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We all search for the formula of good performance with reasonable prices which offers you a product that you are happy with

If you're a gamer, is there really a Gaming laptop that can give you good performance for the triple A games with reasonable prices?

This is the ABRA V9.2.2 Gaming Laptop from Monster Notebooks

If you're interested in learning more about their product line and Gaming Laptops, kindly find the link in the description

This laptop targets the gamers that need good performance with reasonable prices

The specs of the laptops will be very reasonable to it's price

The laptop comes with a 15.6 inch screen with Full HD resolution which is the most famous resolution found in any line-up

With an IPS Panel which gives way better colors than TN panels with 178 Degrees vertically & Horizontally

If you're someone that uses Photoshop aswell this panel will really suit you

Regarding the after services of Monster laptops that concern the laptop screen, you can change the IPS Panel without getting out of warranty

You can change the IPS Panel to NT for better response rate and also competitive gaming like overwatch and CS:G0 and so on

Back to the Specs, the laptop's proccessor is core i7-7700HQ with frequency that reaches 3.8GHz, 4 Cores with 8 Threads

Connected to the main Intel chipset for laptops that's named HM 175 with rams 16GB DDR4 up to 2400 GHz

Your main storage device is M.2 SATA SSD INTEL 2400GB which gives you alot of more speed than other normal Hard-disks

This gives you a faster boot time and a more responsive system with programs and games

Regarding Data Storage the second hard-disk is HDD 1TB with speed of 5400 RPM

Since this is a gaming laptop it is important to have a professional sound card installed which is creative sound blaster cinema 3

It's not as good as the Tulpar laptop that we have reviewed before, but the quality is still high

Onto one of the most important hardware in a gaming laptop or in any pc in general and it's the graphics card

A couple of years ago before the GTX 10 Series, the graphics cards in gaming laptops weren't the same performance as the Desktop PC

Because all the graphic cards had the letter M after them which means Mobility meaning less power consumption leading to lower performance than any Desktop PC

That's why NVIDIA made sure in the Pascal series with it's technologies to eliminate the M and have the graphics cards in gaming laptops as strong as the PC

Ensuring that the graphics card in any gaming laptop will be the same as the desktop PC's in terms of perfomance, specs, even drivers and support.

This laptop has Geforce GTX 1050 TI with 4GB Rams GDDR5

And this is one of the graphics card that gives really good performance with reasonable pricing and specifically for esports games

But also if you're not into Esports games, you may ask is this laptop suitable for triple A games and heavy work or not

Games like AC Origins or Shadow Of War or destiny 2 and more. Let's see the Benchmarks now

The temperature of the Laptop with heavy usage like gaming results to 87 Degrees on the processor and 81 Degrees GPU

And these results are really good in consideration that this is a gaming laptop also with very low sounds for the fans thanks to the good cooling system

The fans are not silent though, but they do not annoy the user in any way. It is just moderate sound for a gaming laptop

In addition to all these good points like good after service and the features along with the specs

Along with the laptop comes a USB from Monster that has all the drivers you need

So after installing your windows, you just plug in the USB and setup all the drivers avoiding the hassle of finding these online

This was our overview for the Monster ABRA A5 which is available for 4,600 Dirhams

Do share with us in the comments down below with your impressions of the laptop's benchmarks and overview of it's specs and features

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