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How are you, Hasan?

Where is mother?

How can I know where your mother is?

And I don't have the nerve to ask her as well.

When ever I ask her a question, she gives an answer in a different light.

I don't know what she has against me!

This is not my answer, Kiran!

I asked you a question as well, did you answer that?

Don't argue with me, I asked you where is mother?

Hasan, mother was not feeling well.

And as usual there was no one to look after her in that house!

then she called me I picked her up & took her to the hospital

now she is with me and she's missing you a-lot.

If you have time then come and meet her.

My mother was sick...

and there was no one to look after her, in my house!

I should die in shame!

He's lying, nothing happened to her.

He's lying! Did you not hear?

Kiran, If she was your mother, would you have left her alone and helpless like this?

I am ashamed of you!

don't go!

Leave my hand!



How are you feeling now?

I'm better now.

I just miss Hasan

Don't take Hasan's name in front of me.

I called him so many times...

But he didn't pick up once.

I sent him voice messages too.

He didn't answer them as well.

He must be busy.

I can never forgive him after what he did to you

Hasan has always tried to be a good son.

He never ran away from his responsibilities.

That's maybe why he has gotten stuck and that is why he is compelled to do this.

So you still have a place in your heart for Hasan.

Mother you know why I left my house, right?

And ever since I came back I've been trying to make up for my mistake.


could you please come outside for a minute?

I'm coming.

What is it?

Mansoor, is this any time to argue with your mother?

*door bell rings*

Let me see...

I can't see Sasha anywhere.

What work you've got with her?

I wanted to discuss something...

My dear come here.


My dear can I say one thing?

Will you listen to it?

You're like my father, I can't refuse anything you say, what is it?

Then join your father's business....

Listen to me...

My dear...

don't go to the interview tomorrow.

look dad, I did not do all of this to compel you.

I know, my dear.

You're a capable and talented girl.

You can make an excuse to them.


but It's too late now, I've already committed to them

My dear go to their office tomorrow and apologize.

Look my dear...

This house and our business...

All of it's yours now...

Always keep work out of your personal emotions.

That's the key.

But dad I think...

Taimoor won't like this.

When I'm the one who's asking you to do this, then you don't need to talk to anyone else.

Do as I say.



let me do one thing, I'll go there tomorrow and excuse myself.

Thank you so much.

God bless you my dear.

God bless you....

What have you done?

What I did is absolutely right!

This girl wants to take Mahira's place.

Not at all!

I want her to work with us, she's driven.

You should have discussed it with me.

Will I make business decisions after taking permissions from you?


How is mother feeling right now?

do you really care about her?

I'm sorry..... I...

I couldn't see your calls.

You don't see anything nowadays, Hasan.

Sit down, I'll bring mother.

What is it? You seem quite happy!

Nothing much...

It is something, otherwise you're not among those people who smile easily.

The CEO of Jamal group of companies has offered me a job.

And I can't decide...


When did this happen?

Right now!

There is one thing.

Your dad cares more about me than you!

I don't know why I couldn't say 'no' to him?

He had the same love in his tone as my father did.

Sasha, I only want to see you happy.

And that is what I wanted to hear from you.

Now I'll have to go to that company tomorrow and excuse myself.

So do it and tell them that you are joining Jamal group of companies!

I know why you're doing all this...

Why am I doing this?

To keep an eye on me!


It's not like that at all!

Come, mother.

Your darling son is here.

Sit down, I'll be right back.

Sit down mother.

Sit down...

What happened?

You could have called me!

Forgive me.

I could not take care of you properly.

No my dear...

You have no fault in this.

Come with me...

You'll come home with me.

And I'll take you to the doctor before I take you home.

My dear I'm just fine right here.

Mother, that is your own home!

that's your son's home!

My son is here with me as well.

But do you see what's going on over there?

I've gotten sick of Kiran and her mother's every day plots!

I've gotten sick of my own home!

A jungle would have been a better place than there.

At least there would have been some peace there.


Please don't say that.

I will never be able to forgive myself.

I cannot live without you.

I cannot live without you!

Please come home with me.


My dear Kiran listen to me....

Don't think like that, Hasan will come back to you, you'll see!

How can he come back?

Did you not hear brother Mansoor's messages? He had so much hatred for me!

You don't know what she can say and Hasan's at her home right now!

I'm telling you! I'm sure she must be speaking against me!

Listen to me... he's not a child in a crib!

He won't listen to her propaganda!

How can you....

Can I tell you something?

I think that they still want to bring back Zoya...

They don't like me... I'm nothing to them!

Are you mad! Why would they want to bring back Zoya?

Don't think of such things!

There should be a limit to one's imagination!

What I think is that... right in front of you...

I was not the one who asked aunty to leave....

But I think I have made a grave mistake!

I should have done the same with her what I did with uncle!

I should have killed her!

I should have strangled her when she slept at night!

Kiran, what's with you? This anger of yours will burn you!

I will poison her tea!

What is with you? Have you gone completely insane?

Why don't you understand?

Hasan is sitting at her home she must be speaking against me!

I know she's speaking against me! Why don't you understand that? Leave me!

Leave me!

Alright my dear, listen to me!


Why would she do that?

They are his family! So what if he's gone there?

I'll call him... he'll come home early then!

Who is it?


I'll be right back...

What is it... I'm listening?

Hasan, where are you? Come back home, I'm waiting for you.

I'll stay here tonight, I'm not coming home today!

If you don't come home right now then I will set you straight! Come home quick!

Kiran you know what?

You can do whatever you want.



What happened?

he said, tonight he will stay there


What is with you?

He has his brother and mother over there...

So what if he stays there?


Before Zoya came here, Hasan, uncle everyone was mine!

But now I have nothing left!

Look my dear, hasty decisions...

are never right!

Tell yourself that Hasan has gone off to live in some foreign country.



Homes are not made out of anger.

They are made with love.

Fighting is all that is left for me....

Zoya took away all the love!

But I will not let her get away with this.

I will not let her get away with this!

Get away from me! You don't love me as well!

Don't say that!

Kiran... my dear!

My child....



How are you dear?

yes aunty, what is it?


Hasan my dear, why don't you come home?

Kiran is getting very emotional!

My dear please come home.

aunty, what do you want?

My mother is very sick!

And you're calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that your daughter is emotional!

You're her mother, control her!

Hasan my dear, that is why I called Fazeela, to make you understand.

She is your mother after all!

If she asks you, then surely you will come back.

I can't control Kiran anymore.


Nothing will happen to your daughter, If I don't come home just for one day.

I've already told you that my mother's sick.

Look Hasan.... I am just like your mother...

I'm worried for her... that's why I called.

She can do what she wants!


If you're busy today, then I can go for my tests some other time...

Really it's no problem....

If you have an appointment today then you have to go there.

You always take me....

Sasha, how much time will it take you over there?

Why? What's the matter?

Mother has a test appointment today, please take her when you come back.

Yes I'll take her,I will be there almost for an hour be ready when I come back.

I'll do it.

That's perfect, problem solved.


See you!

We'll meet in the evening...

Let's go...

Bye my son!

Okay farewell!


I want you to come with me in the evening...

I want to meet with a friend and it would be good if you come with me.

I don't want to go anywhere, to any one of your idiotic friends... I don't feel well.

Idiotic friends?

My friend is an idiot?

What about you?

I think you have forgotten!

The way he humiliated you out of that house!

Kamal, enough!

We are meeting in the evening!

And we will go together!

Why don't you kill me and get it over with!

Get it over with!

You're a really good actor!

Very nice!

Be ready in the evening.


Surprised to see me?

You must have never thought that I would come here!

Why have you come here?

I wanted to talk to Mina, but it's good that I met you directly

Tell me, you're the one who is pregnant and my husband is the one who pays your bill!

Your father dies and my husband is the one who is upset!

What kind of string have you attached yourself with him?

Tell me what is your affair with Hasan?

Are you in your senses?

I have no affair with Hasan.

What kind of nonsense is this?!

Zoya, I know the plan you're making with Mina!

I will not let you destroy my home!

Kiran it would be best for you to leave!

Otherwise I'll call security!

You'll call security?

you'll throw me out of here?

Kiran, what are you doing here?

I knew you would come!

You have a plan to execute with her after all!

What plot are you talking about?

Look Kiran...

Hasan and I have no relationship!

I did not call him there!

If you didn't call him... then Mina must have sent him there, right Mina?

She's your best friend, right? What are you two planning right now?

Look Kiran...

There is no need to bring your household problems to work and nothing of the sort has happened!

Nothing happened? Tell me what's Hasan doing at your home?

Are you planning to send Zoya over there?

by the way Zoya, you can do anything!

After all you need all the help you can get!

Enough Kiran!

I will not listen to any of your word anymore

Go from here!

Are you alright, Zoya?

I'll call the guards right away! Guards!


Will you plot against me? I am Hasan's wife!

If you don't care about your respect, then why do we care?

You cannot harass us over here!



Mina, will you have me escorted out?

Remove her from the premises!

Come with us miss!

Get out!

Come on.

I'll see you!

Her vitals are not good.

Please go outside!

I will tell you if something happens.


Nurse come with me!

Please inject a drip...


This is Mina calling, Zoya's friend.



How are you?

How come you called?

Zoya is not feeling well... she's in the hospital!

I think she likes that place!

She's not well and she needs you to be here.

Of-course she does!

Why would she need me, when you're there!

What are you saying?

The truth!

I never lie!

What kind of man are you?

Do you not care about your wife?

It doesn't matter if I care or not, as long as you are there!

Look.... she's in a critical condition!


That's really a tragedy!

What can I do if she's in a critical condition?

You are responsible for her!

What are you saying?

Are you coming to the hospital or not?

I am a laborer...

I work hard!

I don't indulge myself in cheap romance like your friend!

Who was that, Kamal?

Zoya's first husband's sister-in-law.

What is she to her....

Her sister-in-law!

And yes, Zoya's in the hospital!


Have you gone insane?

She's in a hospital and you're sitting here, relaxing?

What can I do?

Should I fight?

What do you want?

At least you can go to the hospital...


All of this is nonsense, mother!


I asked her to come along with me to a wedding ceremony

And what did she did?

She went to the hospital!

All of this is an act!

Your daughter-in-law is quite the actor!

What is with you?

Tell me where she is, I'll go there!

I cannot leave her alone like you!

Mother do you know about the hospital?

Do you know which hospital she's in?

You don't know, right?

I'll go myself in a few hours!

So that all the bills gets paid up!

I'm in no hurry to go there.

What if something happens to her?

Nothing will happen to her my darling mother!

She has a-lot of support!

Don't worry!

And why are you getting so worried mother?

Who decided life and death?

Tell me?

God, right?

What kind of husband are you?

Do you have no fear of God?

one minute

Wait a minute and listen to me Kamal!

Are you with Zoya?

Yes I am, is everything fine?

No she is not well, if you are her family member then there are some documents that need to be signed.

Um.... no....

I'm her friend.

Then do one thing, call one of her family member and ask them to come here immediately.

Okay, I'll do that.

Thank you!

Yes sister-in-law?

Brother Hasan...

Do you have Zoya's sister number?

Everything alright?

Why do you need Sasha's number?

There is a problem brother Hasan...

What is it?

Zoya's admitted in the hospital right now.

Kiran came to the office and she caused a scene...

that Zoya started feeling unwell.

Her blood pressure has sky rocketed!

She's in the ICU right now.

She is pregnant as well.

I called Kamal but he switched his phone off! Whom else can I contact?

Please send me her sister's number!

Okay... I...

I'll send it to you right away.

Thank you! I'm waiting.

How's she feeling now?

She's better now, you can go and meet her.

Hi Sasha!

Tell me how did Zoya get so bad?

You know Zoya was initially not feeling well.

And on top of that Kiran came to the office.




It really sad to say that Zoya has no one but you in this world.

Whether it be her home or the outside, she is surrounded by enemies.

Will she suffer for the rest of her life, only because brother Hasan did not cherish her?

You are her sister Sasha!

If it were my sister then I would not have stayed so quiet!


I won't let her get away with this!

She's feeling better, you guys can go and meet her.


Greetings auntie I'm calling you, but you're not picking up....

I wanted to tell you that I'm stuck in an emergency and I won't be able to make it on time.

Book your appointment for some other day...

I'll tell you the entire detail when I come home... I'm so sorry...

and please try to manage.

Okay, see you.



Where are you? Kiran!

Why don't you sisters forget the path to my home?

You do not let us forget!

Today I will make things even!

I should have slapped you a long time ago!

I should have buried you alive!

Because you are responsible for my father's death!

What is this nonsense!

This is not nonsense!

I know very well that you had a hand in destroying my sister's life!

What concern do I have with your sister?


What you did today, for that I can file a FIR against you!


If something happens to my sister or her child...

Then the entire world will see what I'll do with you.

I can't understand...

what kind of woman are you?

You are completely worthless!

To have some worth...

one needs character!

And neither you nor your husband have character!

I will not let you get away with this!


Try and do something!

Do you have the guts for it?

I'm going right now!

But if you try to do anything with my sister...

then I will destroy you all!

God knows...

what condition Zoya must be in right now!

What have you done to her!

You turned that diamond of a girl into a coal!

Mother you're giving me a headache.

Everything will be fine!

What I'm thinking is...

What face am I going to show my brother, after I die!

There you go again!

I'm asking you to please be quiet!

Look you may have forgotten...

that she is your wife!

But I remember that she is my daughter-in-law.

For God's sake mother please, be quiet!

May God keep Zoya and her child safe!

How did she raise her hand on me?

How dare she!

She insulted your daughter!

I cannot tolerate this humiliation, I will file an FIR!

Are you mad?

Leave me!

Are you in your senses?

against whom will you file an FIR?

Tell me?

She slapped me for her sister!


How can she slap me!?

And what about what you did? Do you even remember that?

I did nothing!


You caused a scene at Zoya's office!

What if they file an FIR?

What do you want? Do you want a mockery to be made out of my name?

Should I remain silent when someone comes in my home and slaps me?

Kiran... what happened to you?

What do you want?

Look dear...

It's best now to remain silent!

I was thinking...

What if this reaches Hasan?

Please pray that he doesn't find out!

Mother I was just trying to save my home!

From who?

From Zoya, who's half-dead inside a hospital?

She can do nothing to you my dear!

You have no enemies, remove this thought from your head!

You have become your own enemy!

Leave me alone!

No one is mine in this home!

Where were you guys?

We were....

We couldn't find the address of the hospital!

And my phone was off too, it turned off due to low battery!

Is there no limit to you being so irresponsible?

What are you saying?

I told you that I couldn't find the address!

Then I...

What's her name...


I called Mina and she told me that Zoya is here!


At least you should know your responsibilities!

What do you mean?

Leave all of that and tell me how's Zoya?

She fine! Thanks to God!

The child is fine as well!


Did you see?

I told you she'll be alright!

You were worried for no reason!

She came back form the jaws of death, brother Kamal

this is limit

Thank God everything is fine!

What are you offering thanks for?

I could have made some money today!

What is it?

Nothing... hello!


All of that will make Hasan furious!

He'll fight Kiran and both mother and daughter will get after him!

Look mother, stop thinking of Hasan as a child in a crib!

Mina, it was not right for you to tell him the entire story.

Auntie I did not know what to do then.

I just...

wanted Sasha's number!


My dear...

I think I should go there!

There should be someone to stand by Hasan!

He's alone there.

There is no need for you to go there, mother!

I'm just worried about my son!

Look mother! like always, they will scream and shout at each other!

And then they'll get happy and normal again!

Hasan has gotten used to this.


Can't you take me there?

for a little while?

Mother why don't you understand?

It will make no difference to anyone if you go there!

Explain it to her.

Be that, as it may...

Still I want to go there.

How could I have gone?

Sahsa didn't come.

I have been waiting for her for a while.

No sign of her!

How can she do that? She told me herself that she will go to the hospital with you.

Let it go... don't ruin your mood because of me.

But it's not fair mother, if she couldn't have gone then she should have excused herself.

I'm so sorry auntie!

Sasha where were you?

Mother has been waiting for a while, I left her as your responsibility!

Let it go... don't drag this onward!

I did not do this on purpose, Zoey was hospitalized and...

I left her a voice note.

I did not receive any voice note.

You didn't get it?

How did you not receive it, I sent it!

Would I have waited for you if I had received a message from you?

You can look for yourself!

Seriously Sasha, a voice note!

You should have called.

I called her, but she did not pick her up!

Who, me?

I have been waiting for you ever since you left!

I said let it go... it's okay Taimoor!

It's not okay mother.

It's not okay.

Kiran came to the office and caused a scene!

Zoya started feeling unwell.

She's in the ICU and you know that she's pregnant!

you did so wrong, Kiran!


Where is Hasan?

He hasn't come back yet?

Where has he gone?

Enough auntie! Don't you get tired of acting?

Talk to her with respect!

This is not an act!

Then call it a lie!

What else is your wife besides that?

And you...

I don't want to talk to you about anything!

How can you talk to me?

Huh? Zoya's friend!

And my enemy!

you don't need to come to my office!

I'll come there as long as I'm alive!

And tell me why did you send her to the hospital?

You should have let her die there!

She took her there because she has humanity in her!

Which you don't have!

Mansoor, don't you dare say a word to my daughter!

I have been listening to everything quietly, for far too long.

God help you!

Tell me one thing...

Did you guys not leave this home?

for what you came here?

I came here to meet my son, sister!

Listen! your son was with you last night, do you miss him already?

Auntie, I know every scheme of yours, so there is no need to act in front of me!

She must have compelled him to stay yesterday!

So that he stays there and you may suffer!

It satisfies their souls to cause my daughter pain!

I know everything!

Your support has spoiled her, auntie!


Call Hasan...

He's not picking up.

Where is he?

now you're being unjust, Taimoor!

And what about what you did?

You had only an hour's worth of work, Sasha!

You took so much time that mother kept waiting for you!

Your mother only had tests!

My sister is fighting death! She's in an ICU! Do you understand the difference?

No, you don't!

But for how long, Sasha!

Zoya's problems is causing a wedge between you and all of us!

She is my sister!

If she is your sister, then she is my mother.

If you couldn't contact her, then you could have called me as well.

I did call her and messaged her! She's lying!


What did you say?

She's lying!

What's happening in this house?

That is what I'm trying to explain to you!

She is fighting him because of me!

She says that she messaged me!

But that did not happen!

I don't know why this girl tells a lie?

There could have been some problem with the phone signal.

It's not that big of an issue.

But she is making an issue out of it!

She's crazy!

I'll go check

But there is no value of the commitments you made with me, right Sasha!

What is going on?

Why the ruckus?

What has happened?

Dad, she is very irresponsible, today...

Will you lower your voice first?

I know that!

But your mother's appointment could have been taken care of later!

Why are you making a big deal out of this!

And you're fighting too!

This is so not right!

But dad she can't see past Zoya!

Zoya is in the ICU.

How could I have left her?


How is she now dear?

And Taimoor...

Everything needs to be balanced.

And you get angry at everything.

And you should also look after Zoya, not just her.

Look my dear...

There is no point bickering on trivial things...

It will not help you develop wholesome a relationship.

Try to live with each other with love.


I want to see a big smile on your faces right now!

And you miss...


And you mister!

Apologize to my daughter-in-law, otherwise you'll be in trouble with me.

I'm sorry.

Bless you my child!

I'm waiting for you guys at dinner.



These daily trips to the hospital...

I understand everything!

What do you think?

Do you think Hasan will come here every time you come here?


Shut up Kamal!

Have you seen her state?

At least take care of her because of your unborn child!

I'm not happy!

To hell with her and her child!

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare say one more word!

Say something nice for once!


What is this?

Doctor gave me this!

You need to bring this medicine right now!

Then call Hasan and ask him to get it!

He'll bring an entire carton of medicine!

The Description of Bharaas Episode 54 [Subtitle Eng] - 13th January 2021 - ARY Digital Drama