

from the very beginning.

From the first one,

you're going towards the extended leg.

Exhale, flex up, inhale,

and just reach to the extended leg.

Yes. And exhale, good.

This is all part of that coordination,

very important.

And we're using arms and legs,

so we're really getting the body moving,

getting it warmed up, getting it strong,

that's it, good, one more set.


And reach.

Come back to center.

Release down.

Now we're going towards the bent knee.

Exhale flex, inhale to prepare, and exhale one,

yes, and two good, exhale, three, four,

exhale as you extend the leg and the band,

exhale to extend the band, reach it, yes,

reach it, good, reach it,

one more set now that we've got it.

Yes good, reach it, ok, and release down.

And just turn your head to one side,

get rid of a little bit of that tension,

double leg stretch.

You're going to put the band around your feet.

Just bend your knees into your chest.

Try to make sure its nice and flat,

and also that your wrists are also nice and long.

That's it.


All we're going to do here, breathe in,

flex up, we're going to work those abdominals

a little bit more.

Exhale, press those legs away, that's it,

as low as you can maintain a connection

through the abdominals

so you're not arching the lower back.

And press away, let's do one more.

Press away, then bend them in.

Now arms.

Exhale, press, not too far behind your head,

just up above the head.

Three, and four, now everything together.

And one and two, and three use the breath,

four, now we're going to do two's.

One, and two.

Stabilize, that's it, really support the shoulders,

careful they don't lift up by your ears,

and both together.


Now, one and two.

Hold it.

Arms. Use the breath.

Good, and together.

One and two.

Last time, you can do it.


Careful the shoulders don't start to lift up

by the ears.

Go for it.

Now stretch, and stretch, bring it in,

and control it down.

Again, just relax the neck.

Let's get up off the floor.

Just standing.

Hold the flex band, just, very low behind you.

We're just going to get into some extension here.

We're doing a lot of flexion forward, so,

let's go look from the side.

That's it.

From here, all you're going to do is exhale,

pull on the band a little bit and reach the chest

to the ceiling, inhale, release it down.

So as you start to pull you start to really open up

through the chest.

One more time, and stay there.

Now all you're going to do is release it,

now pull out, one.

Easy, two, careful you're not stressing the shoulders,

three, and then come back to a nice neutral line.

Just standing tall.

Now as you start to pull you reach your chest up

to the ceiling, it should feel good.

And then release it down.

And exhale.

Reach, grow, reach up to the ceiling.

And release it down, good.

Now on this one, you stay there,

and exhale just pull one, two, three,

and release it down.

One more time.

And reach, and release.

As you're pulling, you're lifting up.

That's it, good.

And on the last one, stay there and just pull one,

two, three.

Ok, let's work your arms a little more.

And we're just going to slow the pace down

a little bit here.

So reach the band up in the air.

From here, you're just going to exhale,

stretch to the side, and pull down.

And come up to center.

And exhale to the other side.

And center.

And reach.

And center.

Now come over to this side and stay.

Look down at the bottom hand, flex the elbow,

and pull one, two, three, four.

Look to the top elbow.

And pull one.

Exhale each time.

Three, four.

And come back to center.

Now flex towards the same side you just went,

come back to center.

Really reach, think of lengthening up

through the top of your ears

as you go into the flexion on the side.

Stay there, look at your bottom arm.

And one, two, three, four, look to the top,

one, two, three, good come back to center.

Now just two times, go to the same side, easy flex.



Stay there, look down, one, two, three, four.

Still have to do a little more arms.

That's it good, come up to center.

Now, same side, one, two, stay there,

look down and one, two, three, four, look up,

one, two, three, four, and come back to center,

and relax.

We're just going to stretch things out

a little bit here, just hold the band in front of you.

Breathe in, and you're just going to flex forward,

easy over, just to relax things

before we go onto the next exercise.

Bend the knees a little bit,

take a deep breath in.


Roll up, reach the arms above your head, good,

now just pull them apart and just stretch,

that's it, not too low at the back.

Bring them forward, good, and one more time.

Just use this as your breather.

And easy.

Bend forward, bend the knees.

Roll up through the spine.

That's it, good, reach the arms up,

they just come back a little ways, reach.

That's it. Good.

Ready to go on to the next thing.

Flex band behind your back,

and you're going to get into a nice athletic stance here.

Meaning legs are hip distance apart,

that's it, good.

And you're a little bit hinged.

Band is behind your back.

From here you're going to squat as you open the arm

out to the side, that's it, and come back up.

And exhale.

Reach to the side, and up two more,

reach to the side, good, one more,

reach to the side.

Now we're going to add a little bit of balance into it,

so you're going to go down into your squat,

come up onto one leg.

Into the squat.

Come up onto the other.

Now it's going to come to the front.


So this is all about balance,

make sure you really get hold of that supporting leg.

And back to the side, reach.

Side, now we're going to go forward, and forward,

good, last set, and reach.

And out, reach, and out.

Flex and forward, flex and forward.

Standing, the flex band is going to be above your head,

that's it, and we just lean over to the side.

Now from here, release the tension,

flex and pull, keep the tension,

come back to the side, and come up.

So, we just tilt over, lean over,

from here you're going to release the tension

of the band and flex, use your abdominals to flex,

and exhale, pull, come back to the side,

that's it, and return.

Let's do that again.

So we're just reach over to the side, now really,

flex up, use your abdominals, and now pull.

Keep the tension on the band and come back to center.

Last time.



And pull.

Keep the tension, and come back to center.

Let's just cool you down a little bit.

Stretch out, place the band out in front of you.

As you breathe in, you pull the band toward you

and then exhale, extend the spine.

Inhale, flex the elbows, start to flex down

through your spine,

release to a nice flat back.

And pull the band.

So we're going to do it very slowly.

Start to roll up through the spine,

and then you extend your spine as you stretch,

drop the head, release it, tilt,

just flex right at the hips, and pull.

And flex up here, good, and reach, inhale,

drop the head, now as you exhale,

you stretch it out.

Last time. Inhale.

Pull forward, and exhale, stretch it out.

Inhale, really breathe you're almost done,

and stretch.

Fantastic. Well done.

Thank you, Natalia.

I bet you're feeling leaner and meaner.

With practice, you'll feel stronger

and more flexible every time you do this workout.

Plus, you'll feel a difference in your balance

and coordination as long as you do it regularly.

So here's to the new you, shapely and in great shape.


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