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Good afternoon

Welcome to...

How to maintain your personal hygiene in Exercise Wallaby.

This is one of the sample bathrooms that Tiger Hill has provided for us.

Many many waterbags! All of which meant for you to shower.

Beforehand, I already prepare my two buckets and my soap and shampoo.

Now! To show you how to take a shower.

My bucket... My waterbag prepared already, bucket prepared already, so let's start.

Usually, we will take one hot and one cold, but since it is a very hot day, two cold is


Wa! the waterbag

very shaky one, so

you gotta be careful you know?

Yeah, yeah... You see the thing shake everywhere then the water get everywhere.

Then sometimes, in an extreme case, you need

a third bucket of cold water, but i'm doing a very good job and the waterbag doesn't seem to

leak too bad, yeah, so I think I can fill this with two buckets.

This is my second bucket.

And, just nice!

You see here? It is very full.

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