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Screensharing your MAC with Switcher Cast

Switcher Cast is our computer app that allows you to share your computers screen into your Switcher Studio productions.

Only video will be transmitted to Switcher Studio.

In order to get audio from your computer

you will need to get an audio mixer or consider trying out Switcher's video chat.

To download Switcher Cast open the App Store and search for "Switcher Cast".

Before you use Switcher Cast connect the computer to the same WiFi network as the iOS device running Switcher Studio.

We also recommend changing the screen resolution to 1920x1080 for best results.

Once installed open Switcher Cast on your MAC and you'll see all the monitors you have connected appear on the list.

Even webcams can be connected to Switcher Studio.

Now open Switcher Studio on the iOS device you will use as the main switcher.

Tap on the camera icon in the lower right to open the inputs tab.

The computer screens will appear on the list of sources on your WiFi network.

Tap the names of the screens you'd like to share.

If it is your first time, or you're having trouble running Switcher Cast on you MAC

open the general settings, click "Security & Privacy",

open the "Security & Privacy tab, and scroll down enable Switcher Cast for screen recording.

For an updated list of MACs compatible with Switcher Cast and more information

checkout our Switcher Cast help center article.

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