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Last night was the first of many 2020 democratic primaries in Iowa.

It is in fact a [inaudible], a

caucus system.

So much anticipation.

Finally, the 2020 democratic primary gets going.

Finally, we are going to have some information and data and numbers about it is not just

polls, it is now voting who takes the first win and unfortunately it is turned into a

world wide embarrassment.

Headlines around the world, embarrassing for the democratic party as multiple systems apparently

fell apart, results simply stopped being published after one or 2% of the vote was out.

Almost every aspect of this has been a cartoonish train wreck and as of this recording, we do

not know who won.

Yesterday we were streaming live yesterday, a beautiful live stream.

We had a six or 6,000 or so people watching the entire evening.

Uh, it got to be 9:30 PM Eastern and we had just a few results.

It got to be 10:00 PM Eastern, 10:30 PM Eastern and we got a little bit more 11:00 PM nothing.

And eventually just past 11:30 PM Eastern time on our stream, we realized from looking

at what various DMC officials were putting out on Twitter that the results were unlikely

to come out last night and that was it for us for the night and as of this morning we

still do not know who won yesterday's Iowa caucus.

Now it is normal that it can take a little while once you have the final vote to get

the final numbers for what are called state delegate equivalents, but we're talking about

we don't even have the final vote, which is a preliminary number used to sort of get an

estimate of what the state devil, state, delegate equivalents are ultimately going to be.

Now the explanations that were being provided have shifted.

The first explanation was that the results were delayed because the DNC is running them

through quality control.

That was already probably the wrong lie to tell if an indeed was a lie because that was

interpreted by Somos.

We don't like the results and thus we are delaying and seeing what we can do to maybe

change the results or wait for results that the DNC is happier with to come in so that

they can release them all at once and the were a lot of people's minds went was this

is meant to hurt Bernie in some way, shape or form, but it actually doesn't appear to

be the case.

It appears that that was merely a cover.

Again, this is what we believe as of right now, it appears that the quality control talking

point was a cover for what was the total breakdown in failure of a technological system and it

internet based app software system that was used to tally and report the results of the

Iowa caucus.

By the time you hear this, by the time you watch today's show, you may know the results.

You may have a clearer explanation as to what exactly happened last night.

The DNC is saying that the results are going to be released sometime today.

Now in the wake of this, multiple candidates have claimed to either have internal numbers

showing that they won or gave speeches, making it sound like they won.

In fact, Amy Klobuchar did something hilarious last night at around 1115, I think it was

11, 11, 15:00 PM Eastern time.

We had no results.

Amy Klobuchar was in like fourth or fifth place based on like 2% of the vote at that


She came out and gave a speech that seemed like a victory speech, even though she hadn't,

she certainly wasn't in the lead and it's a, she certainly hadn't a, um, we didn't have

enough information to know whether anyone had one.

She kind of gave a victory speech, which in a way was genius because nothing was going


Everything was stopped and a whole bunch of networks ended up covering the globe, a char

speech, even though she was like in fourth or fifth place with about 10% of the vote

at the time.

Then you had Pete Buddha judge, he, uh, Pete Buddha judge, which was the early leader yesterday.

He put out a statement kind of like implying he won.

He says, Iowa, you have shocked the nation.

Uh, I guess the real shock was how incompetent the process was, but Pete, Buddha judge with

his comments suggesting I guess that it was shocking that he was doing so well at least

in the early numbers.

Then Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders says that Bernie has his own internal polling saying

he got 29% of the vote Buddha judge 24% Warren 21 with Joe Biden in a distant fourth at 12%

and we'll talk about the Biden thing in a second.

This is all now being compounded by the claim that the unreleased Demoine register poll

from the weekend had these results which were Bernie first Biden fourth yesterday.

I told you that over the weekend the Des Moines register decided not to release their last

poll before voting because of a claim that had been made that someone who was interviewed

for the poll said when they asked me the question about who I support and they read me the list

of candidates, they didn't read every candidate and that of course is a really big deal when

you were doing polling.

So the Des Moines register on that basis said they were canceling the release of the poll

that however, uh, the, the claim now is from five 38 that it was in that unreleased pole,

Bernie 22 war in 18 boot edge edge 16 and Biden 13 and that is very similar to what

Bernie's internal polling is showing.

If these results or some version of them are accurate, this is a potential game changer

for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden in a sense had the most to lose last night because as the longtime presumptive

front runner, even though he was pulling a close second in Iowa going in yesterday, if

Biden ends up with half of the support that polling showed, this is extraordinarily damaging

to Joe Biden.

And if that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised to see the DNC establishment rapidly shift

likely to Pete boot edge edge.

You would think maybe they would go to Klobuchar but Klobuchar that even worse than Joe Biden

yesterday based just on those early results that we had.

We'll see what the final numbers show and that could be a disaster for Joe Biden.

But then if you zoom out a little bit, and this is really the tragedy, this is a fiasco

that plays directly into Donald Trump's hands who immediately started making fun of the

whole process on Twitter.

It's a great effect.

And why wouldn't he?

The process became a complete and total farce.

Trump tweeting about how a coin toss is used to decide who gets a laugh delegate within

a particular precinct.

And that's true.

That's part of the process.

Check out this video of a coin toss happening yesterday

while you're watching and then flip it over.



the end, these single delegates decided by a coin toss make very little difference, but

it looks really silly when people are voting and then you flip a coin.

It's crazy.


Then tweeting quote, the Democrat caucus is an unmitigated disaster.

Nothing works just like they ran the country.

Remember the $5 billion Obamacare website that should have cost 2% of that.

The only person that can claim a very big victory in Iowa last night is Trump and you

know what guys?

He's right.

Unfortunately, this gives a ton of visibility for their keep government out of stuff ideology.

Now in reality, the issue here is the DNC, not the government, but it doesn't matter.

And case in point, Trump re-tweeting a guy, I know a guy Benson who posted, no but seriously


Let us run your health care.

They said now it's a complete wrong reaction to last night's fiasco.

The DNC wouldn't be running healthcare, but still this stuff works.

The fiasco plays directly into everything that they are arguing and have been doing

for years at this point in time and the way in which this might again mess up the credibility

of the entire primary process is raining.

Once again, and I'll explain what I mean by that.

Imagine that Joe Biden is expecting to come in first or second based on the polling and

he ends up fourth or fifth as he might end up based on the early results we have after

this fiasco with a delay for quality control followed by, we just don't have any results.

We'll get them to you.

Hopefully sometime tomorrow.

If you're Joe Biden, you were pulling for a second and you want and you end up coming

in fourth, fifth you immediately say, I don't believe these results.

I don't believe these results can be trusted and you either say foul play or just errors

or whatever the case may be and then you immediately have a disastrous situation where the presumptive

front runner, at least for a long time, right, is publicly saying, I don't trust our own

results in this primary caucus.

It's a disaster.

It's an unmet, to quote Trump, it is an unmitigated disaster for Democrats.

It will further divide Democrats.

It will help Donald Trump even more.

It's truly sickening and it allows Trump and the right.

It allows anyone who wants to make the case that Democrats are incapable of governing

to make it on the basis that they can't even get a caucus right now.

I know that in the end there will probably be explanations that go back to, you know,

it was whoever the technology was outsourced to that dropped the ball and they're offering

a refund for what they charge to make this app.

It doesn't matter.

What matters is story and narrative and that is the story right now.

I'm curious whether tonight Donald Trump will take advantage of this fiasco in the state

of the union speech, which we will carry live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook starting at

eight 30 the speeches at 9:00 PM join me early at 8:30 PM Eastern time.

I hope you'll join.

I have published tonight's state of the union bingo card to my Twitter page at Dee Pacman.

You can download it and play along.

We'll see who, uh, who ends up with bingo tonight

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