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Whats up? Its Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News

and Liam Payne took to Instagram to promote his livestream show,

but he inadvertently sent fans into a complete frenzy over his hair. Lets get into it!

Fans of Liam Paynes know that hes been holding live stream

events for his fans throughout the various stages of the lockdowns.

During the LP shows Liam performs, connects with fans, and shows his fun personality.

His first show was in July and he did two more shows with one in August for

his birthday and another in October for Halloween.

The LP Shows have been a huge success with Liam revealing that some of the

live streams were completely sold out. And at the end of 2020 he revealed that he

would be hosting his 4th and final live stream called The Final Act on January 2nd, 2021.

Liam said that this show would be special and different and that he would even be

performing a very special set of eight One Direction songs selected by fans.

He also added that this will be his last show until he returns with new music later this year.

So naturally fans were extremely excited for this live stream!

He ended up having to reschedule the show until this weekend on January 9th

to ensure that theyd be compliant with all the lockdown rules.

And when he took to Instagram to announce who would be joining him

as guests on this special show, fans were completely distracted by his look.

Liam revealed that Nina Nesbitt, Claire Rosinkranz,

and his cousin and fellow artist Ross Harris would all be joining him for the show.

I really want you to go out and get to know these guys so I am gonna post up

some links and some different things for you to go and check them out so youve

got a bit of homework to do before the show. Go and get started, see you then!

But while watching his video, fans couldnt help but notice his hair.

Liam has famously had a variety of hairstyles over the years from buzzcuts to freshly styled dos.

More recently, hes grown out his hair a bit,

but in this recent video it was much longer and he rocked a middle part and a beard!

Fans flooded the comments of Liams video writing things like


Choreographer Jaquel Knight even got in on the fun saying, LOOK AT THAT HAIR BROTHER!!!!!!!

And many fans couldnt help but call out Liams resemblance to Jesus with

one fan literally writing, YOU LOOK LIKE JESUS AND I LOVE IT.

And this isnt the first time recently that fans have lost it over Liams hair.

After his recent Instagram live, when Liam rocked this man bun,


And honestly, we agree! Were loving this look on Liam,

but real talk, he looks great with whatever hairstyle he has.

If you want tickets to Liams livestream, theyre only $15

and the link to purchase is in his Instagram bio.

Fans can either tune in live or watch the show

up until January 16th. So if you miss the live stream, thankfully you can still watch it!

Until then, if you want more on Liam Payne and what he recently said about

the future of One Direction, click right over here for another Clevver News video.

Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Liams long hair,

do you love it or do you prefer him with the buzzcut?

Im your host Sussan Mourad, you can find me on Instagram @Sussan_Mourad, bye guys!

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