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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BUYING ANYTHING Mom WANTS!

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- Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite.

Fortnite, Fortnite, more Fortnite.

Oh I gotta keep my eyes on the prize, guys.

- Today's video, we buy what anything mom wants!

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- Hey, SOTY family!

Where are you going?

- Out.

Sorry, good luck with the kids.


- But we have to film a video.

- [Jamie] Bye!

- Oh boy.

I do not give up that easy.

We are filming a video, even if it means no mom.

- [Steve] Girls, mom is gone.

But we still have to finish the video.

Everyone, in the car.

Let's go.

- Okay?

- Hurry, get in the car!

This is gonna happen.

Stephen, get off the games!

- But I'm playing a video game!

- [Steve] Mom's gone, I need you for a video.

In the car.

Let's do this! - Fine, I'm coming.

(upbeat music)

- We gotta get in this car, buckle up,

and get on the road, it's game time.

You ready?

- Yes.

- What are we doing here, dad?

- Guys, this is the first competition to see who gets

to spend the most money buying something for mom.

- For mom?

- Alright, so here's today's competition.

Who here wants a little ice cream treat for themselves?

- [Kids] Me!

- Please, please, please? - I want the ice cream.

Give me the ice cream, please?

- I can really use some ice cream right now.

- Well, one of you will get ice cream.

But only one.

The person who buys mom the best gift,

is gonna win the ice cream.

- That still doesn't explain why we're at our park.

- Well, one of you gets to spend $50 on mom,

one of you gets to spend $20 on mom,

one only gets to spend $10,

and the other one only gets five.

- Whoo.

- And we're gonna decide who gets to spend what,

by who makes a basket first.

Starting youngest to oldest.

- Bring it on.

(upbeat music)

That's not good.

- I can do this.


I thought I have the $50!

- The $50 is mine!

- Oh man!

- Well that's really fair.

I didn't even get to shoot yet.

- Hey, life's not always fair, guys.

- I'm gonna win the 20 in style, though.


On my next try.

I was just a little rusty.

- Jordyn, Jordyn!



- I threw it backwards instead of forward.

- I got this, guys!

(upbeat music)

- Yeet.

Oh, that was so close!

I don't care if I get $5,

I'm making a three-pointer today.


- Oh, I'm getting better.

- I got this, guys!


I get $20!

- [Steve] It's down to you final two.

Who's gonna get the $10, and who's get the five?

Jordyn's distracting.

Stephen's distracted.

The shot.

- [Stephen] It worked.

- Grained it!

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Just needed a couple warm up shots.

- I guess I get the $5.

Let's do this.

- That was some impressive shooting.

Especially since I made Stephen shoot

from the three-point line, and it only took him three shots.

He might be getting better than me.

Alright, we are to the next round of the competition.

Taylor, you have the $50 to spend.

Wonder what she's gonna get for mom.

Any ideas?

- Something rose gold.

- Oh boy.

Get ready, mom.

- Alright, guys.

I have $50.

I'll just go straight to the jewelry.

Oh, gold.

Anyone wants gold.


I can do better than that.

I have 50, I need to use all of it.

(upbeat music)

Cute, but not cute enough.

I really wanna win that ice cream.

Let's find something awesome.



Oh no.

There's so many choices.

I don't know what to get her.

Wait a minute.

Maybe, oh, I know!

Ooh, comfy.

Ooh, classic.

Ooh, this looks really stylish.


I don't like any of those.

Ooh, I love Harry Potter, maybe mom will, too, $59?

That's way past my budget!

I guess we don't gotta get her something cool like

Harry Potter Legos.

Ooh, basketball section.

Think fast, dad!

What about the world's most comfiest blanket?

Oh, so soft.

So comfortable.

Maybe I should check out one more thing

before I make my decision.

Ooh, mom loves decorations.

Maybe one of these lamps will be a perfect fit.

Like this one!

And we'll find a top for it.

I gotta be careful, this thing can break.

What do you guys think?

Guys, I know mom.

I know she'll choose this, and I'm gonna get ice cream.

And it's almost exactly $50!

No one's gonna beat me in this competition.

- $50?

I don't need $50 to buy mom something.

I have $20, and I'm gonna buy her something awesome!

Guys, you know why my mom's not here?

She's at soccer.

Her sport.

And I was thinking, I can buy something sportsy.

Like soccer.

Because she's at soccer right now!


And then I know I will win.

Soccer socks!

Oh three for 40?

No way, soccer socks.

This would knock it out of the park.

Oh, shoot!

I don't have enough money for it!



It's the cutest sufferball, soccer ball in the world.

It's so tempting.

It's so cute.

Look at it, guys!

Wait, but that's what I like.

What about mom?


Oh no.

She has soccer cleats.

She has soccer balls.

She has soccer water bottles.

What else are I can get her?


She likes things that are in the trailer,

so I can buy her things that she can put in the trailer!

What is this?

Slender tone?

Sounds interesting.

I think it makes you skinnier.

Do you run with it?

How much is it?




Huh, what things do we need for an RV?

Which one?

They're $13, but they're not cool enough.

I gotta win this!

I don't know what to get, guys!

Maybe the RV stuff is kinda boring.

What thing does mom love?


I know what to get!

An ice cream maker!

Mom loves ice cream.

And it's just for $20.

That is perfect!

Let's get it, guys!

- I only have $10, but I've got some mad skills.

I mean, I hit that three-pointer,

and it was all net.

What can I get for $10 that mom would like?


She likes clothes.


Too much.

Uh, I don't think so.

The clearance section.



Wait, what am I doing here?

Let's go find something cool for mom.

I wonder if mom likes these Fortnite shirts.

Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite.

Fortnite, Fortnite Fortnite, more Fortnite!

Oh I gotta keep my eyes on the prize, guys.

Guys, I don't know if you guys know me very well,

but I love ice cream.

I will do anything for this ice cream right now.


Guys, I need to get mom something really good

so I get that ice cream.

I need to think outside the box.

Or should I say, inside the box?

Some shoes.

Inside the box?

Get it?

Okay, you got it.


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Definitely no.


Nope, nope, nope.

No way.



Seriously guys?

Apparently $10 does not buy very much stuff nowadays.

Guys, water balloons!

So, I don't know if mom will like this,

but she might like soaking me in all these water balloons.

And hopefully I'll get ice cream.


Did I just get the rotten egg surprise stink balloons?

I might be in for a real stinky treat.

Hopefully mom enjoys throwing a bunch of stinky water

balloons at me more than whatever the girls got,

like shoes, and clothes.


Mom really likes to get me really dirty and stinky.

- Guys, I only have $5.

I need to make this special.

Come on, let's go!

Dad, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

- [Steve] What are you thinking?

- I think there's $1 mini smelly candles.

Maybe mom will want one of those.

They're cute, and they're cheap!

Whoa, look at all these beautiful candles!

But they're all expensive!

Look at that one!

It's less than $5!

Mom will love it!

Guys, I nailed it on my first try.

This is gonna be scent-scentional.

Get it?

Do ya?



- Alright, now all the kids have picked out something,

so we are gonna head back to the house.

Mom should be home very, very soon.

We're gonna make it so she doesn't know who picked what.

She'll choose which prize she wants to keep,

and whoever picked it gets the ice cream treat.

Alright, we have all the prizes.

We're gonna find out what mom's gonna pick.

I think she's gonna be home any minute.

- I think she gonna pick mine.

- Mine. - Mine.

- Mine.

- She's gonna pick mine.

- Wait, you got one?

- No, I didn't get one. - Okay.

- Good luck, everybody.

- Guys, I'm home!

- [Kids] Mom!

- We have a surprise for you!

- For me?

- Mom, have a seat.

- What is this?

- Your surprise.

- [Steve] Alright, mom, so while you were gone,

we all went to the store and each kid

picked a prize for you.

But they had limits on what they were allowed to spend.

- Okay.

- [Steve] So, you might not be able to tell which cost what,

but here's the game.

You get to choose one of these to keep.

- Okay.

- [Steve] You have the lamp, the ice cream maker,

the scented candle, and the Bunch O Balloons.

- Okay.

- [Steve] The Bunch-O-Balloons come with a secondary prize.

- Oh? - You gotta throw it

at the person who selected it.

- Okay.


- [Steve] So, the bonus is, you get to toss 'em at people.

But mom, you can only keep one.

So, make your choice.

- Ah!

Alright, so.

First off, being able to throw balloons at one of these guys

sounds pretty awesome.


Smells delicious.

Guys, I cannot pass up ice cream ever.

And this is super cute.

That's adorable, actually.

- [Steve] Alright, enough talk.

(Jamie screams) Make your choice!

- [Jamie] I don't know!

- Mom, choose wisely.

- I personally think the candle smelled like rotten eggs.

- Alright, guys.

This is a hard decision, but I think I've come up with it

because mainly, I cannot go without ice cream.

I choose the ice cream maker!

- Mom, your selection has chosen the winner

of our competition.

And the winner is: Payton!

- I win, I win, I win!

- [Steve] Payton, what's your prize?

- Ice cream!

- Ice cream!

I get some, 'cause I guessed.

- [Steve] Mom, the person who picks the best prize for you

wins ice cream.

- Aw. - Oh, lucky you.

- [Steve] And mom gets ice cream.

- I'll make you some ice cream.

- Let's go get me some ice cream!

Victory never tasted so good.

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- [Everyone] Bye!

(upbeat music)

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