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Hello and welcome to Mummy Returns.

On todays episode, we will preview MI vs KKR game. Both of them have played one game each. MI lost their first game and KKR won their first game.

But we will see what our guests have to say about the previous game. Abhi, your thoughts about the previous game?

Which match, Ash?

The one we did preview for. MI vs RCB match.

MI didnt play the XI that was expected. They tried a newcomer in Marco Jansen. It looked very different from the teams of their past. They played a different MI team.

But see, MI wont go deep into analysing their last defeat. In fact, they will be happy. Since they have gone on to win most tournaments where they have lost their first games.

So, there will be a temptation to say that they lost intentionally. But of course, nobody loses games intentionally.

RCB played really well. In the past, they have had problems during the overs 7-15. They fixed that problem by bringing in Glenn Maxwell.

AB de Villiers, obviously, was outstanding. I dont know how he keeps delivering despite being out of the game and without much practice.

But come the IPL, he comes fully set when he comes from South Africa. He comes straightway and smashes Jasprit Bumrah over covers with effortless ease.

So, great signs for RCB. But MI wont think too much about their first game defeat.

MI wont bother much and they might have lost intentionally, says Abhi. Praveen, you spoke more about CSK vs DC game.

Even I saw them. Since I was playing the match, I couldnt see your live tweets. Losing the first game and then going on to win the tournament isnt MIS forte alone or what?

Looks like you have asked this question. You have raised the correct question, I should say.

Most of them liked that. Because we have lost our first game this season. Last year, we won our first game against MI and then, we saw what transpired.

Whereas, this year, we have lost our first game. So, we might end up winning the tournament. But the good thing is that they showed the intent.

Last season, this intent was missing. This time, despite losing, it didnt hurt. Last year, it hurt us badly when we were losing games.

When you have batting till number 13 in your playing 11, how can you not show intent?

When you looked at the overall picture, I felt how they chased a decent target of around 190 with 10 balls to spare. Abhi, did you feel that way?

At half way, it looked like a par-score, but later it looked like 200 was the par-score. And also, for CSK, they needed a tall fast bowler to have used the conditions at Wankhede.

They have brought in Behrendorff as a replacement and whether his inclusion, once he is here will make any difference?

If Lungi Ngidi was available and had he played, whether that would have made any difference?

Whether they will go for bowlers who can bowl in excess of 140 KPHs.

Few commentators like Simon Doull, Ian Bishop or Lisa Sthalekar wont understand few things. I will try to explain them.

Abhi too said 200 looked like a par-score. During the SMAT that got concluded earlier this year, Wankhede had high scores that were chased very easily.

Mumbai scored 220-odd and Mohammed Azharuddeen scored a hundred and Kerala chased it down in 16 overs.

Wankhede had been a bloodshed for bowlers in the recent past.

I would like to add one more point. During Pondicherry vs Mumbai game, Santha Moorthy took a 5-fer. So, I expected Deepak Chahar to do the same.

I think that game took place in Bandra, Abhi.

No, it was in Wankhede.

But I think that was a day-game.


This is similar to the movie Oomai Vizhigal (Mute Eyes) The same resort will be different in the morning, but will become dangerous during night.

-What a start! -What an example!

So, yeah, morning it will be a bowlers bloodbath, whereas, during the evening, it becomes a bloodshed for the same bowlers. So, thats the situation with respect to Wankhede.

So, expect more high-scoring games in Wankhede.

Well, if you thought at least in Chennai, we would get scores like 100-110 range, even there we had 190-odd being scored and that was almost chased down by SRH against KKR.

Thoughts on that, Abhi? KKR played well? And SRH played well?

I can put my hand up and say that I was one among the many who misread the wicket. I thought 160 was the par-score, but they ended up with 188.

Nitish Rana gave them the perfect start. It was perfect conditions for batting. In fact, they are giving exceptional batting wickets in this IPL.

In the first three games, all the spinners including the mystery spinners went for plenty. Yesterday, Varun went for 36 in his 4 overs.

So, both Chennai and Mumbai have been high scoring venues so far. It will start assisting the spinners only after few games. We cant bring conditions into play until then.

They said the same last season in Dubai that it will get better for spinners after few matches, but it got worse. Anyway, Praveen, we know which match we are going to preview now.

MI is coming off a defeat and they are about to face KKR. Whereas, KKR is coming off a win. The next game is in Chepauk as well.

So, who are you supporting this game? Abhi is wearing blue. Who are you supporting?

I will be supporting KKR.

If you think I am supporting KKR just because they have two guys from Tamil Nadu in Varun Chakravarthy and Dinesh Karthik, well, then, yeah, you are right in assuming so.

We will do this in the third or fourth round. Firstly, we will see the question from the fans in Valimai Update segment.

Ali Bhai gave me a great update last game. Thank God, he got out to me in the end.

We got a thigh five from our Shikhar Dhawan after he caught him. He thigh fived thrice and I thought he will do that after reaching his 50 as well. He didnt do that.

He thigh fived thrice and I thought he will do that after reaching his 50 as well. He didnt do that.

His thigh became small (SiruTHIGH) after that game.


Okay, first question.

Abhinav, your thoughts? You are now a successful broadcaster as well. So, please answer.

See, that gap has definitely come down. IPL is right in between domestic cricket and international cricket.

So, when you play with the foreigners and the Indian legends, the fear factor is completely taken away.

Like I already said, a youngster coming out and whacking the very first ball to a six. Youngsters are getting that freedom to express themselves due to IPL.

And also, for the bowlers to try out different variations, this is a terrific opportunity. Stiff competition exists like forever in Indian cricket.

Only 11 gets a chance out of 1.2 billion people. So, stiff competition will continue to exist here in Indian cricket. But ever since IPL emerged, the gap has definitely come down, I feel.

I will also agree to that.

Dubai Suresh has asked the next question.

Ash Anna, last game, you tried too many variations like paused delivery, side-arm, Kedar Jadhavs under-arm, etc. Do you think it would have been better if you had just stuck on to your basics?

How to answer this question?

Shall I answer this?

I will first try to get it out and then you follow.

I have been playing for 15 years, Praveen. From 2005-06, I am playing. And ever since then, I keep on hearing this You are trying too much. Stick to your basics.

And I have taken close to 1,000 wickets. And I feel that me trying out different things is a primary reason for that and thats why I play this game. Abhi, you answer now.

See, lot of them are saying You should stick to bowling off spin. I understand that your primary skill-set is off-spin. If they are asking you to stick to off-spin in test match cricket, I might agree.

But here in T20, when they smash it past your head coming down the track, when a guy like Glenn Maxwell switch-hits bowlers for fun. And Moeen Ali tried it too.

So, as a bowler, you should try out different things too. So, I think I am with you on it.

I understand that people criticise you because you have so many variations up your sleeve and maybe thats why they think you try too much.

But if you dont try out these things, what will be your Get-out-of-jail ball? What will you bowl?

When a batsman is smashing you continuously, you need to have something different to test him, right?


I feel the game is in yet another transition phase.

Because the standard, how much do you concede as a bowler and how many wickets you take, ground size and conditions, when so many things are in play,

whether we are trying something different or the batsman is trying something different is the question.

How a bowler is planning to take his wicket on that day and who is gaining the initial momentum is the question.

And obviously, you should keep searching for those and only if you do that, you can keep up with the game.

We have given the Valimai Update Finally, we have time for one more question.

Instead of saying that I know DK well, we can say DK knows whats good for him. He has played more than 10,000 deliveries in his career.

But from the public eye, they remember only those 8 balls (NIDAHAS TROPHY FINAL) Only those 8 balls made him a hero.

I feel he is probably one of the best finishers batting in the 16th to 20th overs. He is easily one of the top 5 finishers in India.

So, instead of batting him at 3 or 4 Maybe, if they had lost an earlier wicket, they would have sent Shakib Al Hasan.

But if you ask me, he is at his best when he bats from overs 16 to 20. Because, teams save that one over of Rashid for Russell, they can do that for just one batsman.

They cant save his overs for everyone. Both Morgan and DK are exceptional finishers.

So, along with Mumbai, I mean we are getting into this match with two best finishing teams in the IPL.


In fact, thats what I felt during the last MI vs RCB game. Usually, Mumbai score around 417 runs in the last 4 overs of a T20 match.

But since they couldnt score too many runs at Chepauk, the other day, they landed below par-score at Chepauk that day against RCB.

Chepauk is the only ground which is not small and the ground size is a bit advantageous to bowlers.

And Abhi has stressed on the finishing skills of KKR and Mumbai. I think it will be a battle of finishers.

With that, we come to the end of this round Valimai Update. We will go to the next round.

We have two outstanding fans in En Iniya Paans (My Dear Fans) segment.

One is our very own Teesha Shirodkar. What did she sing when she came for the first time? Praveen, do you remember?

Ro-HITMAN, Ro-HITMAN, Ro-HITMAN, she sang. And we have another fan in Aritra Ray. I guess he is a follower of Abdul Kalam from Kolkata.

Teesha, as always, first. Teesha, what do you have to say? You started off with a loss. So, you will win the tournament, is it?

Yeah, I think, as I said, thats the mantra. Mumbai has taken it very seriously. So, thats going to be the mantra for a long time now. Lose the first match, win the tournament

What are your thoughts on MI vs KKR?

I saw KKRS match with Hyderabad and they were like very nice. They kind of covered all their bases. They were really amazing.

Especially, Andre Russell, we expect him to fire with the bat, but his death bowling was amazing. It was quite good.

It was not expected as much from him with the ball, but he was quite good.

And coming to MI vs KKR, MI will definitely come back stronger. And also, the batting of MI would be much better, I feel.

Interesting. So, what are your thoughts on Andre Russells hairstyle? You spoke about his batting, bowling. Any thoughts on his hairstyle? You saw it?

Hairstyle, yeah. He kind of trimmed his hair a bit. And he is still cool. Thats the way he is. Thats the way we know him with some really cool hairstyles.

Most Caribbeans have that flavour. Okay, so, what is the final call? How many percentage chances of Mumbai winning the game?

Or they gonna be in the points table? Or they gonna be down in the points table and make a late-surge?

No. Definitely, Mumbai would look to win it. But KKR is also a very tough side. So, I will just go 60:40 after yesterdays match with the SRH. 60:40 and of course, 60 with Mumbai.

I have a question for you, Teesha.

Praveen, continue.

See, in all the 5 titles that MI won, what happened to the second match in the league? Did they win? Did they lose?

I think they were times where they lost. I think it was 2015 or 2017, when they constantly lost close to 4 or 5 games, but still made a comeback.

So, MI is known for their comebacks. And they will definitely try to comeback stronger than EVER.

So, they will lose the second match you are saying?

No. They will try to win it.

Okay. They will try to win it. Thank you so much for joining us, Teesha. Before Aritra Ray joins, Abhi, there is a popular meme that is doing the rounds.

I told in the last episode that you are rocking as a broadcaster.

From the movie Vetri Kodi Kattu (Raise the flag of victory), Murali and Parthiban are conversing.

Murali, as MI, asking CSK, How was your home game at our home venue (Wankhede)?

Whereas, Parthiban, as CSK, replies: Small teams smashed us at your home ground, buddy. How was our home ground (Chepauk) for you guys?

Since Murali and Parthiban goes to each other places in that movie, this meme was a terrific connect.

Anyway, time to bring in Aritra Ray. Lets see what he says.

Hi, Aritra, how are you?

Hi Sir, super excited to be back for the second time in your show. And very, very happy to be meeting Abhinav Mukund this time and also, Praveen Sir.

All that is fine. Last time, after you came on our show, I was thinking. I have heard this voice somewhere. Finally, I have nailed it. You are speaking like Boria Majumdar.

Maybe, maybe.

Are you related to him?

No, Sir. Not related.

So, what are your thoughts on MI vs KKR? You got off to a good start. 2 points on the board. What are your thoughts now?

I think the previous speaker from MI has already laid the confidence in us. They already said that we have very good death bowling and have already shown a lot of respect for us.

Which definitely shows that, keeping the statistics aside, bringing the head-to-head battles and the number of games they have won so far,

we have already earned the respect from the first game from all the oppositions.

Therefore, we are already pretty much confident as a side. And as always, KKR has always been a team of match-winners.

Each one has been a match-winner. With Russell around, with Shakib around, and all the big star players Cummins around, who would had expected that Nitish Rana will play such a wonderful knock?

So, each of them from KKR is a match-winner and we are looking forward to see another match-winner emerge in the next game.

But because I said you are sounding like Boria Majumdar, I will close the fans segment like Boria Majumdar.


Yes, Sir. Maybe, they are also hearing my commentary here.


Right. Thank you so much for joining us, Aritra.

All of you would have enjoyed the En Iniya Paans (My Dear Fans) segment, I guess. Time to get into the next round.

We will put Abhi and Praveen on the spotlight and ask them to pick their impact players.

Last time, they picked SKY and ABD. We will see whom do they pick this time around.

Time to get into the third round: KGF: ROCKY BHAI Impact Player of the Day.

What, Praveen? Me TAIYAAR (Ready), are you TAIYAAR (ready)?

Well, my stomach is already looking that way and so, I will be a TAAIYAAR (Mother) soon.


-You start off this round, Praveen. -Who will be the impact player of the day, Praveen?

Since I am supporting KKR this game, they have three Tamilians.

Wait. I gave you the opportunity. Last time, you said ABD and he smashed like you predicted. Your thoughts on that first?

Why fear when ABD is here? So, there was no fear last game when he was there. If he is playing for a team, he will defintely take that team close to winning.

The only regret was that he couldnt close out the game last time around by scoring the winning runs.

He almost took them to the close, before getting run-out. But still, he gave everything to get back to the crease with that desperate dive.

So, yeah, that was the only regret and he scored crucial points for me in Dream11. I had him as my VC.

This time, we have a VC himself in Varun Chakravarthy.

So, yeah, KKR have three Tamilians in Varun Chakravarthy, Dinesh Karthik and HARBHAJAN SINGH.

Just because BhajjuPaa acts in a Tamil film, you call him a Tamilian?

I mean, come on, he has acted as THIRUVALLUVAR himself. So, whats left to prove that he is a Tamilian?

So, many would expect me to say Nitish Rana as my impact player, but NO.

He has this trend of 0(1) followed by a score in 80s for 6 games together now.

So, he has already scored his 80-last game, therefore last game he was Nitish RANA, this game Nitish VENA (NO NEED)


So, it is highly doubtful that he will score in the next game. Therefore, my impact player of the day is going to be Andre Russell.

Like I already said, he is not only ANDRE (Meaning The Other Day in Tamil) Russell, he is INDRUM, ENDRUM (FOREVER) Russell.

If he comes to form, there is no one to stop him. People said his form is long gone and that he has become RUSTY.

They said he has become Andre RUSTELL. Only his hair has become rusty, his form is still the same.

Last game, when everyone expected him to come good with the bat, despite failing, he came good with the ball when it mattered the most for them by bowling an exceptional last over.

He came to bowl when CUMMINS ball was GOINGS for sixes continuously by Samad.

He came and bowled exceptionally well and restricted. He has come to form with his bowling, for sure.

I am sure that he is going to take Pollards wicket this game.

Last game, I felt Pollard, who had Usha as a sponsor in his helmet and he was supplying free air to all of us during his cute knock since he couldnt time any of his shots.

So, this time Russell, with his extra-pace will defintely take Pollards wicket.

Plus, this game, he will definitely come to form with the bat as well. Because Mumbai Indians dont have Rashid Khan in their line-up.

But they have Bumrah, right?

Anyway, Abhi? Impact player of the day?

At least last time, I had something for my comeback. But this time, I dont have anything for a comeback.

He has used every reference possible starting from RUSTY. The only thing he missed out was probably our Russell Arnold. He called all the other Russells possible.

So, I will keep my impact player very simple. You can call it as a cliched pick. I will go with Rohit Sharma.

Because he has an exceptional record against KKR. But even David Warner had a great record against KKR, but he got out cheaply to Prasidh Krishna.

But Rohit Sharma, not only has a great record against KKR in Eden Gardens alone, even otherwise, he has a terrific record against them.

He has a 100 and close to 5 or 6 50s against them. I am sure Praveen would have known this. So, he might be scared.

Rohit Sharma is due for a big one. So, my KGF Rocky Bhai Impact Player of the Day is Rohit Sharma.

There is a popular line KKR Hai Tayaar

They have it as an answer for most of the questions. But Rohit Sharma is using that as a question. KKR is here, are you ready?

Maybe, thats why he is always ready to score big when he is playing against them. He might be the Captain in most peoples fantasy teams this game.

Anyway, our experts have picked Rohit Sharma and Andre Russell as their impact players for this game.

We will get into the final round. We will see whether Praveen uses ANJAAN reference like he did last time.

I thoroughly enjoyed that, Abhi. We will get into the next round.

The Master Battle: Match Up of the Day.

Last time, Praveen said AB de Villiers one guy is enough for the entire Mumbai side. I didnt really understand. Usually, Match-Up is against two people.

For instance, Rashid Khan against Andre Russell is a match-up. But he said, AB de Villiers vs the whole MI. But AB proved him right by smashing them all.

I still cant believe he got that spot on, Abhi. So, this time, instead of starting with him, I will start with you. Whats your match-up of the day?

Why are you starting with me? I was eagerly waiting what he will come up with.

Since he was the last time winner, I have given him chasing this time.

So, I feel Mumbai Indians will change their bowling attack for this game. They might have the temptation to play one more spinner.

But Bumrah, usually goes for plenty in the first game of a season.

Thats why I never brought him up during any match-up last time around. Bumrah, over the last 5 years, has been going around 9 per over in the first game of the tournament.

But Bumrah vs the finishers. I am waiting for that match-up. Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell. He usually bounces out Andre Russell.

For Dinesh Karthik, he might go for change of pace. And he might go back to the bouncer ploy for Eoin Morgan as well.

So, Bumrah vs the power hitting finishers is going to be an exciting contest.

Because, I think, worlds best finishers top 6 are on show today apart from, say, an AB de Villiers or a Rishabh Pant. So, Bumrah vs the finishers of KKR are going to be my match-up.

He has opted for the formula that Praveen opted for the last game. He said AB vs MI bowlers.

This time, Abhi has gone with Bumrah vs the entire finishers. I feel he might win this round with this tactic.

Praveen, your thoughts? And whats your Master Match Up of the Day?

This time around, I will give you a specific match-up. Boult vs Tripathi. Last game, Boult wasnt that good.

But he will defintely compensate this time around. If he doesnt, it is good only since MI play CSK and later, he has a WTC final against India as well.

So, it's alright even if he doesn't come to form. But he will defintely come to form very soon. So, I am looking forward to the match-up of Boult to Tripathi.

Whether Boult will dismiss him? Or Tripathi will deposit Boults deliveries to Tirupati? We have to wait and watch.

So, I am curious to see how this match-up will pan out. Because last game, Tripathi started smashing straightaway.

He didnt even take time to settle in. If he continues that form, Boult or even Bumrah wont be able to stop him, I believe.

You said: Nitish Rana is VENA (NO NEED) And now, you are sending Tripathi to Tirupati. But then, my match-up wont even happen.

I wanted to see how Bumrah goes at the death against the finishers. If KKR loses wickets in abundance soon and if Bumrah is against three early on, game over then.

They will go through the powerplay. But the finishers will definitely get their chance in the death overs. DK is there. Russell will smash Bumrah.

Rohit Sharma will save Bumrahs overs for these power-hitters, I feel. Anyway, I have two questions.

Last time, Natarajan was the one who dismissed Tripathi and he was also a left arm seamer. Do you remember that?

KKR vs SRH game? Yeah, I remember.

I thought you forgot that and gave the match-up in favour of Mumbai. Anyway, last time you got it spot on and who knows? You might get this one also right.

So, both of them have picked their Master Match Up. I wont pick my Master Battle. Because I am going to pick only fantasy side.

Thank you so much for joining us on Mummy Returns.

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