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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [맛집백과 78탄] 이태원 '화로' 이베리코 고기집

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I went to the restaurant Hwa-ro in Itaewon.

I'm going to have a set of Iberico triples.

rib meat

Pork Neck

secreto de papada

Put the ribs on first, then the Pork Neck and the secreto de papada together.

I like medium baking the most.


If you move the meat to the edge, the fire will go down.

Put the garlic tips up horizontally instead of like that. Haha

The garlic tips can fall inside.

It tastes different if you dip soybean paste mayonnaise sauce in it!

It has white kimchi, various vegetables, mushrooms, clams, and zorangi rice cake. It was really delicious!

Baked clams and white kimchi from stews

It's good to eat with sesame leaves and dried radish.

Vegetables are more delicious when cooked with olive oil from meat.

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