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The new BMW 3-Series sedan and touring stand out with their LED daytime running lights.

It has different air inlets in the bumper, which complement the BMW 3-Series' dynamic looks.

The radar module of the optional active cruise control (ACC)

has been added harmonically to the middle air inlet. The taillight units are new as well,

with a distinct LED signature.

In other words, you can play fun games with it. Spot the difference.

I don't know if there are 10; I think it'll be less. There are also new paint colors.

There are new leather colors, and some new engines.

First, we'll drive it for a bit.

In the old days, the facelifts were more pronounced.

Not all the time, because sometimes they only changed the headlights.

With the previous generation 3-Series, the facelift showed a big difference.

It's an indication wether the model has been a succes.

I think the 3-Series, without the facelift (the Life Cycle Impulse), looks good.

It got new engines, including a very important one for the Dutch market.

The 318i got a 3-cylinder. That's why today we're driving the 340i with twice the amount of cylinders.

More about this car later. Another good thing to know is that there'll be a plug-in hybrid version;

the 330e. This'll be the 320i with 181 hp and an electric motor for a near total of 250 hp.

It emits less than 49 grams CO2, so it's perfect for the 7% additional tax liability in 2015...

If it weren't for the fact that the car will be released in 2016.

However, the guys in Rijswijk work hard to get the 330e here as soon as possible.

About this car... This year, BMW exists for 40 years. In Munich they decided to introduce the 340i.

It's the 335i's successor, the twin-power turbo straight-6 3-liter engine with 322 hp.

The top speed is limited to 155 mph.

We did the 0-62 mph ourselves, because we couldn't find the official numbers.

It takes about 5 seconds.

It really is a quick car. It does sound like a straight-6.

Where the sound lets down in the M4 and M3, this car sounds better.

I have to say I'd rather have an M3 than a 340i. We saw them driving around and they look cool.

This looks good as well. Especially this edition. It's the sport line. BMW has a number of lines.

You can also add an M Sport package, but it's rather distinguished.

The dark blue could've been new, but the press release doesn't say which colors are new.

Pretty rims. This is a Q car. It doesn't look very fast, but it is.

It's very fast.

The roadholding is nice, but I can complain about the handling.

It has M Sport variable steering (I'm not sure what it's really called), with a variable transmission.

It's faster, so you get faster, slower... I don't know, but the handling sucks.

You feel judders in the transition, as if the caster and camber of the front wheels are off,

so it feels like the wheels have to get over a dead point.

Going back the center, there's a strange feel to it. This gets worse on a bumpy road.

I'd definitely not order it.

Just so you know. I think the rest of the car is fantastic.

Dark wood is possible as well. Just great.

The prices start at 34,500 euros. This is very expensive, because that's for the 3-cylinder.

Looking at this 340i, it's only 54,006 euros. That's cheaper per cylinder than the base model.

If you're looking for value for money, there's only one thing to do: choose the 340i.

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