Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Purposity

Difficulty: 0


[Frank Rodriguez] Did you know that there are 350 children this past year in Beaufort County that are

homeless and an unknown number of them go to bed hungry every night. [Lisa Sulka] Did you know

that in Beaufort County every day there are children in need. [KeKe Swinton] If you could help a

child in need would? [Matthew Clancy] We think so and it's simple. [Reese Bertholf[ Just download the Purposity

app to your phone and once a week you'll receive a notification about a need in

our area. [Lisa] It could be for clothing food or school supplies. [Matthew] Read the story and

decide if you want to help. [Lisa] Making a difference in someone's life can now be

done with the tap of the finger. [KeKe] All from your phone. [Frank] Let's come together

Beaufort County with a purpose to help our community members one need at a time.

[Music Fades]

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