Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taking Care of Tummies

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As your children grow they experience a

lot of firsts on a daily basis. Trying new

foods can be the most common and while

their taste buds are trying to form an

opinion about broccoli or sourdough

bread, their stomachs are trying to

figure out how to digest and absorb

nutrients from their new foods. To

promote a healthy digestive system at

any meal and to prevent discomfort


try using DigestZen. Just a drop or two

taken internally with water can help

reduce stomach discomfort, bloating, gas, or

occasional indigestion. For easy

application, try DigestZen touch roller.

This convenient oil can be rolled right

across tummies for a soothing sensation

and is perfect for your little one's.

Older children could try DigestZen

softgels or DigestTabs chewables for

similar results.

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