Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Merch Release

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Hey guys welcome to today's video.

in today's video

i am going to be showing you my new merchandise release. I released merchandise.

you can see it down below.

there will also be a link down in the description

if you want to. i will show you after this clip little clip here

and well

so here is the merch store.

i have three idems here.

[mic thud]

[mic thud]

so here's the storefront side of things

i have

it right here


link down in the description

[mic thud]

lets start off

first with the basic tee shirt

its 14 us dollars

you can hit see more details

you can chose between the five colors available

on to the next thing

we have a pull over hoddie

lastly we have sleeveless

The Description of New Merch Release